How to Manifest your Ideal Day

How to Manifest your Ideal DayBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot "I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives.  Perhaps it is because escape is easier than change."  ~Jim Rohn One of the most powerful things you can do to manifest a life that you love, is to imagine how your ideal day will look and feel like.  Visualizing your greatest fantasy day coming true gives your life direction and purpose.  It also enables you to know exactly when your dream life has arrived.  Start with writing down EVERY detail you can imagine on your computer.  Imagine the BEST day of your life as if it happened yesterday!  Describe every detail with pizzazz and vigor in the past tense because it’s already happened.  This allows you to relax about "making it happen" tomorrow, and lets you receive it energetically now!   You have our full permission to go for it and invent some really amazing and exotic experiences!   Start with what happened early in the morning.   Describe where you went for lunch, what you did that afternoon, and all the amazing moments of your evening.    You can stay up ALL night if you wish, just write down every small possible detail you experienced throughout the day.  The most important thing is to dive into your inner Fantasy Land and DO NOT hold back!   Make sure to use your 5 senses when you describe what you ultimate Fantasy day.  Write about what you saw, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled. Include the wildest crazy pleasurable details that you can imagine.

The more you can see, feel, taste and experience the sensations of your ideal fantasy day, the easier the Universe can deliver it to you.  When you are vibrating at that peak feeling, you are attracting it to you faster than ANYTHING you could be doing in the physical world.  Go into massive detail about your experience.  Play with it and let your heart be your guide.  Know that the more joy you can let in your body today, the more open your "joy valve" will be tomorrow to let even MORE joy in!  Don’t wait another moment, open that joy valve now!

See if you can truly think outside of your normal box of what is pleasurable to you.  Perhaps you were near the ocean, in the mountains, or on the green grassy plains?  Perhaps you bought a million dollar house, what was that like?  How much money did you make that day?  What amazing thing did you do to earn that cash flow?   How were your energy, mental, and emotional states throughout the day?  What did you really do for FUN that day?  What was the weather like?  Who did you spend your day with?  How did other people treat you?  How did you interact and respond with these people?  If this is the most PERFECT day of your life in every imaginable way, how are you going to feel at the end of it?  And when you’re done, email it to us at  we’d LOVE to read it!! "The energy born of love is creative – it makes everything it touches new.  To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created."  ~Deepak Chopra

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