How to Manifest your Soul Mate

How to Manifest your Soul Mate  First of all, we may need to redefine exactly what qualifies someone as a Soul Mate.  A soul mate is someone who you experience a deep intimate connection and profound synchronicity with.  You can often have the feeling that each moment truly feels "timeless" together, and upon your first meeting you may feel as if you have known each other for many years.  You may also feel like you can share anything you are experiencing in your life without editing your words or holding back in any way.   There is this simple presence together, and a closeness that allows you to relax with this person and fully be yourself.   The truth is there are many people on the planet who can fit into this description of being your soul mate.  You don’t have to yearn and search for years to locate that one and only one person (out of 6.5 billion) if you wish to experience a fulfilling love life.  You can have this deeper profound loving connection with many of them, and experience this satisfying soul connection with them every day.

So what is stopping you from manifesting your soul mate? 

Often the negative experiences from the past can block our heart from trusting love, and create an impenetrable wall of defense blocking your soul mate from finding you.  If your heart is still holding onto previous wounds or negative experiences from relationships in your past, it may feel that it’s TOO dangerous to let love in, and is busy trying to protect itself from getting hurt again.  The interesting thing is that this wall doesn’t allow in any pain or feelings of being loved.  The wall blocks both the positive and negative experiences, leaving you completely void of personal intimate relationships.

Even though you may not think you have a "wall" around your heart, you can always practice letting more love in.  The melting and healing of even the smallest of walls is one of the greatest keys to manifesting your soul mate.  If you have been with someone for many years and you still feel that they are not your soul mate, it is very possible that a mini-defense wall was put up, and is not allowing you to FEEL the deeper intimate soul connection you have with them. This happens more frequently than you think.

Many people who are together for years often find themselves feeling stuck, blocked or blaming their partner for not being able to move deeper into the relationship.  They may experience a variety of negative thoughts and feelings about their partner and themselves.  They may find that the intimacy between them has become a game of shielding oneself.  This again is caused by unhealed wounds from the past and can be changed through healing the heart and re-connecting your soul with their heart in your inner world.  Always remember…your inner world manifests your outer world.  When you are experiencing a deep loving intimate connection with your "inner mate", he or she will manifest into your outer world!  When your heart is open and ready to receive the experience of being loved without fear of abandonment, rejection, or pain, your soul mate will resurface and show up physically in your outer world. 

If you are open to exploring what its like to receive more love in your heart, we have created a powerful 30 minute guided manifesting meditation that will dramatically help you attract your soul mate into your life OR bring that deep loving soul connection back into the relationship you are currently in.

A few benefits from this program include:

  • Complete cellular cleansing of negative experiences and wounds in past relationships.
  • Reprogramming your heart and soul with a new ability to experience deep love and true connection in an intimate relationship.
  • A dramatic shift in your ability to naturally attract your soul mate with effortless ease.
  • A new connection to your soul mate on the spiritual plane that will automatically manifest into your physical reality.
  • Feelings of deeper love, trust, and receptivity to love.

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