How to Stop Striving and Start Thriving!

How to Stop Striving and Start Thriving!By Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald Do you find yourself struggling to survive your day instead of enjoying and relishing each moment you are alive?  Are you living a life where you are passionately doing what you MOST love to do everyday?  If not, look at the compromise you have made with yourself, and the limiting beliefs you have bought into that say you "need to" or "have to" do this to survive.  You can choose to do what you love to do and can even make more money at it than what you are currently doing.  We are not meant to do something we don’t love doing.  There are thousands of other possible experiences than just this ONE thing you think you should do for your entire life.  The more experience you have, the more rich, mature and wise you become.  Say YES to new experiences!  This is what thriving in life is all about! Striving is an energy we were taught at a very early age that says that if we work hard and continue to persist, we will eventually arrive at some amazing destination.  The dictionary’s definition of the word for striving is "to exert much effort or energy".  Anytime you exhert effort, you are blocking your ability to receive what you want.  The truth is that you have already arrived. You are already whole and complete and do not need to strive to become somebody else.  Sure you will grow in life, just like an oak tree grows to 150 feet tall from a 6 inch sapling on its own.  It doesn’t struggle to be the biggest tree in the field.  It simply lets nature take its course.  Growing happens naturally on its own when you are relaxed, open, and present to each moment and experience in life.   There are many people who continue striving to get somewhere in their life or to become "somebody".  If you have been trying for years to arrive at being this "great somebody" the next question is to ask, "when are you going to arrive?"  What are you trying to become that you believe will create more happiness than what is available right now?  The truth is when you truly give up trying to become someone and relax, you instantly arrive!  All this trying to become someone new is just saying you are now O.K. with who or what you are now.  There’s a hidden judgment about yourself that says you’re just not "good enough".   By trying to become someone new you will only create the habit of trying to become someone new forever.  This is the life of perpetual struggle and suffering.  Don’t do it.  Let go of trying to become ANYBODY special and start realizing the amazing divine being you already are right now. Right now, let go of your need to become better, richer, healthier, more pure, powerful, loving, organized, loved, or more spiritual.   Relax into who and what you are right now.  The Divine is always here now.  Striving only makes you think it’s in the future  The mind plays such serious games, and will make you think your efforts are for something "good" and positive, yet the basic energy of striving contains the foundation of struggle, lack, and no self-love or self-acceptance at its core.  Start BEING the perfect God-being you already are and relax!  Enjoy the life you are living today!  All striving and efforting just stirs up more mental dust and covers up the divine perfect consciousness inside.  Striving to become someone or something other than who you are is just another unfulfilling program from your past that you will have to unlearn someday.  Transcend your conditioning by letting go of all efforting to become "someone" this week, and let the effortless flow of your divine energy and what you are truly passionate about live its life through you! You already have what it takes to truly enjoy your life right now.  You don’t need xyz so that you can smile, laugh, and be in love.  Thriving is already inside of you.  All it takes is shifting your focus inward instead of outward.  When you refocus inward through meditation, you can connect with your Divine essence and realize that there is an infinite source of energy and creativity available inside you RIGHT NOW!  The more you accept where and who you are, the more you can tap into your inherent manifesting energy and start to truly thrive in the world.    Learn techniques and exercises to drop struggle, survival consciousness, and striving from your life forever in The 90 Day Manifesting Program at: Many blessings to you,

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