How to Spiritually Motivate Yourself to Exercise

How to Spiritually Motivate Yourself to Exercise   
By Jafree Ozwald  

“From pain comes strength. From the negative comes the positive.  Relish in this strength.  Nurture it.  It will take you through the great fire…and pull you up to the high path.” ~Babaji

One of the most fundamental aspects of manifesting the life of your dreams is having an unlimited source of energy at your disposal.  This means your body can be operating physically, emotionally and mentally at its peak!  There is nothing so powerful and quick to raise your energy levels than to pump a plethora of oxygenated blood through your heart and brain.  It truly instigates an enlightening experience of life as your mind and consciousness are no longer allowed to hang out in the land of lethargy.  When your favorite music is pumping loud, your joy valve is blasting open, you feel unstoppable!  You have just discovered one of the most powerful, obvious and yet valuable secrets to skyrocketing your manifesting abilities.

Many of us Earthlings have found (or are seeking) a positive enjoyable cozy nest of an experience in life, which allows us to relax inside ourselves and not have to fret about where our income, housing or food is going to be found.  We all love to find our ultimate comfort zone where we can melt away and totally dissolve. Into the couch, bed or dining room we want to let go of all doing, actions and the things we need to or “should” be doing in life.  Yet, there comes a point in one’s spiritual journey where the nice easy lazy lifestyle feels as if we’ve sunk deep into the couch’s cushion crevice, and cannot escape from its cozy grasp.  If years go by in this slouching position you better start running! You’ll see motivation dwindle, then gratitude for life depreciate, and then divine inspiration becomes nearly non-existent, this is when the earliest stages of depression start settling in.   This is day when you’ll want to initiate your daily morning exercise routine.  If not, you may receive a bigger wake up call when they transport you over onto the sticky wheelchair at your local hospice.

Everyone is motivated by fear and love. People are afraid of what will happen if they don’t do what they know they should be doing, and they are also motivated by doing what they love doing, getting super excited about how they will feel, think and look in the future.  My biggest recommendation is to find out what motivates you on both extremes so that your “excuse saboteur” cannot sneak in and take you out the back door.

Whenever we spend an excessive amount of time sitting or horizontal, we can fall into an even deeper laziness vibration, then getting the manifesting engines started again becomes oh so challenging.  If you’re on the verge of falling into your couch (or just have a half a cheek tucked in) you will want to discover what truly motivates you personally in life, what makes your heart sing sooooo loud they everyone in the Universe can hear you.  This is what it will take to springboard out and up onto the sacred paths of exercise. 

 There are sooo many benefits to exercising you’d need 2000 books to explain them all.  Your body needs and wants to pant, breathe deeply and get the blood and breath a moving everyday.  It would be foolish to ignore all these reasons, yet most of all you will feel unstoppable in your mind, relationships, finances, job, health and love life.  Exercising gives you super energy because your body “believes” you are requiring more than normal to get up that hill. So it intelligently creates an extra backup supply for you to use.  There are loads of endorphins blasting through your entire system that make you giggle with elation for life!

The chemicals that are released when you get the blood really pumping are life changing, and these can make you feel “high” about your life, as if you were floating through all your challenges on a billowy cloud.  Each time you bring your body into sweat you release all sorts of toxins from pollution found in unfiltered water, smog, negative emotions, and pesticides in your food.  Not to mention those you choose to put in willing for whatever reasons. With fewer toxins in your body you will think more clearly and start to feel like the most loved rock star in the world again!

 The first secret for naturally motivating yourself to reach optimum health is to go on a 3 day distilled/purified water fast and stop putting toxic substances into your body.  These anti-motivating drugs include nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceutical and all other drugs alter your natural euphoric state of being. After two to three days of purifying your body, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking water instead of doing your favorite chemical of choice, think about how good those natural endorphins feel!  Compare the difference!  Sit very still for as long as you can in one position and you’ll feel a purity of thought like non-other, a sudden surge of energy pour through you.  This is energy to use for taking your body, mind and spiritual path to the next peak level. 

There are many hibernators and “meditators” in caves out there who may want to use this extra energy to dive deeper into their spiritual journey.  This is wonderful and highly recommended, and yet they always find that the spiritual yacht they are sailing on will contain many more luxuries, taller sails, a bigger rudder, stronger mast, a deeper keel and an all around sturdier boat for the big journey to reach the land of enlightenment.  The mind and body behave as one.  So all you truly need is a warrior like mind that is flexible and strong and capable of reaching the Mt. Everest of consciousness.  We cannot expect a dilapidated sailboat to make it across the Pacific with a wimpy rudder that breaks off along the way.  Exercising your body strengthens your mind, and this helps you immensely to show your ego who is truly in charge.

If you’re someone who has a great Godzilla of an exercise saboteur inside, and just cannot get the courage to do anything differently, please don’t give up.  There is a sweet little trick you can do to trick your mind into enjoying the easy discipline and power of exercise.  Find out what your favorite treat is in life.   What is that one thing you truly love to do that you makes you go crazy.  No matter what it is, or how unhealthy it may be for you, allow yourself to have it AFTER you have done a week of exercise in a row.  Make this sacred commitment with yourself in a special way that you absolutely cannot break it, and let yourself get excited about whatever it is that makes your heart go pitter pat!  You may be surprised how that lazy gremlin inside you is motivated to get out into life and moving with pride again.

Whatever exercises you choose, just make sure that you incorporate some stretching and/or gentle warm-up movements before AND after your sweaty workout.  This will ensure that you don’t manifest an injury and you’ll tap into the greatest power and use of your muscles.  It’s good to switch it up so that you are exercising yourself intensely every other day and getting your heart beat really moving.  A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not breaking a sweat, you haven’t started exercising yet.  If your heart rate is not up and you’re not breaking a sweat you’re missing the real benefits and might as well pull out that rusty old lounge chair.  Break a sweat for 2 minutes and you’ll discover one of the greatest things about exercising, which is how amazing you’ll feel after it is done!  The jubilant elated feelings from your natural endorphin chemical release catapults you into higher dimensions of consciousness where you can start knowing how to manifest everything you want in life with effortless ease.

The motivation to get your body moving this week may be the most amazing discovery of your life.  Sit with the question of what truly motivates me for the next 24 hours; look inside your heart and see where your courage comes from to become your greatest possible self.  Remember, life is all about living out your greatest possible dream.  Not settling for something that is not totally blissed out!  As you increase your energy you will stop having to motivate yourself. Your energy will start to naturally motivate you!

  After you get over the first initial hump to getting out the door and getting on your new workout outfit, you’ll see that it becomes something you look forward to each day and you may find yourself missing your sweaty routine even if you should skip a day.  This is one of the greatest techniques to awaken that sleeping giant within you! 

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Living at this higher vibration will allow you to effortlessly manifest what you truly desire!  Enjoy tapping into the power available within you!  Remember… your life is meant to be a FUN enlightening adventure!!

Sending lots of love, laughter and healing,
Jafree Ozwald

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