How to Make Your Manifesting Garden Grow

How to Make Your Manifesting Garden GrowBy Jafree Ozwald

One of the most important secrets to cultivating a successful garden is creating a rich environment in which the seeds can grow.  Seeds can only germinate in soil that has the perfect amount of nutrients, light and water.  In order for the seeds of your dreams to blossom and manifest into the world, it is vital that you create the most ideal environment for these seeds with the proper amount of nutrients, light, and water to germinate.  When it comes to manifesting, your dreams and desires are the seeds, and the soil is the energetic frequency at which your bodymind is vibrating at.  If you are vibrating at a lower frequency, your soil may be brittle or lack nutrients, which may cause certain BIG dreams seeds to need more attention or they will dry out and whither away.   The light that you shower upon your seeds is the light of your own conscious awareness.  By simply shining your attention on the seeds which you most want to manifest, they will immediately begin to receive more energy and begin to grow.  You mind is the like the greenhouse that tends to filter the light and re-focus it so you can let in the right amount of light and heat.  With the right manifesting mindset you will see your greenhouse become a utopian garden where your dream seeds naturally grow bigger than any weeds that may get in your way.

When you are vibrating at an energetic frequency that is in alignment with what you want to manifest, your dream seeds have the proper rich soil in which to sprout and grow into healthy plants and flowers.  So what does it take to create this rich soil?  One element that makes soil inhospitable is limiting beliefs and thoughts.  Take a moment to look deep inside and ask yourself, "What negative beliefs or thoughts are stopping my dreams from germinating today?"  The easiest way to shift these beliefs and enrich your manifesting soil is to do The Gremlin removal exercise described in chapter one of "How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration."  If you don’t already have this powerful e-book, you can download the first chapter for free at Another key to cultivating a successful manifesting garden is a consistent watering schedule. The best way to water your dream seeds is to start your day with a manifesting routine that supports your bodymind and soul in becoming more energetically aligned with your desired end result and manifestation.  Each time you follow the manifesting routine and do a guided manifesting meditation/visualization, you in essence are watering your seeds so that they germinate and bloom!  Just as gardens love to be watered so do your dream seeds love to be nurtured with daily visual and emotional positive focus and energy.  The more often you can focus upon and FEEL that your seeds are being cared for, the faster your dreams will grow into what you truly desire!  Soon you will manifest a garden full of lush nutrient rich plants ready for you to harvest and enjoy! To start enriching your inner garden today, you can instantly download our 90 day Manifesting Program to learn specific techniques, exercises and, the 8 habits manifesting routine that will help you cultivate the perfect manifesting conditions.  Your dream seeds are worth you taking the time and energy to learn how to grow them into beautiful manifestations that you love and cherish.  Find out more at     Many blessings to you!Jafree Ozwald

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