How to Open the Heart and Tame the Mind

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How to Open the Heart and Tame the Mind
By Jafree Ozwald

“Don’t rely on the mind for liberation…just have faith and act on it.
You are the sum cause of the entire Universe.” ~Nisargadatta

At the very core of your heart is a golden fountain of peace that is perpetually overflowing with sensations of loving healing relaxing energy. This warm feeling is always here, always flowing, and forever available to dive into.  Your heart is the place of true refuge that you can return to at anytime and find your real home.  I invite you to take a deep breath right now and relax completely into your heart.  Feel the pulse and rhythm of your warm beating heart.  Become as still as you can and listen to the silence in between each heart beat. Notice how it feels to relax into this rhythm and let the silence consume you. 

When you really relax into your heart, your entire being opens up like a flower blossoming to the Sun.  In this state you are able to fully receive your life.  The mind, with it’s ego driven nature, does not want to fall into this bliss inside the heart. The mind would rather be busy creating it’s own version of success, and it’s own modality of liberation.  It wants to achieve something, have personal goals to fulfill and pursue desires for attaining happiness. It has a million very important reasons and excuses for why it cannot just sit, rest and relax into your heart.  It will make you believe that you can discover real fulfillment by achieving it in the outer world.  The mind is a trickster, and it’s ego trip will do anything to remain busy and avoid being wrong.  It’s whole life it’s been right about how real success is manifested “out there” and to just find it at home inside the heart would be quite embarrassing!  The ego will attach itself to anything, any project, person or idea so that it can work hard to achieve something great, and not have to face its futility. 

The amazing thing about the heart is that it always abides in a natural state of divinity that is quite easily accessed.  You may think it’s difficult to slow down, trust the heart and relax into this divine experience, yet it is truly effortless.  You are already so tired and completely exhausted from running from one experience to another throughout your entire life that it will be sooooo easy to relax.  Your heart is ready to receive you now, and it will not abandon you.  It is always available for you right here in your chest waiting for you to arrive. 

To discover the heart space of bliss, simply hold your attention on your heart and breathe into this space.  You can feel the heart energy opening with every breath you take.  Keep the mind fixed on this location as long as you can. Every time the mind wanders away, gently and slowly bring it back to the heart space. Do this practice all day long. This is the first step in taming the mind which essentially will allow you to transcend all suffering in your life, and allow you to discover your original soul path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment happens when you are in a state of no-mind. When the heart is leading the way, the mind is so calm and at ease it seems to disappear and only the witness remains. Taming a mind that has been running the show for many decades is going to take major patience and courage.  You must be like a wild Lion, the King of the most dangerous jungle.  You must be completely fierce in your focus to remain at peace, sitting at the peak of the highest mountain and oversee all the wild animals throughout the terrain.  To find this Kingly power, you must be able to trust yourself completely and rest deeply in the central core and essence of your heart. 

This practice is truly simple. Just keep placing your attention there, breathing into the heart energy, and relax your entire body.  Notice where you are holding tension in your body and release it with your breath.  Watch where the mind tends to wander, noticing how it reacts to this discipline without trying to control it.  You will soon experience deep sensations of peace that arise on their own accord.

“With trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer an ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing. When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity.”  ~Osho

Your heart is the greatest doorway for discovering profound states of realization.  Whomever has the most open trusting heart in the room is the one who is tapping into the highest loving power in the Universe.  This person has the greatest love, the deepest compassion, and most profound silence within. They have the real wisdom and understanding to reach the most enlightened state possible.  The heart is here to help the mind surrender to life, so that you find the deepest source of peace inside you.  Without the heart you would never discover a total release from the relentless grasp and scurrying of the overachieving desiring mind. 

Once you make the choice to be the master of your mind, you begin your journey into being truly of service for the highest good of humanity.  When you’ve made the heart your real master, a natural river of love, bliss and connection to Source flows throughout your body.  Others are instantly calmed by your presence.  The mind and it’s chaotic efforting state becomes absorbed by the silence within.  You feel as though there is a divine healing power alive and breathing inside you, that is caressing your soul with each and every breath you take.

 Today is your opportunity to begin this path of life mastery.  Make the commitment right now to direct your mind and breath towards the heart as often as you can every day this week. Whenever you are waiting in line, stuck in traffic, in a boring conversation, walking through town, or just sitting in some chair, bring your full attention to your heart center and breathe!  Point the mind back to the center, relax into your core essence and the simple truth of the spiritual being that you are.  There is an infinite soul living inside you, and this is the real you!  When you find this connection with your soul, you liberate the mind from all it’s blocks, and you start experiencing this blissful peaceful being that you naturally are 24 hours a day!!

Eventually, with enough practice you will be at one with this unbounded spiritual being that you are.  It is always here, right now, it is simply hidden from view behind the desiring ego and wandering mind.  When you do find your soul, the most peaceful empowering realization will manifest for you.  It will bring sooooo much love, gratitude and joy into your heart that this one experience will become more rewarding than any accomplishment you’ve ever achieved in the outer world.  This is your time to shine and receive that spiritual connection which makes your life sing today. Have fun diving inside your heart and enjoy your journey!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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