How to Open your Trust Valve

How to Open your Trust Valve

By Jafree Ozwald
“When I grip the wheel too tight, I find I lose control.” ~Steve Rapson

One of the greatest experiences we can have in life is trusting ourselves, the Universe and everything that happens.  The feeling of trust radiating throughout your body is like a warm healing massage that opens the heart and soothes the soul.  There is nothing quite like knowing that you can truly let go and feel that everything is just going to work out perfectly.  Yes, everything is unfolding exactly as it should.  The Universe is divinely intelligent and never ever makes a mistake.  When you begin knowing this is the bigger truth, the trusting vibration comes flooding in.

If you feel challenged by trusting life in any way, it means that on a deeper level you’re still not trusting yourself and your higher guidance. It’s good to realize that the choice to trust yourself feels much better and more expansive than the choice not to trust yourself.  The secret to making the shift is noticing what happens to your chest the very instant you allow trust to be your main operating reaction to life.  You may notice you feel relaxed, in harmony with life, and completely at ease.  If you have a difficult time giving yourself a taste of what trust is like, try out this exercise below in the morning or evening.

Imagine that connected to your heart
in the middle of your chest is a “Trust Dial”.

On this dial is written the word “Trust” and
around the edge are the numbers 1 through 100.

This dial measures the level of trust you have for
yourself, the Universe and everything that happens.
Take a minute now to check and see which number
your Trust Valve is set at right now.
Are you at 100? If not, what would 100 feel like?
What thoughts, feelings and beliefs do you need to let go of
(or say NO to) in order to feel 100% trust inside your being.
Take a deep breath and imagine that you are
turning up your Trust Valve as high as you can.
Notice how your chest expands, feels lighter and there’s a sense
of lightness throughout your life the closer you get to 100%.
I recommend checking your trust valve randomly 10-15 times a day to see where its at, and when you’re in bed practice playing with it.  You’ll see that at the very root of trust you will find a vast expansive feeling of freedom and feelings that you never knew you had.  There are very powerful subtle experiences that just underneath the surface if you’re willing to dig a little.If you’re not a natural “trust-a-holic” then this exercise may be challenging at first.
Yet, with just a little practice you will improve because trust is closest to your natural state of being.  If you take one step towards it, it’ll take two steps towards you.  If perhaps you’re not motivated to attempt this exercise at all, then just imagine what your face will look like after 40 years of not trusting life.  Is this someone you want to become?  Well, then it’s time to start trusting again!  Your happiness is based on the amount of trust you have for yourself, life, and everyone in it and you deserve to be extremely happy!

“The only real security in life lies in relishing life’s insecurity.” ~M. Scott Peck

 Trust is effortlessly found at the center of the heart and automatically connects you with the energy of your soul. To keep your trust valve open 100% of the time, you simply need to live knowing that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. Trust comes naturally when there is a deep spiritual connection inside you. When we trust this spiritual aspect, we relinquish our need to control life and each moment becomes a deeper experience of relaxation than the previous. This relaxation brings peace to your mind, and into the hearts of everyone around you.

 Trusting life contains many amazing benefits.  One is that it opens you up to the flow of outrageous abundance.  It allows you to let go of control and be receptive to the riches life wants to offer you. When you are doubtful and skeptical you’re in resistance mode and behave much like a closed fist.  When you’re trusting you’re like an open hand, always ready to receive.  Your mind may not feel comfortable with this new open posture, yet it is your most powerful stance.  The mind will believe that trusting is a foolish thing to do, and that you’ll be taken advantage of more often.  Remember, the invitation here is to let go of the controlling fear-base ego and notice how good it actually FEELS in your body to trust instead of live from fear.

 People only seek to control life because they’re used to living out of fear, instead of living from love and trust.  Life is very vulnerable and insecure in its nature, just look at your skin and how soft it is.  When you are trusting life 100% you feel internally connected with this softness and the vulnerability life naturally has and you begin living from love.  Sure, the mind will try to make up many stories, excuses, and reasons to not trust yourself, others, and the Universe.  Let each one of these go!  These stories are what’s stopping you from manifesting the most amazing life of your dreams!  When you let go of always trying to be in control of everything in your life, you open the path to experiencing something much bigger.  You open the door to experiencing your spiritual essence and Highest Self.  That aspect of you that it unbounded, limitless love, totally free and powerful in all types of situations.

  “Do not abandon trust when your ego thinks
things should be different than they are.” ~Wayne Dyer

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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