How to Merge With The Divine Instantly

How to Merge With The Divine InstantlyBy Jafree Ozwald

Stop the mind chattering for a moment.Be very still, look inside yourself and seewho and what you truly are without judgment.Be silent and see this awesome Divine energy,consciousness and powerful manifesting being you are!

For this moment, let go of trying to defeatthe negative thoughts and beliefs in your mind.Stop efforting, trying and exhausting yourselfattempting to create only positive outcomes in your life.Just relax.  Let your mind take a sabbatical, so you canbe fully present to this divine moment of your life.Your life is here now, happening in this moment…in this very moment so enjoy it!

Imagine you can turn up the enjoyment knob on THIS moment of your life right now.  What happens when yousimply turn it up one notch?  Do you feel more alive,expansive and more at peace with what is here now?Turn it as high as it can go in THIS now momentwhile you’re reading this sentence.  Notice who or whatis in truly in control of your happiness level.

If you still think that you’re going to enjoy your life later,or need to wait until xyz manifests before you’re happy,it’s time for you to let go and merge with the Divine.Don’t make any effort, it is your constant seeking,trying and efforting that causes you to rarely arrive.All struggling must be given up to arrive in bliss.

The one who practices stillness and Self-Inquiry mergeswith the Divine instantly, seeing the amazing power and beauty alreadywithin themselves.  It is this being who ceases to suffer again. So simply relax, be very still, and remain curious about what it is like to merge with a Divine Presence inside you.

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Many blessings to you, Jafree

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