How to Manifest an Enlightened State of Bliss

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How to Manifest an Enlightened State of Bliss
By Jafree Ozwald

“There is no reaching the Self. If Self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now and that it is yet to be obtained.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Whatever we focus our attention on is what grows and expands into our lives. The mind is like a magnifying glass that intensifies and brings closer whatever object is under it’s penetrating gaze. When you are 100% committed to directing your mind’s energy towards one specific thing in your life, no matter what it is, all the manifesting energy in the Universe flows in that one direction. There is an enormous goldmine of manifesting power found in directing one’s attention in one direction. So what is that one thing that you want to manifest more than anything else in your life?

We all want to be happy, feel abundant, free, and have deep inner peace.  Yet, what do you think that you specifically have to do to attain these experiences?  Can you deeply relax and love your life only after you’re financially free, bought your dream home, lost 10 kilos, and transcended all your fears? Or is it possible to enjoy the sweetness of your life every breath along the way? What I’ve found is that you don’t have to let go of anything, achieve anything special, or work towards reaching any big goal in order to be ridiculously happy. There is only one basic thing that you need to practice. Keep your mind focused on what you want, and off of what you don’t want. It’s that simple.

It’s fascinating to see what miraculous manifestations will appear when you slightly adjust your relationship with your mind. When you are constantly directing your mind’s attention to dwelling on the thoughts, feelings and experiences you want, you become more creative, intuitive, confident. You cannot feel powerless, weak or a victim to anything in your life when you understand this simple sweet secret. Whatever we focus on, is what we manifest. By focusing on what it feels like for all your dreams to come true each day, your list of heart pumping desires MUST start manifesting for you. This is the great law of the Universe, like attracts like. When you’re at a high frequency of energy, you attract similar high vibrational outcomes.

It’s staggering how quickly all your problems, illnesses, fears and limitations instantly drop away when you stop focusing on them. This doesn’t mean you’re avoiding them, resisting them, or trying to push negative emotions away forcefully. You just feel everything inside, see the bigger picture and know all is always in perfect balance. Just like the philosophy found in the 5000 year old yin-yang symbol. The speck of light is contained within the dark, and the speck of dark is found within the light. You can always find something positive inside what appears to be negative, and vice versa. It’s amazing how enjoyable life can become when you hold this enlightened perspective in your mind.

“Having realized the Self, nothing remains to be known. You see all is perfect bliss.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

The enlightened state of bliss is one of the highest experiences a human can have. It is a feeling of being held by the Universe, like a baby in the mother’s womb, totally free from all worries and concerns, and where the body is fully emotionally grounded in this now moment.  There is an exquisite acceptance of every feeling, thought and sensation occurring in the body, as the mind is perpetually saying YES to each breath, heart beat, feeling and thought that you have.

In the enlightened state of bliss, there is no more avoidance of pain or yearning to seek pleasure. The mind is relaxed, absorbed and grounded within the exploration of saying YES to it all.  You realize how every moment of your life is an attempt by the Universe to pour it’s great cosmic orgasmic energy through you, which makes it easy to say YES! Every breath you inhale is a sacred gift to cherish, and you fully enjoy this sweet precious life that you still have.

Bliss naturally happens through a deep penetrating relaxation.  When you step back from your life and realize just how amazing the Universe is, how benevolent, loving and caring the Universe actually is, your mind, emotions and body will begin to relax to a much deeper level, and then the bliss state can slowly start to find its way in. The mind’s perpetual striving, achieving, defending, and protection programs will suddenly fall away, and you notice how naturally your day is absorbed in feelings of lightness, gratitude and freedom. For no reason at all, you will start to take life more gently, and feel a sense of lightness about life, and you start attracting higher vibrational people and outcomes. You start becoming a bliss magnet and find you are constantly manifesting positive easy going situations and synchronistic circumstances every where you go.

Living in a state of bliss doesn’t mean you give up feeding your children or going to work, you just do it all from a place of acceptance, joy, freedom and deep inner peace.  When you can remain connected with this blissful relaxed state of being, feeling deeper into it for several minutes a day, you will be able to build on it throughout the week, and soon find it is naturally happening through you for several hours and eventually all day long. Out of this bliss arises an exquisite inner calm, which deepens the acceptance that you are a super powerful manifesting being who can create anything you want.

“Being your Self is being pure Love, and that is what bliss is.
There is no real love until you are that pure Love.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

The enlightened state of bliss is easy to find for it is our most natural and effortless way of being. There truly is nothing you need to do to experience it.  Simply relax into the source of life that is flowing through you, and is already here now.  A lighter joyful feeling will arise slowly and naturally, and soon take over your mind and body. When you can truly surrender to this experience, trusting fully in it, you discover the secret to tapping into a blissful energy wherever you are.

The more you practice relaxing deeper into this pure life energy, the more you will discover a great stillness within it at the center. Here you find there are no fears, no worries, no concerns about anything at all.  There is just this blissful feeling of pure freedom from the world’s drama, and an eternal vacation from the frantic hurried worried unsatisfied patterns in the mind. Can you think of anything more blissful than this?

The benefits of making a close relationship with the bliss state are incalculable. For starters, you become a bright ball of happiness for everyone around you to enjoy. You are a walking demonstration that happiness is not reliant on external circumstances. People will feel lighter from just connecting with you along the way.  You’ll notice how others are spontaneously generous with you, strangers feel attracted to you, and love your company simply because you’re vibrating at this higher frequency. In time, you’ll see a whole new world of opportunities will open its doors for you and even material success will bow down and kiss your feet!

“Do not delude yourself by imagining your source to be some God outside you. Your source is within yourself. Give yourself up to it. That means that you should seek the source within and merge with it.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

There are a plethora of remarkable benefits that manifest from living at the bliss vibration. You cannot create a health problem, a financial issue, nor a cold prickly relationship because your frequency just won’t allow for it. When bliss is active in your body and alive in your heart, you’ll be having too much fun creating Heaven on Earth and playing the role of an enlightened joy-filled bridge. You’ll be tapped into a source of infinite energy, and find it’s super easy to manifest anything you want into your world.

Just by touching the surface of bliss, the world will start giving you whatever your heart desires. It has to karmicaly reward you because bliss is one of the most evolved experiences we can have. The Universe is forever expanding and it wants you to join in on this great expansion. It will continue feeding you more of what you desire, as long as your energy is sufficient to receive it.  The higher energy you have, the more capable you are of taking in all that you can.

 If you’re looking out there for bliss, you won’t find it. This enlightened state is not something you can purchase or trade anything for in this world. It’s always free, and always available right now!  It is your natural birthright, and to access it you simply become open, available and willing to welcome every possible light and dark experience that could show up here now. If you’re someone who is skeptical about this state of bliss, or its been so long that you’ve forgotten what bliss feels like, it’s good to know that as babies we each came into this world as a bubbling ball of bliss.  Heck, 9 months prior to your birth your first cells were forming out of an orgasm! What else should we expect from you?

Bliss is your very nature. It is the foundation of your existence. It is the meeting place where your soul and human essence connect. It wasn’t until your mind was conditioned to believe otherwise that this connection was lost. So, if you aren’t feeling bliss everyday, just know that this jubilant experience is buried underneath the busy preoccupations of your mind.  When your mind gets quiet, calm, centered and absorbed within the silent stillness at your core, you’ll feel the bliss begin bubbling up again.  It was always there, since you were a baby, just waiting for you to slow down enough to rediscover it.

It’s vital that you realize your life is meant to be this fun empowering manifesting adventure!  Everything you want to manifest in love, money, health, sex, and your intimate relationships can and will be yours one day. You simply have to raise your vibration high enough to receive it.  By exploring how to open this bliss valve within, you’ll soon see your desires easily and effortlessly finding a way into your life!

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Jafree Ozwald

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