How to Manifest Anything Through Your Oceanic Existence

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How to Manifest Anything Through Your Oceanic Existence

By Jafree Ozwald

 “Be not bewildered. Do not strain yourself to understand all life’s mysteries at once. Accept each one as it comes and fit it into the jigsaw puzzle, knowing that bit by bit each piece will be shown to you and will fit into place perfectly.” ~Eileen Caddy

The Universe is a cosmic soup of pure energy and consciousness which we are all intimately connected with.  Everything is made of energy.  Your house, your body, the air you’re breathing, and the ground your home stands on is all pure energy vibrating at various speeds and densities.  It has the appearance of being solid and unmovable, yet this is the greatest illusion of all.  Once you crack through this illusion and know the energetic truth of reality, you start feeling the interconnected nature of everything and can start manifesting anything you want at pure will.  You can ask the conscious Oceanic existence for something specific to form for you, and it will soon fulfill your request because it doesn’t feel you as a separate living entity anymore.  The more you relax and merge with the Ocean the more you can see how your beliefs intimately create your reality. 

The reason you can manifest anything and everything you can imagine is because the Ocean is always listening to you.  Your innermost desires, thoughts and intentions are generated within the Ocean, by the Ocean and you are never ever separate from it.   You are like a drop of water that has believed it was a snowflake, cold distant and separate from the vast cosmic loving Ocean.  The truth is you cannot separate anything from the infinite Ocean of the Universe.  It is intimately a part of you and you are intimately a part of it forever. 

Being non-separate from the Universe means there is only one vast consciousness.  There truly is no plural to consciousness, there is only one Ocean of consciousness and we are all swimming in that.  There of course is the illusion of a separated individuated self, an ego with boundaries, fears, limitations and worries, yet you cannot take this personally.  It is a purposeful delusion your soul set up and is meant to propel you deeper into merging with the Oceanic existence within you.  If you don’t relax and merge, you soon begin suffering in some way.  This is the Universe’s way of providing loving “feedback”, assisting you to move deeper to the core of your being which is the most enlightened direction you can go.

If you want to start manifesting your dream life this week, stop your mind from believing in the idea that you’re separate from the Oceanic existence.  Realize again and again that you are one drop, who has all the same qualities of the entire Ocean.  You are infinite, all accepting, loving and swimming in an oceanic state of bliss.  You must get beyond the negative controlling mind to feel this bliss.  The ego-mind is deeply addicted to the belief that it is separate, and will do everything to defend itself, prove this fact is wrong to survive. 

If the ego-mind could feel the entire living Oceanic reality its swimming in, it would be sooooo embarrassed of all its small limited powerless beliefs and surrender immediately.  The only reason it holds on to its small minded separateness is its desperate attempt to create a safe, stable, and secure future.  It has its personal dreams and desires that it wants to achieve for itself, and has forgotten completely about merging with the Oceanic bliss all around it.  It doesn’t realize that the Ocean already has the safest, most abundant, loving, healing divine future in store for you that is much much more amazing than you could ever imagine.

The illusion of separation is what makes life hard.  It’s what keeps people from loving each other, causing divorces, bankruptcy, and every kind of pain, fear and loss you can fathom.  When you are relaxed in your body, breathing in each new sensation that arises, while resting at the core of your being, absorbing it all in, a very simple and sweet miracle happens.  You completely stop believing in the illusion of separation.  You feel the oneness with the Ocean and this feeling stays within you wherever you go.  If the door opens for you for just for an instant, that is all you really need to free your Self forever from the mind’s entangled matrix of separation.  Yet, you must be willing to open the door to the unknown, step through it again and again no matter how many times you fail.  If you want to truly be free you must continuously release each limited belief that you have, training your mind to trust that you are deeply taken care of by the conscious Oceanic existence.

“You are the Supreme Being, and yet thinking yourself to be separate from it, you strive to become united with it. What is stranger than this?” ~Ramana Maharshi

Everything your heart and soul truly desire is available to you right now.  Whatever it is you really really want, you can have it, yet you must be willing to let go of your beliefs in smallness and separation.  Anything and everything is possible to you.  Your mind will negate this fact with a thousand good reasons why its not true.  The mind will argue for its limitations, struggle and smallness.  Watch it, and don’t believe a word it says.  Once you intimately know the infinite quantum soup of reality is all around you, the Universal mind within you is awakened. 

When the cosmic soup of consciousness is realized, you’ll truly relax because you’ll know everything you want can and will be done.  Since everything is made of the same quantum conscious energy and is intimately interconnected, there are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance.  It is a synchronistic orchestra of events, where the Ocean responds to your every thought, intention and overall energy.  Your attitude (vibration) speaks louder to existence than your thoughts, yet they do have a strong relationship with each other.  You are constantly communicating 24 hours a day with the Ocean, who you are, what you are, what you’re not, where you’ve been and where you are going.  The Ocean simply responds accordingly to the beliefs you are holding as your deepest truth or “reality”.

The key to manifesting the life you truly want is to get beyond these ideas of who you think you are and relax into the Ocean.  Real freedom is the result here and to arrive you must feel and release each memory, thought and feeling that arises. Whenever a new wave of energy from the Ocean flows your way, your job is to welcome it and not resist it.  These waves of energy are e-motions (energy in motion), and when you allow yourself to merge with these waves you instantly intimately tap into the deepest Oceanic experience available to you. 

When the habit is formed of gentle relaxation into every emotion that rises and falls away, your ego-mind quickly learns that it is powerless over the Ocean.  It then surrenders all its desires to it, and dissolves to merge with existence.  You then emerge from the waves of life knowing your true divine nature.  There is a divine synchronicity to everything and a timing that you cannot and do not want to control.  The secret to how quickly you can manifest things is all about how easily you can merge, trust your experience and relax within your negative feelings.  The more you can relax into every and any negative feeling and emotion that arises, the more the entire Oceanic energy awakens in you, and you suddenly and profoundly realize there is an all powerful manifesting being living inside you.

To welcome all the heavy, deep and old feelings that arise in you without judgment, resistance or analysis, you must be willing to die.  Not physically, this is an ego death of old identity.  When you let go, you will soon have no fear or resistance to anything in life.  You will welcome every moment in your life with an open heart and mind, knowing anything is possible.  As you get into the habit of merging with the Ocean, you’ll recognize a profoundly simple and harmonious connection with every drop (person) in the Ocean who may still believe they are a separate disconnected individual.  By living this Truth in your daily life, the experience of oneness becomes your everyday path, and you naturally find instant access to the divine manifesting power from the Ocean anytime.  You can request from the Ocean anything you want, and it effortlessly creates it happily for you. 

The mind cannot understand the infinite power of this Oceanic existence, as it is beyond logic and reason.  The mind was trained to remain separate, seeing everything at a distance to protect itself from feeling insecure.  It does not want to relax, merge and feel a oneness with existence.  That would be the end of the mind.  Yet, by creating an intimate relationship with these waves (feelings) which rise and fall within yourself, you naturally and effortlessly being to open up and trust the Oceanic Universal love.  The Ocean accepts you just as you are, it knows you better than you know you because you are an organic part of it.

 In a few months practice of merging with your feelings you will soon feel this Oceanic connection.  You will see how things you desire are somehow just showing up in your life.  You just sit back, surrender and enjoy the unfolding of your magical mystical Oceanic self.  Knowing your intimate connection with this vast existence provides your soul’s specific necessary understanding how to access the power inside you that attracts anything your heart desires.  When you deeply realize you already are the Oceanic energy who is not separate from all the 7 billion drops in the Ocean in any way, all 7 billion drops do whatever they can to help you further on your path, purpose and mission.

“The mind does not exist apart from the Self, that is, it has no independent existence. The Self exists without the mind, never the mind without the Self.” ~Ramana Maharshi

One thing that most people get lost in along the way is security.  Security that just comes from the outer world is an illusion and is not going to give you the freedom and power needed to manifest your heart’s desires.  You have to swim with the sharks, living in this instable insecure Ocean with the tidal waves, tsunamis and hurricanes to find real security.  Life is super delicate and its supposed to be this way for a very specific reason.  This crazy insecurity is meant to scare you to the bone, so that you root yourself in your spiritual nature and find peace within all your deepest fears.  This is the only path to true security, again its all about merging with the Ocean. You must jump into it, leap out of the small minded safe fishbowl and into the seas.  As you learn how to swim with the sharks you’ll find out they are actually your greatest teachers and friends.

 If you don’t choose this inner path of spiritual connection you will always live with constant states of anxiety, worry and fear.  Nobody knows what could happen next.  Not even the best psychics can tell you, heck only 50% of Nostradamus’ predictions came true!  Anything can happen at anytime…yet anything.  The future is unknown, it is a blank canvas and your imagination is the paintbrush.   If you can imagine and feel it happening, it probably will.  The challenge then is learning how to control the mind to focus on what you want, and stop focusing on what you don’t want.  The secret again is becoming one with the Ocean and knowing you are never alone.

Remember, the reason why you’re here on this planet right now is to learn something truly amazing.  Its to wake up from your smallness and relieve yourself from your stuckness in separation consciousness.  You are here to rise out of the muck into becoming the greatest most divine ascended being you can imagine!  You aren’t here to drink and play card games everyday, whittling your precious time away.  You are here to be an awakened conscious loving being who understands how to manifest anything at will.  You are here to discover what God is and live without suffering. This task is beyond reason, as the mind cannot actually hold onto what the experience of awakening is all about.  Yet, through surrender to the unknown, to the Oceanic consciousness, you’ll feel the connection in your chest and know intimately how amazing you truly are.

As you open yourself up to the Ocean you’ll discover what its like to be infinitely patient.  When you’re able to wait for an eternity for your ego’s desires to manifest, the Oceanic experience instantly shows you your natural ability to manifest desires with effortless ease.  The more patient you are, the faster you can receive your desire.  The key to knowing what being infinitely patient feels like. comes from learning how to surrender and deeply accept what is.  This means you’ve released attachment to your angst, your agendas, your plans, your fears, your judgments, and given all of yourself to the Ocean.  Trusting completely 100% in everything that’s happening to you, knowing deep down that everything in your life is actually happening for you, not to you.  

“Be surprised at nothing. Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in its cloak. Put on the whole armor of love – and yet feel, feel very deeply. Let tears flow, washing away impurities until you feel clean within and clean without. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled with life’s nectar.” ~Eileen Caddy

The moment you access the feeling of being able to happily wait a billion more lifetimes to attain your ego’s desires, the Ocean hears this joy inside you and feels your relaxation and trust.  It then instantly rewards you with what you are wanting because you stopped believing that you’re lacking it.  Its a very complex paradoxical situation, yet the moment you truly let go is the moment you truly attain.  The Ocean wants everything that you want, the secret is knowing how to want what you want.  Your mind can be sooo controlling, manipulative, negative, yearning, lacking and distracted with a hundred different things that it cannot connect to infinite source inside you which is what manifests things instantly through you.  It is through the state of feeling this infinite Ocean that the clarity and patience comes to guide you along your way.  The more you can feel the Ocean vibrating around you, the easier it becomes to manifest everything you want instantly! 

Everything is available in the Ocean. You may just have to swim a short distance around the corner towards it.  As you live with 100% trust, you won’t take less actions in the world, you’ll actually take more because you’ll have more energy, joy and excitement to do more.  With this trust all your desires have to manifest at some point in the future, when the time is right for you to receive it, and infinite patience is the key.  We all know how to be patient for 5 minutes, perhaps an hour, a week or 9 months maybe, yet forever is a very long time and the golden secret to manifesting.

To find the source of infinite patience you must travel deeply inwards to the source of who you are.  You must be willing to let go of those habits which are destructive for you, and replace them with healing habits that enlighten you.  This is the greatest journey a human being can make in their lifetime.  When you take the time to dive deep enough within yourself, into the place where you feel there is no more conflict within yourself on ANY level with anything or anyone, you have found the source of infinite patience and unbounded peace.  You are accessing the infinite Oceanic energy 24 hours a day, and it is manifesting the most brilliant divine experience of life with a consistent eternal ease.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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