How to Transform your Outer World and Manifest Inner Success

How to Transform your Outer World and Manifest Inner Success

Written by Jafree Ozwald


Many people try to manifest their desires in their outer worlds by doing something different in the outer world. Perhaps they take a new class, change relationships, get a new job, or start a new hobby. While all of these things may enrich and shift your outer world for a short time, you will find that sooner or later the old outer pattern that you have been trying to escape has come back to visit you. The trouble is that making these outer changes does not necessarily shift your inner state of being or awareness. People try to escape from their past relationships, only to find the same issues showing up with the new ones. The essential key to truly shape-shifting your outer reality, is through changing your inner world.


One way to truly shift your inner world (and outer world) is by pointing your attention on your Divine essence. Investigate what is this simple loving divine presence that is at the core of each moment, experience and atom in this Universe. By looking, you’ll be cultivating a deep inner peace and greater trust in the Universe. Your state of consciousness will heighten, your manifesting vibration will skyrocket and you’ll see new success manifest into the outer world. These deeper feelings of trust will automatically arise when you are consistently getting in touch with your inner divine nature.


"Your outer circumstances are the mirror of your inner world. Change your inner world, and you change your outer world." ~ Remez Sasson


What is being manifested in the outer world is ALWAYS an exact mirror of what is occurring inside your mind-body at any given time. You can actually get a reading on the health of your inner realms by observing what you are manifesting in your outer world. In fact the outer is just a pure reflection of your inner state of awareness, and how connected you are with your Divine nature. The more aware and centered you are on the inner, the more peace and success you’ll see effortlessly manifest in the outer.


If you want to manifest some super amazing things in your outer world, take some time to get to the roots of your inner world. It can get very confusing on one’s inner world and there are many distractions. If you need assistance you can do this in a personal coaching session with us at: Whatever the block is, we have the knowledge, tools and love to melt you through it! And yet for this moment, the first thing is to explore what is happening in your inner world. What is arising for you in your emotional realm? How are you behaving throughout the day? What thoughts continue to bother or enlighten you? Remain curious about your experience, don’t label, judge or put it into a box. Just remain OPEN to what is arising for you in EACH moment. This is where meditation plays a key role. The more space you can create from your thoughts, and emotions, the more you can truly witness them and the sooner they quiet of their own accord.


"All mankind’s inner feelings eventually manifest themselves as an outer reality". ~ Stuart Wilde


It can often be challenging to truly see what is actually happening on your inner world. So here’s a little technique that may assist you with this. As you go through your day, and you start to notice that you are thinking, imagining and dreaming of xyz…imagine that you can throw these imagines onto a big widescreen TV are watch them from a good distance. Watch all of your actions, emotions, and moods show up on this screen and notice what is responding to them. There’s no need to fix or figure anything out, just keep watching and remaining curious. This allows you to watch the ego without getting yourself trapped by all of its games and craziness. Soon all of the drama of the ego will settle of its own accord, and you will naturally feel the deep peace of your inner being.


"The law of correspondence says that everything that happens outside of you corresponds to something that’s going on inside of you". ~ Brian Tracy


As your live deeply connected to your divine nature, a powerful loving energetic field will expand outwards from you, naturally attracting many amazing opportunities, people, and circumstances to you which will support you in effortlessly creating the success you desire. It is truly mind boggling how quickly and easily you will manifest your deepest desires once you get out of the ego, and reconnect with the beauty of your inner divine nature.


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Many blessings to you,Margot

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