How to Transcend Poverty and Manifest Plenty of Money

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How to Transcend Poverty and Manifest Plenty of Money

Written by Jafree Ozwald

  “Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, abundance on every level, and expect you’ll grow spiritually. You are not living by human laws. Expect miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance, and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” ~Eileen Caddy

All of your financial struggles, lack of income, feelings of poverty, and desperate sensations about money can be uprooted, transformed today. Yes, believe it or not, right now you have the power to let go of lack and effortlessly manifest all kinds of abundance around you. That is, if you are willing to release some old habits and try on something completely radical and new? The real questions you may need to ask yourself is, “Have you struggled and suffered enough? Are you ready to create real financial abundance this month?”

From this day on, whenever you feel financially stuck, broke, trapped, or drounding in debt, I invite you to take a few selfish minutes to yourself and explore your thoughts and FEELINGS around this issue. I’ve created a powerful financial freeing exercise below, which is guaranteed to help you shift out of poverty consciousness and start feeling financially free! Just follow this enlightening exercise below for the next 21 days. You’ll see right before your eyes how the financial challenge you thought was permanently in your life, is now subject to a massive positive change.

As always, the very first step towards deep transformation begins with being radically honest with yourself. To do this, start with feeling into your hard core personal intimate struggles with money. Look to where your financial tension stems from in your body. Ususally its in the solar plexus or heart area. If you think your money problems are coming from your head, you’ll need to drop a little deeper inside. Our financial blocks abide in that special emotional place that is rarely explored, typically avoided and always guarded. This is the real reason why financial problems keep showing up and manifesting in our lives.

The main goal of this enlightening exercise is simple. Allow yourself to feel into this area of uncomfortable financial tension in your body for 3 full minutes. Set a timer and time yourself, and if your mind gets distracted then start over. Go sooooo deep into your uncomfortable feelings that you pierce all the way through it and into the core of where it is originating from. This is the key to liberating it from its stuck pattern.

If this task seems daunting to you, then you might pretend you are an adventurous explorer who just found a new crystal cave that no one has ever seen before, or act as if this whole financial thing was some monopoly game!  Just feeling into it and RELAXING with it is the secret key. Take your inner light inside and look all around. What do you see? When you feel into this tight tense fearfully dark place listen for any messages coming from it. What is it saying to you? Do everything you can to relax into the experience and listen for 3 full minutes.

If you do this first step correctly, you will tap into some negative thoughts and feelings about money. Great, we found the goldmine! Now, the next step is to transform it. Begin with typing out or writing all these negative thoughts down! Get them out of your body. After you’ve written down your negative thoughts, go back and write out the opposite positve message after it or on another piece of paper. This step will reformat your consciousness and retrain your brain for new financial success. Remember that listening to and feeling into our pain is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we need to suffer so that we start caring about ourselves more to grow make a bigger spiritual change.

True transformation usually happens when we are tired of struggling month after month, year after year (and lifetime after lifetime), and finally we just decide to do something differently. We start to think differently, take on a new attitude about life, and become more aware of our thoughts. We become very very careful about what we choose to believe in and think is reality. We simply decide to choose a new reality instead of think we are stuck in an old one. When we become conscious and devoted enough to ourselves, we will choose a joyful positive thinking pattern that simply makes us feel good!

If you practice alot and can relax deeply and completely into this core financial stuck feeling in your body, in time you will receive some experience of a release. You may not understand what happened, yet your mind will suddenly begin creating new ideas about your financial issue all on its own! We are naturally positive enlightened beings and when we release the stuck feelings we are harboring inside, the natural creative flow just takes over on its own.

The more often you can practice relaxing with and into any fear or tension that arises inside you, the better you’ll get at doing it. The divine creativity wants to take over and begin flowing large amounts of money into your life. Trust it. Trust that your heart will be inspired to initiate new creative ideas towards the world to create money, and let this trusting flow naturally take over.

 I find that the truly amazing gift that comes with this exercise is not all the extra income in your bank account, yet that other aspects of your personal life shift for the better. You’ll find that your love life, sex life, relationships with friends and family, will all improve from doing this financial release as well. It’s good to know that any dark personal issues that you have can be brought up into the light to be transformed with this exercise. If we are truly willing to face, embrace and relax deep enough into the darkness, our natural abunant light of being will automatically shine through.

“You will feel like a failure until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ”clicks.” ~Florence Scovel Shinn

The next step in completely removing any type of poverty from your life forever, starts on the most subtle levels of our awareness. The golden key word here is awareness, and the secret is looking into what is aware. The manifestion of all financial struggle begins with an over-identification with the thought, “I AM”.  This I AM is the physical foundation and home where all our awareness lives.

When we take a long good look around this “I AM”, we may find we are clinging to beliefs and convictions about money. They might sound like, “I AM always broke. I AM always working and just getting by.  I AM too busy and have no time.  I AM stuck in this job and should just try to enjoy it here. I AM all alone and nobody out there wants to help me. I AM too lazy and don’t care about making money . I AM not going to let money run my life.  I AM just not educated enough to make plenty of money.”  These type of beliefs are what creates poverty consciousness and the manifestation of it in our world.

 Anytime we listen to a negative financial message that begins with, “I AM”, we can notice the FEELING of tension begins showing up in our body. This tight tense fear based energy is the thing that is manifesting all of our financial challenges. All poverty begins with our identitification around this “I AM” belief system. When we can become highly aware of what we connect into our I AM, we can then choose to follow any I AM thought with a positive message. In time with practice we will feel the truth in each thought and soon manifest a new positive situation in our lives.

Whenever we’re first shifting out of an old negative habit is the best time to be the most fierce and vigilant with the mind.  In the beginning we might feel sooooo deeply buried in financial despair that we cannot imagine what it feels like to be financially free.  If this is you, it’s ok to fake it until you make it, or pretend it until you transcend it. Imagine that you just won the lottery, or can easily pay your bills. Visualize everyday that money is magically coming to you in all sorts of crazy ways!  Be wildly inventive and even believe that you just joined the Universe’s special team of truly abundant people!

 When you think, feel and believe that your financial situation has permanently shifted in a positive direction…it will!  The mind is extremely powerful and it is responsible for what you manifest (and don’t manifest) in this physical world. When you imagine that you are doing something, the body feels it and believes it is real!  If you can begin to believe in some new life that you know is just a fantasy, it the first step towards making it a living breathing reality.

 To reprogram the poverty mindset with abundant feelings takes daily practice. You’ll need to make time for a new you to be born. Set aside a few minutes everyday to consciously stop and change your personal poverty I AM messages, and turn them into fun loving abundant affirmations. First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed is the best, as your mind is open, ripe and has the imagination of a child.

The great secret to making this technique work quickly, is in the clarity of your awareness. Always look inside yourself to the very source of your “I AM”. Practice this. Feel into this special place, for this is the core of the real you. From this place of I AM, you can easily watch your thoughts (like a hungry lion) and notice what type of thoughts come when you think about money. Awareness is your ticket to total freedom. Without awareness you suffer endlessly in life. With awareness, you can consciously choose new positive thoughts such as, “I AM always making plenty of money.  I AM doing financially fantastic this year.  I AM now truly abundant and financially free!”

Repeating affirmations with FEELING are an extremely powerful tool. Some say it is the golden key to permanently shifting out of an impoverished habit or pattern. Yet, the secret I’ve found is to dive into the feeling pattern with total emotional honesty with yourself. The new manifestations begin when we stop ignoring our dark feelings and start feeling INTO them. with reverence. All it takes is a little love and you can change any negative feelings inside..

Some people start their day with a “fake feeling” of abundance and it actually works to start manifesting real money in their life. Do whatever works for you. There will always come that day though when the Universe will test you and the “faking it” technique won’t work anymore.  When the real reverence day comes, you will need to actually FEEL what true abundance is like inside your body and that you honestly deserve it.

We are all born with the feeling of being worthy of Divine Abundance. It is deep inside all of us, right underneath those feelings that say, I AM not worthy. Every single human being was conceived from out of an orgasm, which is the most abundant loving space known to mankind. So deep down you have full access to reconnecting with this feeling of abundance and financial freedom can come from there anytime. The change often happens when we can simply be completely relaxed, at ease and at peace with our darkness. In this divine place, we can unravel our ego old patterns and naturally return to deserving real abundance again.

“The soul is the innermost being of man himself. The soul is contacted when one learns “to be still.”  If one will use his power of thought to become tranquil, he will begin to be instructed by God.” ~Anna Lee Skarin  

 For the next 3 weeks of your life, I invite you to check inside and gauge how you’re FEELING around your about your relationship with money. Be patient and honest with yourself during this time. Explore just how much you’ve awakened from your hypnotic trance after 3 weeks. Be gentle with this process for you know Rome wasn’t built in a day! You will need to sleep, breathe and eat the feelings of “I AM making plenty of money” before you will see money is truly manifesting.  When you first open your eyes in the morning, take these precious moments and turn your attention inwards for 3 minutes into your “I AM consciousness”. Hold the visualization and feeling for as long as you can, “I AM always making plenty of money.”

There is a great power and a divine force behind your mind. It runs through your mind and manifests everything in your life. This power is huge and you are responsible for every experience of poverty and abundance in your personal manifestation show!  Yes, this transition to increasing your financial frequency can be quite challenging, which is why I wrote the ebooks, The Manifesting Manual and Affirmations to Manifest a Powerful Magical Life. I also created 3 Magical Money Manifesting Meditations (available on MP3 audio) that wil retrain your brain and quickly “hypnotize” your subconscious mind so you are naturally feeling more financially abundant this week!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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