How to Reprogram Yourself for Success

How to Reprogram Yourself for SuccessBy Jafree The words you say in your mind to yourself and to others are the most powerful manifesting vehicles.  Each message that you think and think again, carries a certain vibrational energy that programs your mind and the cells in your body.  The thoughts you have create chemicals in your brain that bring you experiences of relaxation and peace or struggle.

Try this simple experiment.  Say the word, "YES" out loud.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Now, say the word, "NO" out loud. What do you notice after saying this word?  Most people find that the word "YES" gives them an expansive energy boost, and makes them feel more positive, while the word "NO" creates a mini wall of tension in their body.  Each word you think carries a vibrational quality behind it that impacts your “manifesting vibration”.  This vibration determines how easily and quickly you manifest your hearts desires into your life.  Your body’s manifesting vibrational energy acts like a blueprint, which the Universe uses to generate circumstances in your life.  Every time you use positive words in your mind (or out loud) you are really sending out a “request” or “command” to the Universe about what you are going to manifest.  You’ll find that thinking only positive thoughts will yield positive circumstances, while negative thoughts can only manifest negative circumstances.  The more a thought is repeated, the more it tends to influence your mind and life circumstance.  Since whatever you hold your attention upon is what grows and manifests, you certainly want to be conscious of the thoughts you allow your mind and body to experience.

This is where the power of affirmations comes in.  If you examine the word “affirmation” you can see the word “firm” is contained within it.  The repetitive positive message is being made energetically FIRM inside your body and mind.  It is strengthening each time it is summoned and its energy grows each time it is emotionally felt.  By FEELING these positive affirmation statements every day, you will find that you can let go of anything that may be stopping you from truly relaxing and enjoying your life.  As each affirmation is repeated daily, it deepens and softens into your body and mind.  This softening will cause it to simultaneously transform your reality and manifest it into your physical world.  As this alchemical process unfolds itself, you will find yourself moving from being the victim of life’s circumstances, to being the gentle master over every situation in your life. 

Affirmations are the most powerful, effective, and efficient way to reprogram your internal software and hardware from past negative thinking/feeling patterns into positive patterns that generate success.  This reprogramming allows you to maintain a more positive ego/identity which simply makes your life more relaxing, and successful.  Rather than continuing to tolerate and be defined by negative voices that are constantly being regurgitated inside your head, thoughts and feelings of abundance, joy, and freedom will automatically bubble up inside your mind throughout each day.  The more often you consciously repeat and affirm who you want to be sincerely from your heart, the more frequently those same thoughts tend to resurface naturally on their own, resulting in the creation of the abundant and successful life you desire. Our new E-book "Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered & Abundant Life" has a revolutionary method for integrating positive thinking habits into your body, mind and life.  It contains over 300 enlightening affirmations that will help you reprogram your life forever!  This 90 day program can be downloaded instantly here….Enjoy!

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