How to Shift from Loneliness to Oneness

How to Shift from Loneliness to Oneness Written By Jafree Ozwald

“All of your unhappiness comes from your inability to be alone.”  ~Jean de la Bruyere  

No matter how separate we may feel, we are always intimately connected with the Universe.  We live in a vast ocean of conscious intelligent energy that loves us, heals us, cares for us and provides our every need. This connection is the secret to reaching a transcendental state of bliss.  Knowing that you are the Divine and the Divine is surrounding you at all times.  Experiencing this is a matter of surrendering to this feeling that we are all connected to this Divine all intelligent ocean of existence. 


All of the thoughts which make us feel separate and make you believe that you are a separate droplet who is removed from this ocean, are the original cause of ALL of our suffering.  To discover enlightenment you must remember one important thing.  Nothing is at it seems in this world. There are always three sides to every coin. We are always alone, never alone, and enlightenment is found balancing in between these two. The mirage of ideas your mind is projecting is not real.


The only thing that is real is that which doesn’t change.  This is your true nature, the infinite soul that you are. When we stop believing in the false appearances of the mind, we open the door to our a spiritual understanding of what is real and the possibility to be truly free.  Just know that it may be deeply challenging to constantly be free as there are many layers of beliefs in the subconscious mind that are constantly overlaying its belief system on top of the reality we’re living in.


Our mind is a product of generations of ancestors minds, who were also clouded by the truth, ridden with beliefs containing layers of self-doubt.  We were all unconsciously programmed from a very young innocent age to accept the many creative false beliefs given by our society, teachers, friends, family, and great great grandparents who also believed they were separate beings disconnected from a divine all knowing source of infinite power.  Now that you are aware, it is your chance to shift out of this ancient misunderstanding and know that you are always interconnected and one with everything on the most intimate, loving and spiritual levels.


Something that I find really interesting to think about is that we are each physically connected to the most enlightened beings who have ever walked this earth.  Scientists have proven that the atoms which you will breathe into your body today, are the exact same atoms found in the ascended masters.  Right now, your physical body has at least one million atoms that were actually in the body of Christ, Buddha, and Mother Mary. You also have atoms that have been inside every single star in the sky and every being that has ever existed since the dawn of creation. It is literally impossible for you to be separate from anything or anyone. So the real question is what is it that actually causes us to feel lonely?    


“Everyone you meet in your life – even total strangers – is already intimately connected to you.  The idea that we are all separate and distinct beings is nothing but an illusion.  We are all parts of a larger whole, like individual cells in a body.”  ~Steve Pavlina


Loneliness is an illusion created by the mind.  As long as the mind believes we are a separate being, who has separate thoughts that are totally disconnected from everyone else, it will give your body the experience of being disconnected.  The reality is that you cannot be separate and never will be.  The mind simply created this experience of separation, just so that YOU could later have the experience of re-unification.  You were always connected, your soul just signed up for the phenomenal experience of coming home to the great divine all knowing all intelligent God Self that you are. 


The mind is amazing.  It is truly a creative genius that gives us every experience of life.  Without the mind we wouldn’t have a body and would not exist.  The mind loves to invent the most magnificent stories, dreams and illusions.  All these stories seem very real, because there are deep feelings attached to them.  Yet, when you watch each story in your mind as if it was a movie, you can see how unreal it actually is.  Just notice whenever the mind starts to say you are “missing someone or missing out on something”.  This is a red flag to wake up and realize they layers of ancestral beliefs in separation.  The mind has been trained to focus on what it is NOT connected to, instead what it IS connected with.  The moment the mind is re-centered back on it’s infinite spiritual Source, by simply resting for hours deeply into the core of your being, all loneliness instantly dissolves into all-oneness.


“Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart.  Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health.” ~ Osho


Perhaps you may have noticed that the word “aloneness” is very close to the words “all oneness”.  There is just an extra “L” added in there, and I believe that this L stands for the word LOVE!  When you include your L, you are including LOVE in your life. Meaning you are loving yourself, someone, or something which causes you to bathe in feelings of being ONE with everyone and everything.  A life lived with love is freedom from the mind who tends to always believe it is separate from Source.  The most fastest and effective way I’ve found to move beyond loneliness and find a state of infinite love inside, is to stop resisting the feelings of being lonely and surrender to the infinite spiritual nature of your being.   


Whenever a feeling of separation arises, treat it like a lost puppy that wants to be held, caressed and loved. Hold that feeling in your arms so fully, and experience the pain it’s going through.  Yet don’t believe that these feelings are real.  They will come and go faster than your next breath of air.  Allow the feelings of separation to totally fill you up, yet don’t buy into their sappy story.  Go at deeply as you can into these feelings and explore where they come from and what real feeling is beneath them.


The more we can adventure into and through our own unconsciousness (our darkness), the more awareness (light) that we bring into the beliefs that say we are separate beings. Once we completely stop avoiding any feelings or fears of being lonely, we will see that underneath it all is a blissful super expansive state of love that feels as if you are truly one with the entire Universe.  This is why loneliness has been bothering you for all this time and would not give up on you.  It’s trying to push you deeper INSIDE yourself, to the core of your being where you’ll re-discover this vast love and consciousness that makes up this entire Universe.


“When we have established conscious oneness with the Absolute, with the Infinite Vast, the everything is part of us.  And how can we be afraid of ourselves?” ~ Sri Chinmoy


Consciously making time to be with yourself is huge.  It happens on it’s own when you start looking forward to enjoying your time connecting with Source.  Being alone is the easiest way to connect with the entire Universe.  Sitting completely still in total silence is the most direct path to finding intimacy with the Divine.  You will be plagued with the generations of thoughts programmed in your subconscious mind, yet after an hour of sitting still, things will settle down and the deep Divine Presence WILL reveal itself naturally.  It has no other choice.


I would like to give you an invitation for the next year of your life.  Stop avoiding being alone.  Stop filling up your time with distractions when you know it’s time for you to go inside.  It’s healthy to spend 1/3 of your time alone, 1/3 with one other in intimate connection, and 1/3 with a group of 2 or more.  Be aware of when you are staying busy or avoiding boredom by reaching for your cell phone, email, internet, TV, food, books, or anything that you love.  When it comes to enlightenment, the key is to relax into our darkness and bring the light of awareness into every desperate attempt we have to avoid being with our Divinity.  The pure state of being is underneath any dark or scary feelings you may have.  Dive directly into the darkness and there you will find freedom from it.  Remember that each moment is a precious opportunity to spend time being with your Divine Nature which is deeply blissful, healing and is simply found by exploring our innermost essence.  


It’s good to know that being alone is not being lonely.  It is not thinking about what you’re missing out on.  It is the most enlightening and empowered place you can discover. The illusion that you are separate from Source cannot continue to fog over your perception when you continuously consciously create quality alone time that you enjoy.  Resting deep in stillness is the path to total true freedom from all future suffering.  Do you need any other reason to make this a priority in your life? Just try it for 21 days and see what happens!


If you’re not used to being alone, when you first sit in silence for even a few minutes your mind may see it as an attack on its typical domination over your life.  The mind will try everything in the book to distract you, and pull on your reigns so it’s back in control.  Just watch the mind from a distance.  Don’t buy into its drama!   Quietly go deep inside and you will soon discover the peace that always resides at the core of our being.  Relax and feel as if you are a droplet in the ocean, merging with each sensation that arises.   Let yourself melt so that you cannot feel where “you” end or begin. 


Live your life as if you will never cease to exist. The truth is the soul never dies, it goes on experiencing life forever in the next dimension.  You can explore what this is like if even for a few precious moments, by letting go and surrendering into a deep meditative space. Explore what it’s like to have no boundaries between you and anything else on this planet.  Feel what it feels like to experience that we are all one divine Ocean of Love.  No matter how far apart we believe we physically are from each other, we are all intimately connected more than the mind can understand. The droplets together are what create the Ocean, they are never separate from it.  Read this article again and again and meditate on this assignment I’ve given you.  Very soon you’ll find it’s literally impossible to feel separate from the Divine again. 

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Jafree Ozwald

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