How to Manifest Outrageous Success in 2007!

How to Manifest Outrageous Success in 2010!By Jafree Ozwald

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  It’s important to remember, as you start this new year, that you are a powerful manifesting being who can attract ANYTHING you desire.  This is such a HUGE powerful opportunity that we’d like to help you use your energy wisely.  So we would like to invite you to think about what you want to create in the next 12 months of your life.  It’s a large enough amount of time that you can set some fairly BIG intentions and build the foundations beneath them.  Think about what excites you and what inspires you to become an outrageously successful human being.  Open yourself up to making goals in NEW areas of your life which you don’t usually create intentions in.  Perhaps these may be your relationships, emotional health, mental confidence, career, sex life, spiritual connection, finances, physical health etc… We’ve found people manifest their intentions for the upcoming year MUCH easier by following the format of our Manifesting Agenda (below).

What is a Manifesting Agenda?  It is a short list of your personal goals, dreams and desires written in THE PAST TENSE, as if they have already occurred.  For example, your 1 Year goal could be, "I made $100,000 this year with joy and effortless ease selling real estate."   Or you could write for your 6 month goal, "I just met the most loving sensitive person who wants to be with me forever and ever!"   The more idealistic the goal is the trickier it may be to feel it has already occurred.  The best goals are realistic with a personal time frame that works for you.  The easier you can FEEL it has manifested for you, the easier it will magically "show up" in your life.   These feelings are the fuel for attracting your dreams to you.

The objective of the Manifesting Agenda is to be SUPER specific about what you WANT and WHEN you want it.  Who do you want to BE?   What do you want to DO?  What do you want to EXPERIENCE?  What do you want to HAVE? You are a powerful manifestor so be careful what you write down!  Your desire is 1000 times more likely to manifest just by doing this exercise.  Yet, do be careful about getting TOO attached to how you think your goal "should" show up.  The best manifestors in the world are those who can hold their dreams lightly yet sincerely.

You can download a blank Manifesting Agenda at  We recommend printing it on a piece of very sacred paper, filling it out, and posting it somewhere in your home where you can view it daily!  This is your chance to design the ultimate life of your DREAMS!!  Now we are talking about some real FUN here!  Years from now, you will be thankful that you did this. We guarantee it!  Take your time and ENJOY this creative exploration! Make 2010 more successful than you have ever imagined possible with our proven 90 Day Manifesting Program. Guaranteed results or your money back.   Learn more at

May You Manifest Whatever You Deeply Desire in 2010!

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