How to Transcend The Roller Coaster Ride of Life

How to Transcend The Roller Coaster Ride of Life By Jafree Ozwald

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can not read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn." ~Alvin Toffler

You are an eternal being who has come here to experience the ride of your life!  You’ve signed up to attend this roller coaster ride called life so that you could learn some amazing things and grow immensely.  Being the infinite soul that you truly are, you cannot die, so there is nothing really here to fear. To resist any experience you are given is just saying "NO" to this divine growth and forgetting you are infinite being.  Saying NO to any experience is simply a mis-understanding of the infinite Self, and you end up defining yourself as small, helpless and finite.  This is not the reason WHY you are here.  You are here to say YES to each experience that arises no matter what is given.

Saying YES to every experience may sound even more tortuous, yet when you are willing to explore all the feelings and thoughts you have each moment of the day you reap the massive benefits from the highs and lows of your roller coaster ride.  For each high and low contains a powerful gift for you, and this great gift is found when you are thrown back inside to find your infinite self and experience who you truly are.  You are an eternal being that cannot be threatened, attacked or damaged.  You are not this smaller ego self who has many opinions, needs, desires and struggles with mini-sufferings throughout your day.  This Bigger YOU is the one who sees and welcomes the greater life lessons found in each experience.  Discovering this Infinite Self is the only thing that can truly welcome your entire life as one great beloved roller coaster ride.

"The soul is the innermost being of man himself. The soul is contacted when one learns "to be still."  If one will use his power of thought to become tranquil, he will begin to be instructed by God." ~Anna Lee Skarin 

When you accept this roller coaster that you’re on today, an overflowing abundance of peace, love and prosperity consciousness will eventually find you.  You want to say YES to the highs and lows of life because you don’t want life to be flat, stagnant with the same repetition of experiences.  That would only bore you and become a redundant life with no deep growth and truly unworthy of living.  Just remember that you are an eternal being, a soul, who cannot die!  There is nothing to risk!  You have come here to experience all the experiences you can on Earth.  Knowing this, whatever your mind is worried about, stuck thinking about, investigating, and pondering over and over is simply not worth getting caught up in.  This eternity inside you is much bigger and better than any thought or experience you will ever have. 

Whatever we attain in this physical world will come and go in time, yet nothing can measure up to the immensity of this divine energy found within you now.  Discovering this infinite source inside you is the ultimate freedom, and it is available for you to experience right now!  There is no need to look outside your body for it.  Just stop whatever you’re doing and look inside.  Look beneath your socialized conditioning and the mental chatter that the mind gets wrapped up in.  Don’t resist anything, welcome it all!  In this you will unravel yourself and get to know that ever-flowing current of peace which is beneath your drama, tears and fears.  Only if you truly stop and dive into your core will you find it.  It has always been here now…always.  This is the "goodness" that we are, and total freedom is your natural response to it.

"You are not inferior Beings in need of enlightenment. You are not insignificant particles in a vast, unending Universe. You are not misguided or forgotten children trying to find your way home… You are powerful Leading-Edge creators riding the most significant wave of expansion that has ever occurred. And it is our desire that you return to you conscious awareness of this so that your time in this physical body can be one of deliberate, conscious joy!" ~Abraham-Hicks

The greatest news of all is that you don’t have to do a thing to find peace on this wild magical ride.  You can simply relax into who you are right now.  The roller coaster of life will still take you up and down, yet being relaxed you will remain calm, joyful and centered.  When you are centered you naturally release any addictions to unsatisfying repetitive negative thoughts and behaviors.  To find peace simply stop striving to get somewhere better than here now.  Stop trying to become someone super special.  You already are that which you seek.  You can just relax into this experience and let life guide you home.  When you relax into yourself, the abundance of love that you are naturally flows out into the world. 

We invite you to spend a few minutes today to meditate on welcoming the roller coaster ride of life.  This will support your mind in remembering the truth of who you are, and allow it to rest deeper inside.   Even just 5 minutes will help you calm the crazy wild horses of the mind so that you truly enjoy this ridiculously wild ride.  When you do relax and trust the process, you’ll manifest higher highs and more enjoyable lows.  Since life can only mirror back to you what is happening inside you, as you shift your focus onto the divine eternal being you truly are that is what you will find in everyone you meet.  Enjoy! 

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