How to Liberate Your Life

How to Liberate Your Lifeby Jafree Ozwald

Life presents challenges in order that we may grow.  If we don’t accept the challenges, we often shrivel up, contract, and struggle even more.  The lessons that life is trying to teach us are very deep and yet often unrecognizable.  Things may be going great in your life for years, then one day you feel a tiny bit of wierdness, like you’re in some sort of "velvet rut" with your life.  Perhaps you have the same old conversations, foods, work senario, income, relationships, or even mental thought patterns.  Unknowingly, we can be spinning our wheels in the mud for months or years!  If you can’t seem to get your life back on the divine flowing highway sailing towards your dreams, I’ve got a few secrets that will help you liberate your life.

1. Do at least ONE completely new thing every day!  As you may know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  We can drive ourselves nuts with this hidden expectation…so simply drop it!  Doing something totally radically new every day will liberate your life completely.  You’ll feel that like you’re a kid again, excited to be alive, looking forward to tomorrow’s NEW thing, and feeling that every moment is an adventure to be explored.  So what are some new things you can do?

How about….eating something new, or going for a walk in a place you’ve never been before, introducing yourself to someone new, calling a friend and talking about something vastly different, starting a morning self-love routine, buying a one-way ticket to India, and if you don’t know spanish then watching a spanish T.V. channel!  Whatever you choose to do won’t matter as much as how totally different it is than what you are used to doing every day.  This one little radical committment will add spice to your life and help you embrace a whole new side of you!

2.  Study meditation and practice it daily.If there was one thing that I could pinpoint that truly liberated my life more than anything else, it would be learning how to meditate.  By simply reading about the benefits of meditation, you will become inspired to do it.  What are some actual scientific benefits?  How would you like to have…a higher IQ, increased creativity, improved moral reasoning, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, decreased irritability and moodiness, improved learning ability and memory, increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation, increased happiness, increased emotional stability and even increased self-actualization just to name a FEW!!

Accepting the simplicity of meditation is the key to having divine results.  How to really meditate and follow certain meditation techniques will simply come to you the more you research and practice the find art of meditation.  It may take many moons, yet with persistance you will succeed!   Think of meditation as your ticket to freedom.  The mind is like a lost hungry dog that is trying to find its way home.  Meditation gives this poor puppy the nourishment it needs, and provides it with a safe, loving, and healing environment that it can call home.  To read more about how to meditate visit our meditation center online at:

3. Hire someone to help you liberate your life!   This may be one the hardest things to do since the mind/ego believes it can do it all alone.  Yet, the problem is that we SAY we will do something and then we don’t follow through.  If you knew exactly how to implement and follow through with doing those things you KNEW would transform and liberate your life, you would have done them years ago.  The truth is that when dealing with our own lives, we are often as blind as a bat when it comes to seeing where or how to get our energy unstuck.  The mind only sees a small fragment of the bigger picture of Reality so how can you expect to solve all of your issues when you can’t see what is beyond your own vision.  Sometimes it’s almost impossible to see what is blocking you because the hungry dog only feels the pain of starvation, or smells a snack faintly in the distance, yet cannot see or find the food!  Only someone who has intimate knowledge of themselves can liberate their life, and 99 times out of 100 you’ll find someone else has the ability to see right "through" you.  Blocks are simply blocks because we need an outside perspective to reveal and release them. 

If you look back at your greatest accomplishments in your life, how many of them did you achieve all alone without anybody else’s assistance?  Can you find one?  The fact is that we are all connected to everyone on this planet in the most intimate ways.  No human being is an island.  You cannot manifest anything without the aid, touch, or ideas from another being.   It’s time to reach out to your community and ask for help.  Remember that most people love to help others and are just waiting for someone to call upon them.  If you feel like you don’t have the special metaphysical manifesting support you need from your friends or loved ones, you may need to stretch a bit and meet someone new. 

If you feel you need a tow truck to pull you out of your life situation, then hiring a professional coach may be your ticket to freedom.  Personal Manifesting Sessions are the most powerful vehicle you’ll find to bring you out of the deepest trench in life.  These 45 minute sessions are a transmission of highly charged and focused energy that can help you uncover what is blocking you, show you how to remove any obstacles, and support you in immediately boosting your manifesting energy. I recommend doing one-on-one personal manifesting sessions with my wife Margot….she is amazing!  She has helped me transform my life in amazing ways…and will help you truly liberate your life.  I don’t know if this is just a woman thing, yet she intuitively knows what information your are missing and can tune into you (like a radio station) and reveal that ONE HIDDEN THING that is holding you back from manifesting your desires.

Find out more about Margot and her journey to become a manifesting coach at: 

She has a few slots open next week, justt click on this link to order and schedule sessions with her…enjoy!

"Coaching is terrific! It’s wonderful to have someone who is completely on your side, yet objective. Setting goals has been a continuing problem for me. But with Margot’s guidance, I’ve been able to identify both personal and professional goals, clarify and focus thoughts, and take action necessary to accomplish those goals and ideas. Patient with even small accomplishments, she encourages me and helps me understand how thoughts and actions can develop into strategies, and those can become reality. She has helped me become a better retailer, and has facilitated the development of an Internet-based business."  ~ Maggie Noble, Owner of Corner Cupboard Antiques

Many Freeing Thoughts and Feelings To YOU!Jafree Ozwald

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