How to Let in The Greatest Love

How to Let in The Greatest Love Written by Jafree Ozwald

There is a great love inside you that is as warm, healing, and nourishing  as the golden Sun above.

Just for today, let down your guard, shields, and armor with the world.  Give yourself permission to feel loved, lovable and worthy of more love than would normally feel comfortable.  Practice softening yourself.  Give the gift of lightness to yourself today.

 Imagine there’s a golden shower of healing light coming down from the sun right now.  It’s entering your head, flowing into your heart.  Let your heart expand and allow an all encompassing love to fill your whole being. Allow gentle soothing warm sensations to flow all throughout into your body.

Trust this softening and know that it will lead you into the greatest love! Simply choose to relax and rest deeply into this light soft expansive feeling.  Any rigidness inside does not stand a chance.  This loving energy will spread like wildfire, and it will free you from ANY difficulty you’ve been creating.

If life has been challenging, notice if there is any armor around your heart.  What are protecting?  What are you holding onto?  Why would you need to protect or defend an infinite soul who will never ever die?

Don’t worry about protecting [FIRST NAME].  The Universe is always taking care of you.  Your life is not about defending or protecting, it is soooo much more amazing than that!  When you practice softening yourself, and letting this light feeling in you’ll understand. 

Just imagine the sunshine is melting any shields around your heart.  Let all walls within you simply melt away.  Be free to experience what is in this moment of life.

This great love is easily found.  It is not far away.  When you take some time to truly slow your life down and soften, it will happen.  Listen to the sounds of nature, or the silence around you.  Relax into the stillness beneath the mind and this great love will find you.

I can sense you’re becoming more relaxed and at ease about everything…

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Sending many gentle blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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