How To Shine Your Light Like The Sun!

How To Shine Your Light Like The Sun!Written by Jafree Ozwald

You are a divine radiant being who has sooooo much to offer this world! The Universe has blessed you with a plethora of gifts, talents, and love to shine on everyone.  The question is, "How to access this light and let it shine onto the world?"  To become a beacon of light and love to those around you, simply recognize all of the amazing riches that the Universe has already given you.  First start with thinking about what you DO have instead of what you DON’T have.  What are you truly grateful for in your life today?  Then ask yourself, "Who am I to receive these divine blessings?".  You must already be divine if you are receiving such goodies!  All it takes for you to step into your power is for you to open yourself up and receive what is already being offered to you.

"Some other things are like shooting stars, they shoot bright for a second and then pfft. We are like the sun shining, we shine forever."  ~ Ziggy Marley

Many people are stuck in waiting for something "wonderful" to happen . They just keep wondering when the Universe is going to bless them with that golden lottery ticket.  They spend their lives hoping that something better will come along, and longing for something that will allow them to step into their power and shine like the sun!  It’s time to wake up here.  You have already won the lottery!!  The Universe is your lottery and it is yours for the taking.  It has already given you everything you need to feel loved, full of joy, enthusiasm, and truly successful.  The light inside you is already on and shining for others.  Yet, because you’re not looking at your own light you may be missing it.

Perhaps you may be taking your life for granted or obsessing about the past or future which blinds you from seeing the beauty of your magnificent presence.  Old wounding or traumas can cause clouds to form around the light of your being and tempt you to buy into the propaganda of others’ limiting thinking patterns.  Who you truly are is even more powerful and glorious than the Sun!!  You can manifest anything you desire! The secret to clearing away these clouds of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts INSTANTLY is looking at your simple sweet Divine presence that’s here now.  Yes, at the core of your being resides an internal flame of light, love, and radiance.  Sit with this focus for 5-10 minutes.  It’s worth your time.  This is who you truly are.  It is easy to part the clouds of the mind and see the light at the core of your being.  This will allow others to see the magnificence inside you as well.

“Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.”  ~ Dwight L. Moody

The interesting thing is that the more you pay attention to your inner light and presence, the easier things manifest for you.  The more frequent you let this light shine through, the faster you manifest those amazing things you deeply desire into your physical world.  Just like the Sun has a magnetic field that keeps all 9 planets magnetized to it, so too does your inner sun attract beautiful experiences to you.  The radiant nature of your core is extremely powerful, beautiful, and unstoppable.  When you let it shine on others, they are drawn to you like a moth to a candle flame.  Once this shining power is unleashed, the entire world magically starts conspiring to help manifest your dreams into reality.

You may sometimes dim your inner light as a way of playing small so as to not threaten other beings who are near and dear to your heart.   It’s time to stop playing small, and start playing big.  When you let your inner light shine, and fully step into your power, you automatically empower others to do the same.  One powerful secret to being a guiding light for others is to write down your greatest desires and dreams. Yes, you may have many dreams that you have kept safely locked away, hiding behind the guards of fear and doubt.  You can unlock these dreams and open the door to the magestic wonderland of infinite potentiality!  Behind every hidden dream abides the potential energy to harvest and manifest that specific dream.  Bringing them out to the surface allows the full radiant power of your being to shine its passion and excitement on them.  This also causes your dreams to re-ignite, giving you even more motivation to manifest them. 

Your dreams are a type of fuel which bring your inner fire to shine brighter for yourself and everyone else.  When you let your BIGGEST, craziest, wildest dreams resurface you give others permission to spark up their dreams too!  This causes a mass ignition of everyone’s dreams in the world…leading the planet to a higher state of En-light-enment.  If one by one, we all let our inner light shine brightly for others to see, we create a wave of light that will soon spread across the world and shine as brilliantly as the sun.  Shining your light proudly and brightly for all to see is the surest and fastest way to enlightened the world around you.  So let’s all take off our lampshades, and let everybody see how truly brilliant and magnificent we are.   

"And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."  ~ Marianne Willamson

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May you easily and effortlessly let your brilliant light shine!Jafree Ozwald

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