How to Stop Shoulding on Your Partner

How to Stop Shoulding on Your Partner

Does your intimate relationship ever get rocky?  Do  you ever judge your partner as being wrong about what they think, say or believe?  We’ve found that judging your partner will stop you from manifesting the relationship of your dreams, and the first secret to dropping your judgments is to learn how to break out of the old habits of “shoulding” on your partner.  The exercise below is especially designed to help you stop the old habit of judging others in your relationships.

1. Uncover the “shoulds” in your relationship. What “shoulds” are in your present relationships?  Become aware of your “shoulds” and the power you are giving them. Every time you feel angry or upset at somebody, a "should" is running the show. 

Here are some common "shoulds" in intimate relationships:

– He or she should be more loving.- He or she should make more money.- He or she should love me more.- He or she should be more intimate.- He or she should work harder around the house.

2. Make a list of all the “shoulds” you have about this person.  After you have an EXTENSIVE list of all the shoulds, go through each one and see how they are all about you!  Notice that every “should”, which is directed towards your partner, is disguised as a part of your life your “should” be improving yet are avoiding.  Really look at yourself.  This is the most profound and the hardest work in this exercise.  Notice that anytime you “should” on someone it is ALWAYS about YOU! 

3.  Change the wording in the “should” statement.  Take each “should” statement from the list, and change “they should” to “I want to” “I will” or “I am going to”.  For example if your judgment is, “He should be more loving”, ask yourself the question, “How can I be more loving?” and write down the new empowered commitment, behavior and attitude you want to implement in your life beside it.  For instance, “Every time I start judging how my husband avoids cleaning the house, I will send him light and love.

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