How to Shift from the Debt Dilemma into the Millionaire Mindset!

How to Shift from the Debt Dilemma into the Millionaire Mindset!

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The journey to financial freedom starts the minute you decide you were destined for prosperity not scarcity – for abundance, not lack.”  ~Mark Victor Hansen

When you think of your financial state, what is the first thing you think of?  Is it the constant struggle to pay off heaping mounds of debt, or are you wondering how you’re going to spend and share the abundant riches you’ll be receiving next month?

 To start manifesting more abundance in your life, start noticing how you think about abundance and how often you visualize yourself having it.  Is abundance some far off dream that only a special few “lucky” ones get to if they work really hard forever?  Or is abundance a way of being, connecting to something higher on your inner world that ultimately manifests into your outer world?  Imagine how a truly generous multi-millionaire thinks about abundance.

What is their relationship to money, debt, and financial challenges?   We’ve studied the mindset of millionaires who are also spiritually rich, and the one thing they all have in common is that they see each moment as an opportunity to bathe in more spiritual, mental, emotional and financial abundance.  The millionaire mindset views money as a friendly, fun, and creative energy that is abundant in this world.

They know that money is a brilliant tool to access new physical experiences in this material world so that they can “play” the game of life full out and at every level. The millionaire’s mindset also contains massive creative energy.  This creativity, however, is not directed towards eliminating debt or digging themselves out of a deep financial hole, but towards putting into action inspired steps that bring them quickly up the awesome mountain peak of total abundant life.

An easy way to raise your manifesting vibration around financial success is to focus continuously on what you are truly thankful for.  The millionaire mindset is characterized by an immense gratitude for all of the amazing ideas, people and things that make up the world.

A truly rich millionaire will spend very little time thinking or worrying about debt or money.  They are sooo jazzed up about and thankful for what they already have, and the plethora of gigantic opportunities that are looming ahead, that they don’t have time to get wrapped up in negative thinking patterns.

“A dollar a day invested at 10% interest becomes a million dollars in 56 years.  In other words, anyone can become a millionaire by investing a dollar per day” ~Mark Victor Hansen

One of the greatest causes of poverty consciousness is focusing on the money you DON’T have instead of how much money you do have or can manifest into your life.  When you focus on lack, as you know, you automatically attract more lack into your life.  When we asked people what their financial dreams were, many said, “I want to get out of debt.”  Now how passionate and upbeat can you truly feel about getting out of debt?  How exciting and motivating is it to think about paying off a credit card?  Anytime you focus on debt or paying off debt, you feel more heaviness and get stuck in an un-inspirational mindset.  This energy does not create more money; it actually leaks energy from you.

While some millionaires leverage other peoples’ money, and thus do have some form of financial debt, they just make a plan to pay it off over time and see the loan as an abundance making tool.  Even if you become a billionaire, you will never feel like a millionaire if you are still focusing on some desperate need to get out of debt.  The point is not whether you have financial debt; the important thing is what you are focusing your divine manifesting attention upon!  What end result can you truly get passionate about manifesting?

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”  ~Marsha Sinetar

Notice how motivated you feel when you focus manifesting a romantic get-away weekend with your lover, a spa day just for you, a vacation to a tropical island, a new car, your dream home, etc…  The thoughts that get you burning with excitement contain the fuel to skyrocket you out and beyond any sizable debt mound that you have.  When you think about doing something that you love doing, your manifesting vibration tends go from dumpsterville to joyville because you can only get passionate about things that are truly exciting!  One powerful secret to take that first step into the millionaire mindset is to get clear on exactly what you WANT, and state your intentions in the past tense that create a feeling of financial prosperity for yourself.

For example:  “On June 2010, I manifested and paid in cash a 2 week vacation to Italy.”  When you focus your manifesting energies on this truly passionate intention, you start attracting more financial abundance which will naturally allow you to eliminate any financial debts you may have.

Remember, you are a divine spiritual being.  You already have a natural feeling of great abundance available inside you!   You can access your natural millionaire mindset by continually taking inspired actions that will create a world you would be truly grateful to be living in.  If you already had billions in the bank, what you would do to contribute to this world?  As you think about what you can give, also incorporate receiving.  The more creative you are about receiving money, the easier it is for the Universe to send it your way.

It’s good to remember that there is an UNLIMITED supply of money in this Universe!  You are not taking anything away from anyone by asking for abundance.  We all have access to this abundance and it is our divine birthright.  This infinite Universe belongs to you, so you can receive as much as you want.  The more crystal clear you are on WHAT you want and what you’re here to contribute, the easier that actual abundance can start flowing your way.

“God does not give you a lick of an ice cream cone without wanting you to have the whole cone.” ~Marshall Thurber

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