How to Let the Universe Handle the “How”

How to Let the Universe Handle the "How" Written by Jafree Ozwald   As a conscious manifestor, your role is to clearly ask the Universe for what you want to manifest.   Yes, the clearer your request is, the faster the Universe can support you in manifesting it into reality.  The best news of all is that you do not have to figure out HOW you are going to attract, create or manifest whatever you have requested from the Universe.  This is the Universe’s role.  You can simply set your intention of what you want, and just let go, relax, and trust that the Universe will find the perfect situation for your desire (or better) to manifest effortlessly for you.

Have you ever tried to force something to come your way or manifest something through holding onto an intense desire and perpetual effort?  This forcing technique is for the Neanderthals. It is more effective to have remained at the foot of your bed visualizing and feeling what you want all day instead of swimming ferociously against the river of life upstream.  The Universe’s power is at your fingertips.  You can simply sit back, relax and let this higher intelligence that is beyond you play out this game called Life for you. 

  “ When I’m trusting and being myself… everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously. ”  ~ Shakti Gawain

Think about playing this game called Life just like you were playing a card game.  You are holding these random cards (thoughts) in your hand (head) and are continuously pondering what your next move should be.  Just trust yourself what cards FEEL right to let go and which ones to play.  The Universe ultimately decides what cards you will be dealt in each moment.  You job is to appreciate what you receive, enjoying the hand you’ve been given and hold your intention to clearly manifest your desired outcome without attachment to what actually happens. 

  The Universe is super benevolent, beyond your imagination.  It wants you to relax and enjoy this ride.  It doesn’t want you to struggle for even one millisecond.  How could it possibly expect you to figure out all of the "hows" involved to manifest a specific future outcome?  Only the Universal divine intelligence knows how all of the pieces of the puzzle are going to fit together.  It’s a magical intelligence that sees exactly where you are at and knows how you fit together in the bigger plan in the most beautiful and incomprehensible way.  Your ego mind’s vision of the future is naturally more narrow than the Universal perspective, so it cannot see all of the intricate decisions that will bring your creation into reality.  Only when you drop the ego/mind and tap into the Universal consciousness can you see and feel how the "how’s" will manifest,  This is such good news.  So rejoice and let the Universal consciousness take over you and trust that each "How" will be revealed at the perfect time and place.     "I believe we need to give the Universe a creative license in how our goodness arrives. Many robust surprises that provide us with greater rewards than we thought possible are often unexpected." ~Charlene M. Proctor   Here are three secrets to letting the Universe handle the "Hows" in your life:   1. Open your Trust Valve to The Universal Intelligence The more you trust that the "hows" are being taken care of, the higher the frequency at which your energy field vibrates, in turn supporting you in manifesting your desires faster and easier.   One easy way to boost your level of trust in the Universe is to repeat the mantra, "I trust the Universe knows the perfect path for me to follow, and will always show me the way."   Repeat this mantra daily when you awaken or have thoughts around what actions to take.   This mantra will help your energy field relax, and slowly deeper levels of trust will appear.   2. Really listen to what is being communicated to you. One of the things that continues to be fascinating is how the Universe is always communicating EXACTLY what you need to hear.  When you really are paying attention AS IF the most Divine All-Powerful Voice is talking to and through you ALL the time, you will truly improve your listening skills.  The Universe communicates in a variety of ways.  It ranges from intuitive hits, to billboard signs, to other people’s messages delivered to you through your interactions with them.  However, whenever we place the Universe second in our priority list, we become "too busy" to listen and pay attention.  Amazing insights, revelations, and divine opportunities are always knocking at your front door.  All it takes on your part is quieting the chaos in your mind so that you can hear and tune into this outrageously profound communication that is happening.  Keep your ears and eyes open to whatever shows up.  Soon you will understand the Universe is always behind you, championing in your direction.   3. Let your heart guide you towards inspired actions that spontaneously arise. The Universe is extremely generous.  It will always provide you with a large variety of possible courses of action to take.  Sometimes when you’re trapped in the mind its hard to know which action will direct you towards your desired outcome.  The best way to decide is to welcome all of the wonderful opportunities that are presented and FEEL which one makes your heart sing the loudest.  Meditate on each opportunity or action step and see if it speaks to your heart or not.  You can easily determine this by imagining that you are taking this action step, and then noticing how your heart or being feels.  If you feel expansive, excited, and inspired, than this is the right action step to follow.  If on the other hand, you feel that something is off base or there is a tension in your being, it is better to let go of this action or "how to".  The best news is that whatever action you do decide to take is always going to be the right one.  You can literally never mess up since your job is to learn and grow.  When you "mess up" its just the mind judging you.  You will always do what is perfect for you even if it doesn’t always appear to be that perfect at the beginning.   "The Universe is always conspiring in your favor." ~ Kevin Lockwood   Dramatically strengthen your manifesting ability with a NEW product we just released called Super Manifestor Gold Package!!  This manifesting package has extra bonus gifts and expands on all the things we talked about in our Manifesting Talking E-book you received the other day!  Learn how to start manifesting the life of your dreams, faster and easier than ever before!  The Super Manifestor Gold Pack is only available for 48 hours starting January 22nd!  Be sure to grab it now at:   May You Trust the Universe’s Wisdom! Jafree

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