How to Replace Worry with Wonder

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How to Replace Worry with Wonder

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“When you can stop worrying about the future, you’ll become such a drunk laughing nuisance that God will then lean down and start combing you into his hair.” ~ Hafiz

Worrying is one of the most destructive habits a human mind can entertain. It is a disease of the psyche, which forms when we feel disconnected from our soul and our spiritual roots. Something happens in life, and a perpetual stream of negative fear based thoughts flood into our head and begin repeating themselves over and over. Fearful feelings bubble up inside and fill the narrowing mind with doubt and resistance to trusting to life. The thing we are worried about may or may not manifest, yet the mind clenches too tight, and is able to let go and relax.

Worry manifests when we rely only on the logical rational mind to serve as our guide and forget what it’s like to live from our heart. We then become lost in the trail of perpetual tension left behind in the mind’s anxious “what if” thinking. The worrier inside us has lost it’s spiritual roots. It’s forgotten how to deeply enjoy this life, be free from attachments in this world, and trust that everything is always unfolding perfectly in this divine all-intelligent Universe which never ever makes mistakes. 

Worrying is an effect of not trusting our spiritual connection to the Universe. This disconnection creates the assumption that we are powerless beings, who are not the real manifestors of our future.  Statistics show that 99% of our worries never manifest, yet it’s that little 1% that the mind worries about! The ego/mind wants full control of reality, thinking that having a stronger more strategic hold on life is the most optimum place to be. When we resist trusting in life, we stop letting in love, and honoring the divine mystery that surrounds us. The ego/mind then becomes very tight, tense, demanding, controlling and worried about everything.

We tend to worry become the ego abhors being weak, vulnerable and unprotected from unexpected change. It thinks real strength is found in hardness, and wants total security, safety and a 100% guarantee that life will be ok. Yet, the ego doesn’t realize that life is a perpetual leap of faith into the unknown. The ego has forgotten that true strength is found in softness, and that water always wins over rock in the end. Our ego is learning how to have a soft forgiving heart filled with trust, for this is the only way to relax, enjoy this lifetime and truly become worry free.

The worrier within us can be a bit tricky to catch and sometimes super challenging to stop. We can get accustomed to blindly following the over-analytical, skeptical, doubting mindset, and feel this is more intelligent and trustworthy than our free-flowing spontaneously arising intuition. The worry addict inside us is that part which has stopped appreciating life just the way it is. It feels incapable of accepting that whatever will manifest tomorrow will be for the highest good of all concerned. The worrier inside us is like a 24 hour slave laborer, who is constantly efforting for security through pushing the mind to dwell ONLY on a negative perspective of life. It is illogical and soooo fearful that it believes thinking positively is just some weak, gullible, naive, unrealistic mindset that is unprepared for some potential future horror that could occur.

“If your problem has a solution then why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have solution then why worry about it?” ~ Chinese Proverb

There’s not much you can do to convince a super worried mind that a negative outcome is not coming ahead. A biochemical cocktail has been created in the worry filled brain that make it quite challenging, and almost painful to believe in positive thoughts. The worrier feels at home and life is somewhat under control if it keeps thinking negative thoughts. The worried brain cocktail generates this right feeling that we should be worried, and continue on this path, being even more serious and concerned about any potentially highly critical or important life situation. The worried mind cannot trust life or take a vacation, for it’s never a good time to joke around, have any fun, appreciate our spiritual nature, or celebrate being alive today.

When the cocktail of worried biochemicals have taken over the brain, it is soooo powerful that the only place to find any freedom or clarity is by shifting gears into higher consciousness. When we interject a steady stream of pure awareness into our mind, we slowly stop believing that our fearful fantasy is going to manifest. The energy of pure consciousness acts like a river of clean clear flowing water, which purifies away the negative ideas which have little foundation in reality. By simply being aware of our consciousness for a few minutes, we can instantly release our ego’s need to be afraid and in control. We can begin to sip a deeper succulent experience of life that feels open, trusting and loves enjoying the sensations of a deeper relaxation inside.

“The normal self is the mind. The mind is with limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond limitations, and is reached by investigation into the “I.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

You can tell a worried mind several million times not to worry, yet the reason why it continues worrying is that it is uneducated.  It doesn’t know how to relax the body, love the mystery and trust in a perfect future. It thinks too much, feels too powerless, and feels the need to be in control of it all.  Yet, when it imagines some fearful scene is occurring, it believes it’s thoughts are having no energetic impact on the outer environment or people. The worried mind is ignorant of what quantum physics has proven the past 50 years. That thoughts are things that impact our world.

Every thought and feeling you have is impacting your environment, community and the entire world on some level.  For example, they’ve proven that a person who you’re emotionally close with on the other side of the world can feel it when you shift into a highly emotional state of love, anxiety or fear. We know people are more prone to doing business with those who live from a state of trust, faith and connection, rather than worry and fear. We are able to manifest, magnetize and attract the right people and situations we want when we our heart is resonating with the feeling that everything is going to be fine.

 The more we understand the deep power we each hold in every thought we think, the easier it will become to step back from the worried mind and transcend it. If we cannot step away from the mind, we are a mere slave to it’s forces. When you look at your worries directly, you may see that they typically are directed at the outer world. The mind tends to get hooked on thoughts about possessions, money situations, home life, our physical body, what other people think, if our loved ones are doing ok, and what we will manifest in our future. The untrained mind can worry about anything! It is a real creative genius that will poke around every possible fearful corner.

Sometimes the mind will worry about our loved ones, thinking that this is a form of caring about them. We might even feel guilty if they don’t worry about them, thinking that not worrying or fearing for their life means we don’t truly care about them. The problem with this is that this worrying energy is sending out a negative vibration of fear that is unhealthy, untrusting, unsupportive and actually pulls their loved ones down energetically. When we worry about someone, it energetically drains the life force of another person, cutting off our trusting relationship with them and causing them to feel more isolated and lonely in the Universe.

Be aware! Worrying is a highly unconscious habit that can more addictive than cocaine! It can completely destroy a life that was potentially filled with joy, love and laughter. If we don’t learn how to transcend this addictive mindset, the energy can even implode within ourselves. When worry becomes self-abusive, we perpetually doubt who we are, why we are here, what we are doing, and fear being wrong about everything we say and feel. We can end up doubting our lives on every level, and this can evolve into an insanely stressful way of being that manifests into a psychosomatic disease and eventually death. Now this is something to worry about! It’s vital to create a new response to life where we are deeply appreciating and trusting each moment, feeling the great goodness of life that is naturally here and all around us now. 

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things that are beyond the power of our will.” ~ Epictetus

Do not worry, there are some basic steps you can take this week to stop your inner worrier in its tracks and reclaim a life full of trust and joy. The first is to own the fact that every single worried thought that you have is being generated by YOU! Yes, you are the one creating it, and so you are the one who can stop creating it. If you don’t take responsibility for it, you cannot stop it. Simply investigate what is happening inside and you’ll see that your mind is focusing on what it does not want to think, have, do, imagine, feel, experience or manifest. When you take responsibility for this, knowing you are the master and authority of your next thought process, and can simply choose to focus on whatever you want to focus on. You begin investing your time and energy into something fun, uplifting , trustworthy and new!

It’s empowering to know that you can imagine anything you want at anytime, and that new thought process will impact your experience of reality. What if all your time was spent focusing on what you DO WANT to manifest, instead of being invested in visualizing and fearing what you DON’T want?  How would your body feel by the end of that day? When you see that it all boils down to focusing on what you WANT, you empower yourself to only visualize something wonderful each day. You begin to imagine the warm rays of sunshine reaching into your heart, as your feet are cozily nestled in the warm sand, as you’re gazing at the orange and pink sunset across the ocean. This thought alone creates an instant happy cocktail in your brain, that can relieve you of those thoughts which were dwelling in that dark smelly garbage bin overflowing with anxiety and fear.  

There is one method I’ve found to becoming worry free which is perhaps the most powerful of them all. I would say that this is the backbone to getting rid of the worry vibe from your life forever. The big secret here comes in learning the fine habit of how to replace worry with wonder. Instead of fearing what might occur, replace it with being curious and wondering what might occur. Realize that there are an infinite number of possible outcomes that could manifest at any moment in your future. All day long, remain in a constant state of curiosity. You cannot be so arrogant to think that you actually know exactly what the Universe has in store for you or anyone for that matter.

As you begin to open the door of wonder, you start tapping into this awesome sense of innocence inside. It feels like your heart is a new born flower opening its petals to the Sun. For a few moments right now, allow your heart to feel any feelings you can summon of pure innocence and goodness. Remember what it was like when you were a fresh new born baby who knew absolutely nothing. Playing in the dirt, making sand castles, looking at a butterfly passing by. Recall what life was like to be curious about everything!

We we are always relating to life in a state of awe about every little thing around us, we see this amazing Universe for what it truly is. This is the path of perpetual curiosity and it destroys worry instantly every single time. Implement this simple curiosity switch the moment you find your mind worrying. With a bit of practice, the mind will shift gears automatically and will be replacing worry with wonder for you each time!  You’ll soon discover that your time on Earth will naturally be filled with wonder, making every day absolutely wonder-full!

“Don’t worry about what the world wants from you, worry about what makes you come more alive. Because what the world really needs are people who are more alive.” ~Laurence Le Shan

Another powerful tool to transcending worry is to strengthen your mental discipline and focus. When the reigns on the mind are too loose or too tight, those wild worry horses inside will go crazy and trample all over your life! Every day we need to strengthen our spiritual connection to our innermost being. This manifests through opening our heart to Nature and creating roots in spiritual trust with wings of divine curiosity. When we simply trust that life is always guiding us towards a greater and higher good, we can rest easy inside. We can remain open and curious each day along the journey, and allow the spiritual goodness to find us wherever we may be.

Those of us who have been playing the worrying game for years might have turned into a worry-zombie. If you feel you are not used to trusting in life, feel numb to love, lightness, joy or orgasmic pleasure, you could have become a zombie! To step out of the zombie-zone pull back STRONG on your mind’s reins, and steer those crazy horses back into the soft green pleasure pastures of the heart. Hold the mind firm on the energy and feeling of trust. Feel that one positive thing that you love in life is here now and give it all of your appreciation. Devote yourself to trusting life, and repeat and feel all day long that you are now TRUSTING LIFE! Be committed to living in a state of wonder. This inner devotion to you will change everything for the better.

Another effective anti-worrying tool is using the breath to expand out of your worried mind and enhance your positive state of being. It literally takes 30 seconds to make this change.  Just inhale slowly for 10 seconds, hold your breath for 10 seconds and exhale slowly for 10 seconds feeling TRUSTING ENERGY is growing inside.  Practice this breath cycle for 3 minutes and you’ll find yourself entering a very calming centered state of mind with a peaceful still awareness. If you cannot find a few minutes to breathe, just even take ONE long deep breath into your heart the moment worry creeps in. You’ll create a more expansive relaxed sensation in the chest, and you’ll be able to instantly step back from the worried mind.

Be aware that awareness is always the main core ingredient needed for creating a worry free mind. Anytime you find your mind beginning to worry about anything, retreat back into what is AWARE. Step back into the ever-present witness of the mind. Be the observer, be the one watching the thoughts float by without participating in their drama or story. Witnessing means having no attachment to the outcome. This is one of the most essential and instantly effective worry reversing habits you can practice.

To permanently move your head out of the land of worry-ville forever, you’ll want to take a long deep honest look at what your personal worry issues are typically about. Why are you so attached to these particular issues and not those other things? Get curious about the subtleties around this worry habit and you’ll find out what your innermost fears are, and why they are there! Explore, investigate and then digest what your soul is truly longing to experience. Get to know yourself more deeply and intimately. You must understand the different forms of false security your ego is reaching for and why, if you ever want to fully relax into your spiritual essence and truly be free from this perpetual search for safety the ego is craving. 

So are you ready to create a worry free mind today? Make this simple sweet commitment to explore what it’s like to replace worry with wonder for the next 7 days of your life! Turn this into a fun, empowering new homework assignment that you are curious about doing. Be devoted to experiencing what LIFE is like being full of inquisitive awe and wonder!  Write down what results manifest in your life from abiding in this state of perpetual curiosity. Take notes how your heart feels by the end of each day. Just by wondering, you’ll see new positive opportunities and people tend to manifest in your life and that you’re naturally having more FUN in life with this open and enlightening state of mind. Enjoy!

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Sending a completely worry free lifestyle your way!

Jafree Ozwald

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