How to Reduce Stress and Create Abundance

How to Reduce Stress and Create Abundance

Is daily stress impacting your ability to manifest a life you love?  You bet!!   When expectations are not met, and you’re forced to experience an unknown situation, the mind tends to respond with tension and stress.  Learning how to reduce stress is key to manifesting abundance in your life.  Many people becomed stressed by money.  Measuring themselves with the amount of money they have, thinking they are a success or  failure in life based on how much is in the bank. They believe that that they must work hard in order to be successful.  This just creates more stress, and more stress does not make anyone successful, financially free or abundant.   In fact the opposite is true.  Stress will lower your manifesting vibration and make it harder for you to have a life you love.

Just think about it for a minute.  What happens to you when you become stressed out?  Your brain shuts down, and you begin to just focus on surviving.  You are no longer able to fully perceive the vastness of the Universe, or feel a true sense of relaxation in your body.   So what can you do to take back the reigns of your life around stress?  Understand one simple thing.  The stressful event that is actually happening is NOT the actual cause of your stress, it is your mind’s perception and interpretation of the event occurring that is creating the tension inside.

There is positive and negative stresses created.  One comes from excitement, the latter from fear.  A negatively stressed out person often functions like a horse with blinders.  They keep walking straight ahead, and can’t perceive what is actually happening around them and making up stories in their head about where they’re actually going.  As a result, a stressed individual will miss out on great opportunities that the universe is presenting to them.  Furthermore, when you are stressed, you automatically send out negative energy which lowers your ability to attract positive things to you.  So the key to moving out of scarcity is to stop letting the mind stress you out with its negative thinking.  The more you relax and trust the universe, the more you attract prosperity to you.

The good news is that you can easily reduce your levels of stress by adopting a healthy daily routine that helps you harness the wild horses of the mind.  The first step of this routine is to meditate for at least 15 minutes per day.  Meditation gives you the gift of observing your thoughts and allowing them to pass over you like a cloud.  In this process, you allow your thoughts to just exist without getting attached to them.  It is the attachment to thoughts that creates the stress.  So go ahead and see how meditation can help you stop feeling stressed!

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Have a Joyfilled Stress-Free Week!!Jafree Ozwald

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