How to Manifest an Enlightened Economy

How to Manifest an Enlightened Economy Written by Jafree Ozwald

An Enlightened Economy begins with you having a positive outlook about your personal future.  Start by visualizing yourself jumping up and down with excitement because massive abundance is heading your way.  Feel what it’s like to go to work and have FUN with those you’re working with.  Tap into a bigger purpose for being here than just surviving day to day.  Dedicate your life to focusing on the greater health and well-being of the planet for the future children to enjoy.  These simple inspiring steps alone will impact others around you and the "trickle down effect" will take over the country. 

"The only way out for Americans to avoid an extraordinary economic decline in the years ahead is for them to experience that field of inner peace and intelligence within their own consciousness."  ~ Ron Robins

Yes, you as an individual are a more powerful manifestor than your wildest dreams can imagine.  Truly, you have the ability to shift the consciousness of this planet by doing ONE thing.  Hold your attention in a positive direction by visualizing this planet as whole, healed, abundant and in perfect harmony.  As you change your inner world,  this energy sparks, reflects and eventually manifests into your outer world.  You are interconnected to the whole in more ways than you can intellectually understand.

"The quality and actions of our individual and collective consciousness governs economic behavior." ~ Ron Robins

You may say that you don’t have a choice in how you are responding to outer "crisis", yet you do.  Buying into the panic and fear you’ll collect from the TV will only recycle that negativity back into the system and worsen the current state of the economy.  According to the laws of attraction, "like attracts like".  An enlightened economy begins to exist when we have a multitude of conscious globally minded individuals working with a positive focus together towards the most important goals of our time;  healing ourselves internally and our planet externally.  It is this decision and consciousness alone that becomes the foundation for everything that manifests in our future.  When this shifts, everything else in our world will change along with it. 

"Your mind is a powerful magnet that will attract to you the things you identify yourself with. If you have sad thoughts, you will attract tragedies. If you are a good man, you will attract the company of good people." ~Alfredo Karras

Another important commitment is to choose to spend less time in conflict with others and more time enjoying what you have in common.  It’s about raising your vibration and seeing that an economic challenge is a blessing in disguise.  It causes everyone to stop taking their lives for granted and start appreciating what they have here now.  Visualize your current economic situation as an opportunity for growth where abundance is easily manifesting!  A change in consciousness is vital and necessary for the on-going "thrival" of our species.  When we look at the world through the lenses of abundance, we can clearly see all of the abundance that is present in our lives. When you live tomorrow knowing that this world is an abundant place where all of us can experience infinite riches, you begin to see this abundance materialize into everyone’s daily life. 

"You are a creator; you create with your every thought." ~ Abraham Hicks

Your thought and emotional patterns are highly powerful magnets that attract whatever matches their frequencies.  The world is already now brimming with an abundance of opportunities, beauty, support, love, resources, energy, and expansive experiences!  The only way you can truly see and experience this is by shifting your perspective.  Choose to wake up EVERY morning this next week with the mindset that you are stepping completely OUT of all poverty consciousness and continually stepping into thinking abundantly.  This little shift will create MIRACLES in your life alone, not to mention spread out into everyone’s life around you!  Change starts with one person, and as you individually step into your most empowered thinking you will automatically bring change to the world.  Here are two practical things that you can do to propagate a more enlightened economy:

"The choice is ours in every now whether to give away our power to something or someone outside ourselves, or to summon the courage, integrity and impeccability to return home by walking the challenging but ultimately enlightening Black Road of Spirit."  ~ Sol Luckman

1. Adopt a Daily Manifesting Routine.

If you want to shift your consciousness to being solidly rooted in abundance thinking, then practice feeling, talking, acting, breathing, and living like an abundant being who is personally supported by the Universe.  A manifesting routine inspires you to that you are FEELING like an unstoppable success, which will increase your natural manifesting abilities.  It is as important (or more) than brushing your teeth everyday.   As you repeat your personal manifesting "feel good" experiences everyday, your energy will skyrocket and you’ll see the infinite possibilities that abound in our economy.  We have created 8 powerful habits in our 90 day manifesting routine that will create an unstoppable strength inside you.  You’ll find this entire routine in our 90 Day Manifesting Program below.  Your feelings of prosperity will spread like wild-fire to those around you, igniting those around you with a new positive thinking and feelings of inner support.  

2. Make Conscious Choices with Your Money

Do you love where your money is going?  If your money is going towards companies that are destroying this world then you are still creating the problem.  Imagine what would happen if EVERYONE started investing in the companies that are good for our health, for our environment, and for our emotional well-being.  Soon, the unhealthy and environmentally toxic products will lose a lot of market share, forcing many companies to rethink their product lines, and environmental practices in order to survive.  You have so much power as a consumer.  You even have the power to buy LESS FUEL by adding new technology to your car!  Check this out! Learn how to have your car fueled by water! Don’t you want to send your purchasing power towards water instead of petrol gas?  Where you spend your money tells people what you are devoting your energy and time towards.  Learn about 50 companies that are dedicated to supporting the planet and thriving economically at the water fueled car link above.  Since an enlightened economy is actively participating in using reusable resources that contribute to the sustainability of the society’s overall well-being, everyone will be choosing alternative means for fuel and electricity that have a green impact on our environment and reduce future environmental costs.  The less money you can spend on petrol fuel (gasoline), the less negative impact you’re having on the environment and economy.  If you invest in conscious companies that are committed to cleaning up our environment, and empowering others, you spread this kind of well-being in the world.   

It’s high time for all of us to unite in something else that can change the world around us.  Right now, our world is standing at the foot of a VERY important crossroads.   Do you continue down the road of doom and gloom, or shift your actions to embrace the new path of global abundance and environmental healing.  The choice is yours.  Read more about how to transform your life and thinking with our 90 Day Manifesting Program.  It will help you quickly shift into abundance thinking and teach you HOW to remain there permanently.  Instantly download it today at

Sending you many positive economic thoughts your way, Jafree

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