How to Start Feeling Enlightened Today!

How to Start Feeling Enlightened Today! By Jafree Ozwald For the next 24 hours, entertain yourself with one simple concept.  Everything is an emanation of the mind.  Yes, everything!  This one simple truth will awaken you completely.  Hold onto this thought for even 2 consecutive minutes and you’ll instantly start feeling lighter, freer and clearer on the inside.  Abiding in this one little thought will completely enlighten you, and by enlightening yourself you are contributing to the enlightenment of this planet.

"When one’s own true nature is known, then there is being without beginning and end. It is unbroken awareness bliss."  ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

The 2nd idea I’d like you to explore is… no matter what is happening in your outer world, in the media, in your family’s conversation, at work, etc….it is ALL happening for one reason.  To awaken you to realizing that You are a Divine Super Powerful Conscious Manifesting Being.  As you may have noticed since the turn of the millennium, there are quite a few wild, insane, and sometimes gruesome events that you’re being exposed to.  Think of these events as "fertilizing gifts" that push you to grow, stretch deeper inside and discover more love, lightness, compassion and your REAL mission here.  As a society, we have been unaware of the profound ancient Truth that We are all Divine Super Powerful Conscious Manifesting Beings for soooo many centuries that we may need something quite radical and monumental to shake us from our deep slumber.  So whenever something of this world scares you, remember that it is a gift from The Universe meant to help you wake up and realize this divine truth today.

"Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. Answers are dangerous, they kill your wonder." " ~ Osho

It’s good to know that we are a deeply interconnected network of beings on this planet and when enough people are living in a higher state of mind, whether it is relaxed, at peace, in love or enlightened, then the 100th monkey effect will take place.  This means that this higher elevated consciousness will exponentially spread throughout everyone on the entire planet!  In a matter of milliseconds all 6.5 billion people will spontaneously feel lighter, freer and more at peace for no apparent reason at all.  Remember, that this life is not about satisfying your ego for that would only bring a temporary happiness. You are here to connect deeply with the minds, hearts and souls of this entire planet and experience being one family of love and light.  Do this and you’ll raise your consciousness to the highest peak.

"Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary." ~ Osho

When you make these spiritual explorations #1 in your day, you will experience amazing things.  This radically alive lifestyle is a constant choice that you consciously make BEFORE you start your day.    If you found these experiences above have assisted you in feeling more enlightened in some way, great job!!  Keep doing them all week long.  And if you would like to learn more about this enlightening approach to live, visit our website and download our program instantly at

Sending you many enlightening feelings your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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