How to Transcend Your Ego’s Game

How to Transcend Your Ego’s GameBy Jafree Ozwald
www.EnlightenedBeings.comWhat kind of game is your ego playing? Hide and Seek? Chess? Monopoly? Everybody’s ego has a certain way of relating to the world in order to get its needs met. When you were young, your ego/mind adopted one primary way of interacting with the world in order to cope with deep feelings of being disconnected from Source. Each of us chose to embrace some sort of ego game because we craved, deep in our souls, to be reunited with the intense feelings of love that come from living in Source. We mistakenly believed that if we joined one of the ego games that everybody around us was playing, we would naturally feel these great feelings. As we grew older and bought more and more into the illusion of being disconnected from Source, we unconsciously began projecting this separate, helpless, powerless ego-self onto our relationships and our lives. "Life is a mirror. When you smile at it, it is charming and when you frown at it, it is a sinister. It is what you are and not what you see." ~Author Unknown Whenever your ego feels somehow threatened or uncomfortable, it uses its coping strategies to manipulate the world and get whatever it desires. Your ego adopts certain attitudes, beliefs, judgments and ways of appearing to others to get its needs met. It’s this combination of masks and cunningness that make up your ego game. For instance, one person may have a game of being nice to everybody they meet, to get everyone to like them. Another person may be rude, authoritative, mean and nasty with people to keep everyone at a distance and feel powerful. Games like these are what the ego plays in order to get love, approval, appreciation and at a deeper level to discover a profound connection to the divine essence of who they truly are. "The truth is the truth even if no one believes it, and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it." ~Tim Reeter While others can almost always see our games easily (especially those who are in an intimate relationship with us), we are often blind to the ego game we are playing inside. We may even fight someone who tries to show us the truth of the game we are engaged in. The ego would rather be right about its opinion, than happy or peaceful. It keeps you mesmerized by the drama of the situation, so that you don’t have to see the divine brilliance of your authentic Self. If the ego actually saw how totally amazing, wildly exotic, powerful and truly blessed you actually are, it would have to die. The fastest way out of any suffering that you are encountering is learning how to see the game your ego is repetitively playing.

Once you pierce the veil of your ego’s strategy, and surrender to a deeper connection with Source, you can begin to experience true freedom on all levels of your life and have authentic heart-based loving relationships. Once you truly are free of your ego games, you can connect with ANYONE from a profound space of truth, love and see the real beauty that is inherent in all human beings. Discovering and transcending your ego’s game is one of the most challenging, yet beautiful gifts you can give yourself."You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than what others say about him." ~ Leo AikmanTo help you identify your illusionary ego, here are a few common ego game identities that people play with. Each of these ego identities holds a belief about itself and copes with the world by embodying this way of being.

– Mr. Defensive: "I want nobody to like me. If I am unlovable, I can never be hurt again."- Mr. Enlightened: "I am above it all and don’t have any problems or places where I need to grow in my life. Everybody else has problems."

– Mr. Nice Guy: "I want everybody to like me. I am a really a great and loving person."- Miss. Perfect: "Everything must be perfect in my world. If things are not in order something terrible will happen."- Miss. Lone Ranger: "I don’t need anybody to help me. I am so strong and independent."- Miss SuperGirl: "I must be successful at all costs. If I am not successful, I am nothing." One of the most important things that you can do is figure out the ego game that is running your life. The first clue to look at how you tend to act, behave and respond to others generally, specifically when you are feeling uncomfortable. Most people revert back to one way of operating and repeat it over and over their entire life. This game runs every aspect of their lives from their personal life to their financial life. For instance, if your ego plays the Superman or SuperGirl game, your whole life may be about accomplishment to such an extent that you only think of things as how will this help you be more successful. You may ignore your relationships in favor of professional success, or even use relationships to help you create more success. The point is that you build your life around whatever game your ego wants to play and this may stop you from having the kind of life you truly love."Each one of us is invincible until the day we are proven wrong." ~Tristan Rhys-TaylorThe biggest game of all however is believing that your ego is real. It’s about as real as a mirage in the desert. You walk up to a mirage and think there is an oasis of water there, yet when you reach into it you only pull up a handful of sand. When we hold onto this illusion that the ego exists, we remain trapped in the cyclical wheel of suffering forever. The truth is that the game you are playing will eventually blow up like a balloon and explode! This way may be painful, yet you will one day see how the ego never truly satisfies. Only finding your true authentic self will satisfy you, and truly abolish the illusionary ego from its grip on you forever.It is difficult to manifest what you truly desire when your ego is in the way. It causes an energetic block to the feelings and thoughts that allow your dreams to manifest. Uncovering your ego game will make you into a manifesting magician! It will set you soooo free so that you stay focused in the direction of your dreams and naturally attract whatever you desire. Remember that behind this ego masquerade is what you have been searching for, the infinite loving essence that loves every part of who you are. So let’s strip off that ego mask today, and discover the truth of who you really are. You deserve to live from the most enlightened place of all, where you know yourself as the Divine Authentic Self. Need assistance discovering your ego games? Hire Jafree or Margot as your personal coach to uncover what’s blocking your from your dream life. Release the ego and you will experience massive transformations in your life and an increase in abundance levels. Find out more at: divine loving blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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