How to Manifest your Destiny

How to Manifest your Destiny

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How to Manifest your Destiny

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Turn within and become liberated,

because it’s all a dream.”  ~Robert Adams

Manifesting your destiny is not about working harder all life long to achieve some far fetched materialistic goal and luxurious dream. It’s about discovering something much deeper than that. It’s revealing the most empowering spiritual purpose of your life, which makes your heart ZING with passion to be alive!!

Knowing what your life’s destiny is instantly ignites a creative spark in your soul, which feels as if you’re receiving sacred directions from God. You feel this alignment with your life purpose, meaning you don’t have to try to enjoy your life, yet the joy of being alive comes from every breath you take. You naturally manifest abundance along this path, because this great joy is a powerful magnet attracting the highest possible outcomes you can imagine.

Right now, if you could choose

your Life’s Mission on Earth,

what would you want it to be?

When we are doing what we love to do each day, we are in love with why we are here. There is no right or wrong answer as to what makes your heart sing. Whatever it is that truly makes your heart sing is the right answer! This joy of doing will bring you massive energy to fulfill your greatest destiny and attract a prosperous healthy lifestyle along the way.

The greatest secret to discovering the purpose of your life originates from an ancient yogic teaching. The method is to find a place and a time where you can become completely quiet and get in contact with your core essence. All alone, dropping into the silent core and still center at your being, your destiny will reveal itself to you on its own accord. It has no other choice. When the mind is completely silent, the entire Universe becomes crystal clear. It feels as if all the clouds in the night skies have disappeared, and you can see the billions of galaxies of stars above you. In this super expansive state you realize many important things.

Often the first thing you realize is that you are the master of your mind. You see how you are the only one who is behind your mind, able to direct it wherever you want it to go. You begin understanding how to relax into yourself, and choose the thoughts you want to think. You begin seeing this world as a school for the soul, where each event and relationship you create is an opportunity for more enlightenment, spiritual growth and energetic evolution.

When you begin choosing your destiny in life your consciousness is increased to a higher degree.  In this space, negative thoughts and negative people cannot touch you. They simply do not enter your field. You only attract and experience higher vibrational experiences, because you’re only entertaining those thoughts which contain the most positive, loving, healthy, and fun creative feelings. It can actually feel like you’re living in heaven on Earth, which lets you know you are on track and living out our soul’s true destiny.

The result of choosing to think only positive thoughts is immense. You impact others with your positive field in such a way, that they start carving out new positive pathways in their brain. They start magnetizing more positive loving people and experiences in their world, and the good vibes contagiously spread around your community. We change the planet by changing ourselves. Our inner world always reflects into our outer world. This realization is the awakening process and makes ordinary life feel quite magical!

There will always be those people who take longer to open up and believe they have the power to manifest any destiny they desire. These people simply are not fully educated about the science of manifesting yet. They just don’t understand that they live in a divine all intelligent Universe. So they tend to feel powerless, and a need to have control of people and their environment.

How to deal with these stuck challenging people? Just have compassion for these poor immature souls, for they have a very long arduous lifetime of learning how to let go of control and trust life. Life is intelligent and will challenge them wih the perfect circumstances that will eventually wake them up in this lifetime or the next. Give them enough time and it is destined to happen. 

It’s good to know that the Law of Attraction (manifesting) is actually a very real science today, which quantum physicists have documented proof that “thoughts are real things”. We know the most successful people in the world didn’t reach their dreams by chance. They simply knew how to consistently redirect their energy and consciousness towards their dreams, to magnetize their desires into the physical world.

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Get ready to live a fully open enlightened life!

Jafree Ozwald

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