How to Transcend Perfection

How to Transcend Perfection  By Jafree Ozwald

Have you ever noticed that your mind can get wrapped around this funny little idea that things are not the way they should be?  The mind can easily become attached to the idea that if something is not “perfect”, then you certainly cannot find peace, happiness or even love today.  Perhaps the kitchen is a mess, or there’s a layer of papers on your desk, or your loved one isn’t behaving exactly the way you’d like them to.  Whatever the reason is, whether rational or irrational, the mind can easily get snagged in the thought of needing things to be perfect in order for you to relax inside and feel that everything is perfect exactly as it is. Whenever you start thinking that your life isn’t exactly how it should be, be aware!  The perfection saboteur is lurking close by. 

The big problem with trying to achieve perfection in life is that the mind will never ever be 100% satisfied. It may momentarily believe “perfection” has arrived yet give it 24 hours and it will soon decide that its gone again.   This is because the mind is addicted to desire.  It loves to be the creative master in control of its existence, and have the power to improve upon anything thinking that will allow it to find peace inside.  The mind works constantly, like a rat on a wheel that keeps running after the hanging nugget of cheese.  It may never gets any closer to perfection yet it isn’t aware of this fact because it simply cannot stop running!   The mind is addicted to the thrill of the possibility that one day it will reach its goal and it will be happy! 

The mind is a thinking machine. It is only doing its job to constantly think and think and think about all the many ways it can do, have, become, create, remove, eliminate, and improve upon things.  It is always generating new problems and answers just so that it has something significant to do with its time.  This is a natural phenomena and there is nothing wrong with this.  The problem is that its being highly entertained with solving all these problems and doesn’t know how to step off of the spinning wheel…just yet!

“Outwardness of the mind is suffering…
inwardness is happiness.” ~Ramana

If your mind is caught in an internal race to get the next cheese and has forgotten how to take a vacation from it all, this paragraph will be of great importance to you.  There is an ancient science to finding the land of total peace and satisfaction, and it takes less than an hour to arrive.  As we all know that water needs 100 degrees Fahrenheit to start evaporating, the mind however needs exactly 48 minutes of sitting silently, looking within, doing nothing, before it begins to evaporate as well.  Nobody knows why water boils at 100 degrees exactly, or 32 degrees to freeze, yet this numeric calculation is not important either.  What is important is that it is a scientific fact, and its the same phenomena for centuries has been know that after 48 minutes of sitting like a statue, you will have transcended the mind and found an eternal reservoir of peace within.  

Try it.  You will be amazed!  You have nothing to lose (but your ego).  Simply sit in a chair or down on the floor with your back against a wall and close your eyes.  Get a timer so you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock and look inside yourself for 48 minutes.  Just relax and let go of any tension in your body and just rest deeply inside it.  Relax into your personal connection to Source.  No efforting is required!  This is a divine invitation to discover peace inside you by inviting the ego to learn patience. 

Be aware that the mind will have all sorts of excuses not to do this exercise, or try to bail out in the middle of it, because your ego is terrified of being defeated.  Yes, you will conquer the ego/mind and transcend your suffering on a significant level.  You’ll be amazed at what happens in such a short amount of time.  If you can justify spending 2 hours watching a movie, you surely can take 48 minutes to sit in silence and notice who and what is watching your inner movie.  Soon you’ll become aware of the watcher watching the witnesser, seeing the sea of thoughts flowing by.  When this occurs you’ve just moved one step closer to Nirvana.

Remember, the experience of suffering is optional.  You don’t have to live in doubt, confusion or fear.  Freedom is a personal choice.  You can turn off that highly addictive TV (at least keep it permanently on mute) and take a journey to discover the amazing being inside your inner world.  Sure, you probably won’t see the perfection inside you right away.  You might initially feel that everything seems more unsettling.  Yet, what you’ll discover after your 48 minutes are over you have a glimpse and feeling of true perfection.  You’ll have transcended the ego/mind and discovered a state of oneness with the Universe.  This is a science remember, so you cannot fail.  Meditation is an experience that allows you to know yourself as Divine.  Right now, there is enough curiosity inside you to try out this experiment.  Don’t miss it!  Please make the choice to dive inside for 48 minutes and discover the perfection that is yours.  Enjoy! 

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Enjoy your perfect self today,
Jafree Ozwald

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