How to Live a Life of Happiness

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How to Live a Life of Happiness
 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Find God. This is your mission. You are the center of the Universe. Your center is God, Consciousness, Absolute Reality, Perfection, Brahman. This is the only piece that exists. You have absolutely nothing to give up, nothing to surrender, nothing to let go of. You are already liberated.”  ~Robert Adams

 We are all searching for happiness.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we are happiness-a-holics, on a perpetual mission to find that next feeling of joy bubbling up from inside. Deep down inside us is the embedded desire to be content, deeply happy, full of joy, laughter, and feeling truly free.  This desire is hardwired and encoded into our brain, bones and DNA.  This deep program has been constantly downloading into our operating system since the day we were born. It will always be here, directing us to do whatever it takes to experience happiness in this lifetime. It is our most conscious and unconscious mission here on the planet, which cannot be destroyed or ever stop functioning on the deepest levels.

As humans we naturally are all great explorers on a spiritual journey, here to pierce through life’s illusions within the world’s polarities.  We are doing this human adventure to find our deepest spiritual calling, to find out the divine being we truly are and reach total fulfillment. This mount Everest is enormous, and so we tend to wobble on our way to finding the top.  We swing on life’s pendulum to the extremes, just so we may find the middle path and one day relax into our deepest heart and live in a state of peace. 

Through the task of having to face this physical life and master it, we end up experimenting with all the good/bad possible ways to live this life, and thus experience the totality of what life is really about.  We may try to destroy our bodies or develop exuberant health, reject and ignore the intimacy of a divine relationship or open our hearts with courage and compassion, become obsessed with making more and more money or surrender to living in poverty. Whatever pathways we tend to tread, we are destined to experience life and death, doing, thinking and feeling everything we can imagine along the way because deep down we desire to become truly happy inside.

I find that one of the most fascinating aspects about life is that you cannot escape from the lessons it wants to teach you.  The greatest lesson we are here to learn is how to live a life of happiness.  This is a simple path, a truly effortless and enjoyable road, which once we start walking on it we wonder why we were doing anything else.  The ground that makes up this road is foundation of gratitude and appreciation.  When choose gratitude over everything, every thought, belief and story in our minds, we are choosing to be happy and free. 

With the simple decision to be grateful for what is, we release the need to fixate, change or be upset about the way things are.  We appreciate having a physical body and give it love for how it is, even when its not how we think it “should” be.  When we accept people for their differences, we are deciding to love them, learn from them and stop criticizing them. When we allow for our financial state to be what it is, appreciating what we do have, without worrying or wanting it to change, a natural river of abundance flows our way.  We can tap into this state of appreciation at anytime, and when gratitude takes the steering wheel of each new day, happiness fills our hearts, minds and souls. 

When gratitude is the foundation of our lives, we are naturally in love with life and all that it gives.  This natural state is not trying to appreciate the people or things around us, it comes from a place that is much deeper inside us, which transcends the highs and lows of this physical world.  There is a deep trust in existence, that we feel life is the guru, and is always showing us the way home.  True fulfillment in life is found through the deepest trust.  Anytime we get caught up in the mind, believing in some wild story that we created which has a gripping emotion behind it, this deep trust is lost and forgotten. The trust is still there underneath the story, yet simply is being ignored as the foundation of peace, how we truly can love ourselves which is what creates total fulfillment in this lifetime. 

There always comes a point along life’s journey where we realize that things are not what they appear to be.  We start to see through the mind’s illusions and discover that everything has its place in this world.  The judgments we had about others and ourselves dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came. The beliefs we felt to be so real and true about this world, simply have no ground or meaning in our lives anymore.  When all our notions about good and bad and right and wrong are transcended, given back to the infinite creative Ocean from which they came, then the deepest relaxation can occur. In this place the greatest truth can be found, and the most profound happiness is discovered.  Within this relaxation of mind and that which is beyond mind, our relationship with the most divine reality is born. 

Total surrender to life is where real everlasting contentment, joy and real happiness can be found. When we give up resistance to life, life can pour into us.  Yet, it’s within this place of divine equanimity with the mind, that true peace and happiness is found.  When we dive into our most innermost core, entering the deepest feelings we have within our body, we discover the ability to be in balance and not resist anything.  We can say YES to everything in life, and live our lives as one constant orgasmic state, enjoying every valley and peak along the way. 

One great secret to arriving in the land of unending happiness is the art of surrender. We must surrender everything we are attached to on our inner world to find true freedom and happiness.  We don’t necessarily need to change anything at all in our outer world to find happiness inside.  The outer world is a mirror reflection of our inner world, and when the inner changes the outer follows.  We must simply do the deepest investigation within ourselves, seeing what are the thoughts and beliefs we still believe are real, and let these go. 

Having an awareness of what beliefs and thoughts we are attached to is the first step towards liberation.  After we know what our addictive patterns are, we must then give up our desire and effort to getting beyond them and letting them go. We must surrender this need to fix or change ourselves in any way to find happiness.  We must trust that the fire of pure awareness is hot enough to burn through the illusion when attachment arises again and again. At the deepest place inside,  we must give up our lack of trust in ourselves, and know that in each moment we are the manifestors creating our entire reality.  We change our lives instantly by simply shifting our beliefs and thinking, attracting a completely new experience that mirrors our inner world.

On the long road through life you’ll find that a constant state of happiness is found through a deepening, softening and a quieting of the mind chatter.  Find the stillness in the eye of the storm.  This will bring the greatest clarity into your life.  This ultimate stillness is always inside you, always awaiting your visit at the core of your being.  It is a very creative journey getting there, and requires a mix of divine discipline and radical freedom.  We need to be able to point the mind in one single direction, while being relaxed and sensually free.  We cannot just arrive with a certain mantra, discipline or spiritual structure.  We need access to the most creative parts of our being which has the most untamed liberated mind that has no need for rigidity or control.  This type of exploration is the ultimate middle path where the mind fully relaxes, it trusts the unending process of life, and we realize our divine nature in every face and form.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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