How to Transcend Feeling Lost in your Life

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How to Transcend Feeling Lost in your Life   
Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“Care about each and every thing; Don’t make a distinction between the great and the small. Cleaning the floor, do it with deep care, as if it is the body of the beloved.  Each indifferent act becomes a slow suicide, a slow death.  Be overflowing, don’t be a miser.” ~Osho

Life is so short.  Only 70-80 years for most of us and this life is gone.  Have you ever wondered, “what’s the point of it all?”  At some point in this infinite journey around the Sun, each and every one of us will experience a deep sensation of being completely lost.  Yes, this is inevitable. We must all go through the experience of not having a clue which is the best direction for us to be going.  Whether it be your job, relationship, health, family or spiritual path, you are guaranteed to experience a time before you die where you will not have any confidence or certainty in where you’re going or what you’re doing.

When this occurs for you remember my invitation, it is quite simple.  When the sensations of confusion and trepidation flood the brain and make you believe everything is not as it should be, do not resist them.  Simply treat each one as a doorway to the Divine.  Give yourself permission to greet the “lost experience” intimately, as if God was standing on your front porch in the middle of Summer waiting for you with a tall glass of lemonade.  Meet the experience fully and drink it in deeply.  Bend over and kiss the ground it walks on and do not try to change it in any way.

The experience of feeling lost in your life is actually the realm of infinite possibilities in a great disguise.  The Universe is presenting a higher path for you to take and because the old path you were on was worn out and making you lazy.  When life becomes too comfortable we need adventure to take over.  We need to step out and try something new.  The new opportunities awaiting you may cause the mind to “freak out” because it may try to jump on all of them and none of them at once!  You may even fail to see the possibility of just sitting silently all day long, watching the grass grow and listening to the birds sing their song.

The mind is always so busy, so determined, and soooo focused on getting somewhere other than here now.  It actually doesn’t know what it feels like to be truly be here now.  The mind doesn’t understand how feeling lost could actually be your ultimate vacation and final destination from that perpetual work horse the mind is constantly riding.  If you watch the mind vigilantly you’ll see it is always focusing on something. Continuously working 24-7 like a mad machine in a deep habitual addiction to its thoughts and thinking patterns.  If for a moment this machine starts to question its motives, it might make you start thinking that you are off track.  When this occurs, try this little experiment. Pay super close attention to the mind for several minutes, and notice what your goals, desires and priorities are in life.  Write down all these ideas, and yet more importantly write down what will allow you to be at ease even if these needs are not met.

“Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, But of making the darkness conscious! ” ~ Carl Jung

You can find freedom by asking yourself what do you most need to let go of attachment to right now, to feel deeply relaxed and at ease in this very moment?  Explore what belief systems you need to release, and what it feels like to just trust life and be relaxed as you are.  The eternal soul that you are deserves to have this everyday.  When you realize that you are the eternal observer, the pure innocent untainted witness, you will never feel lost again because you’ll know that every juicy moment is a ticket home.

The more you watch the mind, the easier life becomes.  When you can see how it tends to cling to certain ideas and repels others away you stop buying into the drama of it all.  Ultimately, the mind doesn’t have a clue where to find safety and security in the world.  It simply cannot because the outer world is constantly changing.  The mind simply needs to know how to sit back and be still…and allow for every little thought to pass on through.

There is nothing wrong with the experience of feeling lost, for this is what fuels the spiritual search in the first place.  As you allow yourself to embody the experience of feeling lost it will completely dissolve.  So be totally confused!  Surrender to every which way and possible direction you could be going and eventually it will drive you deep within.  I invite you to approach all confusion, indecision or lost feelings with this sense of divine exploration and curiosity for this will result in real appreciation.  It takes a true master to do this, yet it is not that hard.  Simply surrender your ego’s all too important agenda to the pure joy of exploring every little experience that you have along the way.

“The Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

It’s good to know that the Universe will continuously keep providing you with the experience of feeling lost so that one day you truly give up searching “out there”, and uncover this beloved warm fuzzy home within yourself.  All those moments of indecision and fear are meant to force the mind to stop moving forward, searching backward, and suddenly cause everything to come to a complete stop.  This full stop is the vehicle we all need to transcend the mind and find the spiritual path inside.  This is one of life’s wondrous gifts to help us discover what meditation really is.  Without the experience of confusion we would all be very very lost and confused.

Be cautious of the mind for whenever your mind doesn’t know what you should be doing with your life, it might start making you believe that something is wrong with you.  It may start to judge and condemn you, saying there must be a deep personal issue you need to investigate with a counselor.  The ego starts to become afraid that all its great efforting was for nothing.  It doesn’t want you to do nothing, for you will soon find out that you already have all the answers within you!  The ego-mind doesn’t want to give up being in charge of life, it would rather sacrifice your self esteem than surrender.  Only in deep surrender is there stillness, and the path to opening the heart to total freedom.  It is by going through the fire that we purify and are reborn.

The best path is to use your disbelief and doubt as a doorway to the reveal a deeper truth of who you really are.  Doubt is always our initial guide to finding freedom because it has no objective, agenda or fixed opinion.  It is always wavering, thinking it could be this or that, which forces you to drop deeper into the heart.  When you surrender to it all and drop deep inside you’ll see that trust was always here, inside your heart, as your real guru and guide.

If you can quiet your mind for one minute you can hear what it’s saying to you.  Listening to the heart is easy when you put the world on the back burner.  It just happens on its own when you relinquish all attachment to the end result and give in to the simplicity of being purely here in the now.   Most of us however are so trained and goal orientated that we cannot hear the longing of the heart, and often reject any wobbling experience that may make us feel derailed from our normal path.   It is such a good thing that there are so many distractions in life, otherwise we would be like automatized robots and never discover what the real spiritual journey is about.

Life is such a deep juicy adventure, so do not be afraid of it!   Know that each moment is the sacred source revealing itself to you.  Just be deeply honest and stop hiding your light from the world.  Whatever it is that you really really really want in life can be yours.  The secret is to know how to change your vibration and attitude so that you can receive it.  You must dive beneath the surface, into your innermost being and discover the power that you truly have. Once you bring a halt to the mind chatter you’ll find out what really makes your heart go pitter-pat, and experience every moment of life is taking on the most amazing rich flavor you have ever tasted.  Enjoy!

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Remember, it’s ok to have fun on this infinite journey…

Jafree Ozwald 

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