How to Tap Into An Abundance of Peaceful Thoughts

How to Tap Into An
Abundance of Peaceful Thoughts

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“In truth, you are spirit. “The body has been projected by the mind, which itself originates from Spirit. If the wrong identification ceases, there will be peace and permanent, indescribable bliss.” ~Ramana Maharishi

 The greatest secret in life is knowing how to be completely at peace no matter what occurs.  This takes mastery, yet is also easy enough for any teenager to do.  When you are living fully in this real 3D world, truly open, honest and intimate with others, you will be forced into a deeply discover of peace.  The secret is knowing how to be completely non-attached to whatever you find because again everything is an emanation of the mind.  This world is real and unreal, its like a 3D dream. 

An overflowing abundance of peace, love and prosperity consciousness is inside you at the core of your being.  There is no need to look outside your body for it. Everything on the outside is a distraction from this Source. This discovery is the golden path to the ultimate life, and it is found instantly by making the simple decision to look within.  Not just a glance here or there, yet a constant looking.  An introspection that bubbles moment to moment with inquisitive curiosity.  Be constantly curious about yourself and you’ll soon discover how to get beyond the traffic of your mind.

When you look inside yourself, know that there is nothing to be afraid of, all you’ll find are thoughts.  Is ALL a bunch of thoughts.  Everything you experience is made up of thoughts.  The only reason you suffer (ever) is because you forget these thoughts are not real.  When you get attached to them, they seem real, yet are not.  Attach only to what’s real and all suffering fades away.

It’s good to remember that this thought you’re thinking now is merely an electric impulse bursting in between your ears.  Now its gone and a new one has arrived!  It is a constant continual flow.  When you try to hold onto any one of these bursts its like forcing yourself to hold your finger on an electric fence.  Simply let go and look towards where the Source of Energy these all these thoughts are coming from??  Only from discovering the roots can you understand the tree.

If you want to take the super fast track to deep inner peace, try this out; stop doing everything how you normally do it and simply practice “Letting Everything Be As It Is” as you’re doing what you normally do.  This will help you to look with gentle eyes on yourself, the world and everyone in it.  Be quick to accept yourself and others, and be very slow to criticize.  Try to understand others instead of needing them to understand you. Let go of having to be right, and choose instead to be free!  Practice just what you’ve read in this one paragraph today and you’ll feel the dramatic change begin to occur.

“Love and centering are one phenomenon, they are not two. If you have known love, you cannot be anything but centered. The very experience of love will make you centered.” ~Osho

 When you go on this inner quest, looking deep inside yourself, choose to be wild, free and unguarded.  This is the only way you’ll be able to unravel yourself.  See what is truly beneath your socialized conditioning.  Don’t stop at the mental chatter your mind regurgitates. Conditioning from childhood is deep and has created many “contractions” inside the body that you are not aware of.  This unawareness is what perpetuates the flow of negative challenging thoughts and feelings.  The only way to freedom is to bring total awareness to these hidden parts.  The best way to find your hidden contracted parts is to engage deeply in every relationship you have, especially the ones you’re the most afraid of.

Be deeply intimate with everyone. This is the only way you can intimately know yourself and discover all your hidden parts.  Once you get to know yourself, you’ll feel this ever-flowing current of stillness at your very core. This stillness arises from doing nothing.  Focus on no-thing as much as you can.  This life is not about accomplishing anything, it’s about discovering your very enlightened nature, which is something you already are.  How can you accomplish something you already are?  Now you can understand why soooo many spiritual seekers easily get confused. 

 Only when you can be intimately open, unguarded, with everyone will you find total peace within.  It’s not hard to do, its actually quite FUN!  Yet first you must truly dive into this core essence of you, through the muck in your mind, into the vast deep presence.  Only from this space will you find peace with everything and everyone in this world.  This experience is always available, if you are open, willing and available to the Universe.  That’s why practicing being unguarded is so profound.  It allows you to intimately touch the entire Creation.

 Life changing peace happens instantly when you realize again and again and again that you’re an eternal being who cannot die.  An infinite soul who is ever-presently aware, and lives behind this rollercoaster ride of thoughts rolling through your mind. Whatever your mind is thinking about, thinks is vastly important, is constantly worrying about is simply not worth getting caught up in. This eternal being inside you is much bigger and better than any thought or experience you will ever have. Focus on that, because what you focus on, energizes, grows, and expands! 

What are you afraid of?  Deep ever-lasting peace happens when you can approach your fears with an authentic smile.  When you can look each fear in the face and say, “Thank You” with love in your heart, you’ve mastered it.  Take on each fear as if it was your long lost brother who has strayed from home.  Simply point it back to the light of your being, where pure stillness resides. It’s contracted non-relaxed state will dissolve in time.

Your 24 Hour Assignment: For the next 24 hours from now, remember that you are inherently good. There is nothing bad, wrong, or evil about you.  Your thoughts are not a reflection of who you are.  Passing clouds cannot change the vastness of the sky. Turn your attention inside towards your natural state of goodness.  This is not something you’re good at, or something you did that was “good” (if you can write it down, it can disappear so it does count). This goodness is this eternal consciousness that abides in the eternal gap between your thoughts.

 P.S.  Remember…this “goodness” that you naturally are is permanent.  There’s nothing you can do about it.  Your purpose is to discover it, respect it, honor it and share it so that you can know it.  Knowing your inherent permanent goodness brings about an unstoppable joy.  Experiencing this joy brings a taste of total freedom.  Knowing yourself as this unbounded joy filled freedom is the gateway to bliss and absolute inner peace.  Have fun!!!!

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Jafree Ozwald

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