How to Spiritually Motivate Yourself into Inspired Action

How to Spiritually Motivate Yourself into Inspired ActionBy Jafree Ozwald

Do you find yourself trying to get excited about your life or a project that you’re doing and feel ridiculously unmotivated? While you may know that the most important goal of life is to ENJOY the ride, you may have forgotten on the way how to do that. In this super hectic and busy age it can be easy to feel trapped, lethargic and stuck spinning our wheels just trying to get through the day. We can get entangled in "getting things done" and hypnotized into achieving some future end result while forgetting to enjoy the experiences we having right now. If you find yourself drowning in busy-ness or some hum-drum whirlpool of stuckness that is not jazzed with excitement about your future, you may need a little perspective "tune up" on the inside.

"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then the victory is yours; it cannot be taken from you."  ~Buddha We’d first like you to take a few minutes to think about what gives you excitement, motivation and energy in your life. If you cannot come up with anything, think about what used to give you energy in your past. When you were young what was it that made you want to get out of bed in the morning and felt like you were jumping up and down with a big "YES YES YES!!"?  Now whatever this was may not be what excites you now, yet the more often you think about these old feelings and let them resurface, the more you allow yourself to expand that NEW EXCITING FEELING within. The more often you welcome these feelings that make you say YES, the higher you raise the frequency of your body/mind and open the doorways to seeing your own soul. When you make time to bathe in these liberating expansive feelings throughout your day, you will naturally move into what we call natural inspired action. "You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." ~Martin Luther King, Jr. True inspired action is simply living your life from a more spiritual vantage point. This means you’ve got one foot in the world of FEELING the bigger spiritual picture of your life, and the other foot on the physical ground where you’re at. To start spiritually motivating yourself into inspired action today begins with seeing that you are already a divine infinite spiritual being in a human body. Within this context we want you to know that as a spiritual being you have the power inside you to manifest miracles in your life if you wish. When you take any action in the world from this "spiritualized" perspective you start to experience a lot more energy.  You realize that everything you do is part of a much larger journey and you stop taking your life so seriously!  You can step back from your worries and choose to have FUN doing anything and everything you want. Yes, even doing the dishes and laundry can become an in-spirational event when your mind is connected to this larger metaphysical perspective. "Activity is not achievement. It is not enough to rush about beginning a lot of things and keeping busy. A well-spent life is one that rounds out what it has begun." ~Eknath EaswaranIf you notice the word "inspired" more closely you’ll see that it stems from the words "In Spirit". Living IN SPIRIT means that you are connecting with that which emanates from the divine infinite prescence (or your spirit or soul). One simple way to determine if you are connecting with spirit in your actions is to notice if you feel expansive when you are taking action. If you can feel your heart or chest opening and expanding, your soul is saying "yes" to whatever you are doing!  If, on the other hand, you feel contracted, smaller and imprisoned, you are not seeing the truth that you live in a boundless infinite Universe with unlimited possibilities and are still operating from a place of fear or ego. Learning how to trust in taking inspired actions is about following your heart. It doesn’t mean that you stop doing everything that you don’t like doing (like the dishes) and go on a permanent vacation from your life; it means doing what is essential everyday and doing it consciously and lovingly. What’s the purpose of manifesting your dream life in the future if you’re not enjoying the journey to get there? Learning how to consciously manifest your desires with JOY means you are recognizing that we all are much more than just physical beings living in a physical world. As you increase your awareness of this infinite divine spiritual being that you already are you will attract your greatest dreams much easier and faster! As you learn how to explore your daily actions from this more expansive awareness you’ll find the positive energy grows and is reflected back in everyone around you."Enlightenment is all about a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance – what else is there to do?" ~ OshoBelow are 3 easy steps that will get you LIVING in Inspired Action today:#1 Make "Living In Spirit" Your Driving Force!Deepen your commitment to seeing the bigger spiritual picture of your life. When you decide to take any action, let yourself feel what would it be like if you had an INFINITE amount of time to complete this action.  Truly take the time to feel this eternal feeling…its well worth your time!  If you cannot make this leap then visualize you are doing your action and then imagine what kind of spiritual growth you COULD experience from it. If you are used to taking action from a place of "I should do this" or "I have to do this" you will only create a lower vibrational experience which attracts more stuckness in your life. So amke all your actions a choice.  Before you take any action, look inside and determine if you are consciously choosing to do this action and are coming from a deeper place where your action can FEEL connected to a divine loving infinite source of energy. #2 Jump on an Inspired Action the Instant it arrives!When you FEEL inspired to do something, start doing it!! The Universe is made of pure energy and the moment you feel this exciting creative energy run through your body its the entire Universe calling you into inspired action in that moment!  Sometimes you may find yourself doing 10 different inspired tasks randomly, yet if each task is coming from an excited, alive and creative space you’ll find yourself ENERGIZED at the end of day and more eager to complete your tasks tomorrow. If there is something that has to get done today, stop and meditate on how you’d like to FEEL after you’ve completed it. When you consciously invest your energy into something you pump up your energetic state to a higher level. The more energy you have running through your body, the more excited you will be to do every project, and the easier you will naturally move into a multitude of inspired actions throughout your day. #3 Focus Focus and Focus!Getting totally unstuck from an unconscious lethargic pattern actually requires that you dramatically shift your focus ON what you want and OFF of what you don’t want. When you redirect your focus onto something that inspires your soul, you will soon completely change your energy and vibration. Your mind is like a super power tool when its energy is harnessed in one direction. It can create massive waves of progress and receive divine spiritual benefits down the road.  If you allow your mind to wander off into uninspired territories, you tend to put the brakes on your vibration and can even throw your energy into reverse!  If on the other hand, you continuously refocus your mind on what you are inspired by, your mind will support you in getting you off of your duff and into inspired action. Two important elements to keeping your mind focused are:1) Doing a daily meditation practice2) Creating a specific and simple plan of daily inspired actions. The act of meditating is really not an "action", it is a way of simply being present which trains the mind to stay in the now. When you meditate, you want to gently bring your mind back from its useless worrying & wanderings and get back into the present moment where the REAL inspired action lives. The more you simply practice, "Being Here Now", the easier the mind will remain focused on what is exciting for you.

To start meditating now, relax your focus on your breath, on a andle flame or even the sounds of nature. Relax…your mind does well with a specific path of action to follow which is simply relaxing.  If you don’t relax the mind you lose strength of its capacity to remain still.  The mind will wander where it can and especially likes to get caught in states of indecisiveness. This is when you want to relax even more into every cell throughout your body. By being strong with your mind, your body will follow this strength inside and chart a course for an inspired life of success!! Just make sure you don’t force the mind. Treat it as if you are taking it on a gentle walk in the park and watch out for those plans that feel as if you are about to climb 100 Mount Everests. In your daily action plan create baby steps towards your long term goals and you’ll find yourself having the time and energy to dive into the spiritual being that you are along the way."Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough is true security to be found." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh November 20% SAVINGS Manifesting Session Sale!! Receive a 45 minute personal coaching/manifesting session over the phone with Margot or Jafree for only $97 and instantly download the 90 Day Manifesting Program for FREE!  Sales ends November 18th and time slots could fill up quick! Get focused on manifesting techniques and principles to create a life that you love!!  We will hold you accountable for manifesting it, so it’s time to get into action and start manifesting the life you want today at:

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