How To Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential

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How to Tap Into your Unlimited Potential  

By Jafree Ozwald

“You are the all-pervading, all-transcending Reality so behave accordingly.” ~ Nisargadatta

Throughout your entire life you were programmed by the system to believe that you were limited in power, intelligence, and energy.  Everyone around you believed they were limited too, so they unconsciously passed on their limited understanding of life to you. They didn’t do it purposely, your parents truly thought they didn’t always have access to an infinite source of love, abundance, healing, and joy which is why they may have behaved less than unconditionally loving with you.

Now that you are a more mature enlightened adult, the most important thing for you to realize (with all your heart and soul) is that you are infinite spiritual being with unlimited potential. You are the light of pure consciousness itself, and this divine energy is unlimited in its potentiality. It can create, imagine and experience anything!  And it is connected to a higher intelligence and love that is much much greater than you.  When you realize this truth, you surrender to it and gain access to manifest anything you can imagine.  With accepting and embracing this one simple idea all throughout your day, many miraculous things will begin flowing into your life.

There was a fascinating science experiment done on fleas many years ago that is a great example of how people can be tricked into believing they are small limited beings.  Fleas have the ability to jump 200 times the size of their body, meaning they can leap about 13 inches into the air.  So they took a group of fleas and placed them into a closed jar that was only a few inches tall.

Every time the fleas would jump, they’d hit the glass lid with their heads and fall back down to the bottom of the jar.  They quickly learned that there was a glass ceiling in their life, and they simply could not jump higher than a few inches.  After a few weeks they took the young fleas out of the jar and placed them on the ground where the fleas continued to jump only a few inches high.  They learned that their powers were limited, and believed the glass ceiling was still above their heads.

Chances are very high that every person you have met in your life has lived their entire life with a glass ceiling over their head. This has made you believe that that you also have a glass ceiling, or that you should have one and fit in like everyone else!  The deeper truth is that the spiritual being you are does not have any limitations and will never have one.

On the road to realizing your unlimited potentiality be very aware of that imaginary glass ceiling. It often feels like an emotional and mental roadblock.  There are belief systems you didn’t even know you had, where you fight to keep your smallness instead of letting go and trusting that you are an eternal being who has unlimited access to all the power, energy and intelligence you could ever desire.

“Pleasure or pain are aspects of the mind only. Our essential nature is happiness. But we have forgotten the Self and imagine that the body or the mind is the Self. It is that wrong identity that gives rise to misery. ~ Ramana Maharshi

The only reason anyone becomes super serious, overwhelmed, or worried about their life is because they are lost in the mind. They simply forgot how to access their soul and its enlightened infinite energy.  Once you get a glimpse (a few milliseconds is all you need) you gain insight into the unlimited power that you are. In one moment you completely shatter your imaginary glass jar.

In one moment of your life you can break free. You can understand that you are unstoppable. You can feel that everything you want is easily manifested!  This may be a hard concept to understand until you take off the lid and stop buying into the belief system that you are limited in any way.

This higher path is about redefining yourself as a being who is undefinable. You have an unlimited imagination and infinite thoughts at your disposal.  Every thought you think counts on this journey. If you attach yourself to one thought that makes you feel poor, small and powerless, one day you’ll have to abolish that thought and have to rip it out from its roots to become the undefinable infinite soul you truly are.

The greatest journey of life is not outwards yet inwards. On this path towards realizing the amazing all powerful manifesting being that we are, we must across the habit to create limiting ideas, just so that we can know what the unlimited is like. Our job is simply to practice releasing them back out into the Universe the moment we find one.

For example, you might have told yourself you were a “victim” to some challenging life circumstance. You may have believed that you were alone, broke, overweight, unable to manifest a great job, unhappy, isolated or financially stuck.  My advice is to welcome these thoughts, understand how they created a limited experience of life, and then let them go. Allow yourself to expand back into the unlimited spiritual being that you are.

Always watch out for the slippery tendencies of the mind. The mind is full of excuses and reasons to remain stuck on limiting ideas about who you are. The mind abhors peace, deep silence and penetrating stillness.  It would rather make up a new lie than surrender to the divine truth. Don’t pay too much attention to the mind, just notice what are the defined limiting beliefs you really want to release from your life.  This is your main job that will lead you into freedom.

It’s good to know that the mind tends to repeat the patterns and habits from your past, so its not your fault that you believe you are limited. Your parents and their grandparents (most likely) had very similar limiting beliefs about life, health, abundance, spirituality and what is the foundation of reality.

To become free from your lineage of mortal beliefs requires your absolute devotion to freedom. You will need 100% dedication to a completely radical and rebellious new you if you wish to break out of this old hard glass jar. Crack through every glass ceiling in your mind and you will find a path that leads to an exquisite love, empowerment and freedom.

“The normal self is the mind. The mind is with limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond limitations, and is reached by investigation into the “I.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Perhaps the biggest joke in all of this, is that at your very core you are already connected to the God Source.  You already have full access to an unbelievable Universe of divine unlimited energy, love, freedom and power.  Its already available to you….right now!  The only question is how to get in touch with this power and remain connected with it throughout your day.  This happens organically and naturally through the process of being curious about who you are.

Self inquiry is all about patiently and persistently unraveling yourself.  This is done by asking yourself sincerely, “who am I?”  Watch your words, your responses, your desires, and notice what thoughts, feelings and beliefs you tend to focus on.  The key is to get quiet enough so that you can really hear what’s going on in your heart and head.

By remaining constantly curious you don’t have time to formulate a limited opinion about yourself.  It’s all about dropping all limited ideas about who you think you are, and explore what it FEELS like to be unlimited!  The curious mind cannot stay stuck in a limiting idea if it arises.   It is here to imagine that anything is possible, and that you can do anything that you can imagine.

Take the next 4 minutes right now to feel what remaining curious is like. Be curious about what it’s like to have no boundaries on what you can do with your life.  Imagine that we just waved a magic wand over the next 3 years of your life, and realize that there is nothing stopping you from creating anything you could ever want, need or desire!  This is all about your willingness to be curious enough to imagine the impossible.  You deserve to live a life filled with absolute love, joy, empowerment, health and abundance.  Yes {name } you do!

“You are the subtle cause of the entire universe. All is because you are. Grasp this point firmly and deeply and dwell on it repeatedly. To realize this as absolutely true is liberation. What you need will come to you.”  ~Nisargadatta

Living as the infinite unlimited being who you are is activated through doing what inspires you every single minute of your day and evening.  Do exactly what makes your heart sing and do not stop acting on this inspired feeling ever!  Make inspiration your God.  Trust 1000% wherever your heart and intuition is leading you.  Do this, and you are already out of the glass jar.

Truly, there is nothing holding you back from having an unlimited experience of life but your own imagination.  Stop doubting the voice inside who is showing you what is the greatest thing you could be doing with your life.  This voice may make you tremble with fear, yet if you drop deeper down inside your being, all fear is excitement in disguise.

 Every fear can turn into the greatest guidance when you consciously step into it. Make the choice to move out of your comfort zone, and shatter that glass ceiling you’re sooooo used to having.  It’s time to abandon all your inhibitions and truly go for what you truly want in life!!  Now is the time to take the risk to step into being the unlimited being who you truly are!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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