How to Turn your Wound into a Womb

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How to Turn your Wound into a Womb

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly, let it cut more deep. Let it ferment and season you, as few human or even divine ingredients can. Something missing in my heart tonight has made my eyes so soft, my voice so tender, my need of God absolutely clear.” ~Hafiz

Deep inside every one of us is an emotional wound that is longing to be healed.  It may be a feeling of being abandoned, unworthy, unlovable, unwanted, or just generally insecure.  Whatever type of wound you are carrying really doesn’t matter, what is important is that you understand why you manifested this pain in your life, what causes you to continue on carrying it, and the positive outcome it’s actually meant to give birth to inside you.  When you can deliberately take the time to nurture your pain, feel into it intimately, listen to what it’s saying, and honor it as your teacher, something very miraculous occurs.  Your wound transforms into a womb-like energy, which is soft, deep, receptive and ready to birth something brand new and amazing in your life.

Nothing is by coincidence or chance in this world. Every painful thought, feeling and action we attract has a deeper purpose and message behind it on our spiritual journey.  We always attract to us the exact experiences needed to open us up so that our most expanded enlightening perception of life can pour through.  The mind may not initially agree with how this process looks, and often judges the wounded feeling you receive as 100% bad. Yet the mind is not an expert at seeing the bigger picture and karmic destiny that your soul is already aligned with.  The mind is addicted to judgments, and this blocks you from opening the gateway to seeing your true power, life purpose and knowing it’s possible to manifest anything you want into your world.  Once all judgments around your wound are dropped, and you’ve accepted the fact that everything in life is bad/good, you truly can see the blessing in disguise.  The day you can accept your pain, you’ve taken that first essential step towards healing yourself and transforming your life.

The purpose of all emotional pain is to awaken you out of the dreaming mind and jolt you back into pure conscious awareness. When you are living as this divine pure awareness, nothing can hurt you or upset you emotionally.  You are in direct connection with the God Source and can see everything as a gift, blessing your soul on it’s sacred infinite journey through eternity.  This is the most empowering approach you can have towards your life.  Anytime something or someone cuts into you so deeply that it punctures your psyche and tortures your core, it also creates a hidden passageway for you to reach in and find a deeper spiritual awakening.  Every gut wrenching wound you have inside you is like heaps of fertilizer, ready to give nutrients to an amazing field of goodies that you can harvest and enjoy after the long fruitless season is over.

“Everything has it’s wonders, even darkness and silence,
and I learn whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~Helen Keller

Your wound is supposed to be painful, so that it turns your entire world upside down and your personal reality is forced to expand, enlighten and transfigure itself.   Your wound is a blessing that cannot be fully understood until you take the time to see into it, and accept how it is helping you in life.  When you can own the fact that you manifested it, you’re one step closer to letting it go.  The soul always asks for challenging experiences so that you’re forced to dive deeper inside yourself, and release your grip on your life on a deeper unconscious level.  Our need to be in charge of our destiny is tremendous, and only when we experience a great trauma are we met with an equal force that moves us to relinquish this need for control and surrender to the healing heart of our own beloved soul.

It often happens that when an emotional trauma hits us hard, we initially retreat deeper inside and create an energetic wall that attempts to protect us from further future pain.  This is a natural and healthy phenomena, unless we become identified with this wall and the belief systems attached to it.  If we get overly identified with these fear-based thoughts and feelings, we tend to shrink, harden and limit the unlimited potentiality of who we truly are.  We think the world is not a safe place anymore and have to prepare ourselves from the possibility of meeting head on with another future pain that could arise from a similar person or circumstance.  If these pre-fabricated illusionary walls are not dissolved, the emotional wound cannot be healed.  We then end up living a fearful existence, choosing to have a smaller life where we take less risks, feel less freedom, tend to resist love and express less joy.  The wall and wound within you has to be met consciously if you are to manifest an abundant vibrant loving life, and find an eternally safe passage in a seemingly dangerous world.

Life is designed to deliver a variety of different experiences to us, and one of them is the piercing feeling of being hurt by someone in the outer world.  The wounds we receive in life are deeply needed if we are wanting to discover our unlimited spiritual nature.  If we were all born from test tubes and grew up alone in separated environments, having no interactions with others, we would be self preserved one dimensional beings who wouldn’t have a scratch on our psyche.  Yet, this isolated life wouldn’t give us the experience of being a multi-dimensional loving person, who can grow beyond the challenges imposed on us by others, and one day discover our unlimited potentiality.

When you look inside yourself right now, what do you feel is possibly your greatest wound?  Where in your life do you dare not go, and try to protect it’s safety to the ultimate extent.  If you’re fully aware of the wound and protective wall that you’re carrying, notice if you are buying into any judgmental beliefs the mind has created about who you are because you manifested this experience.  What would happen if you did not take your pain personally?  What if you realized it was your greatest teacher, showing you the way to find healing and your ultimate empowerment in this lifetime?  Remember, your wound is your friend and it’s not here to define who you are and who you aren’t. It is here to help give you dimension, direction, purpose and meaning to your life. It’s meant to invite you deeper inwards, so that you discover the rich nutrients within your innermost being.  It’s here to fertilize your soul so you blossom and your gifts become a healing fragrance that is spread throughout the world.

“Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, but of making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung

The next essential step on this healing process is to identify where you are holding your wound in your body.  What’s the main emotion held inside this space, and what is the story that is attached to it.  Who would you be without this story?  Look at how ferociously you may protect this story and defend the walls that surround your wound.  Give it gratitude for protecting you, and start telling this part of you that everything is going to be ok.  Notice what happens to your walls as you open up to this feeling that everything is going to be ok.  As your pain starts to relax, allow the deepest most painful experience to rise.  Let yourself be in complete acceptance of it, welcoming whatever story and emotion arises.

It’s good to know that all wounding comes with the gift of vulnerability and humility so that you open your heart wider and find a deeper experience of loving yourself and others than ever before.  Sometimes we can feel like we’re taking a step backwards on our healing journey, while in reality we are moving deeper, into a sort of healing dance with our pain.  This movement in either a positive or negative direction is powerful, as it shakes up that protective wall of energy so that one day it falls down and you are fully liberated from the protective prison you were in.

 Holding the intention of a soft gentle allowing will help the walls around your wound to soften, relax and trust life again.  When you greet your walls, meet them as if you had open arms.  Practice welcoming whatever tight contracted protective experience that may come your way.  In this approach, a deeper relationship is formed with your wound where it starts to trust you, and then you can begin to hear the precious message it has for you.  Your wound knows how divinely amazing you are.  Yet it cannot reach your ears as long as these walls are in the way.  As you quiet down and start to really listen to what your wound has to say, don’t make any assessment at all.   Just give your wound with as many loving accepting messages as you can.

Inform this wounded part that it can trust this healing process, and that now is the time for it to let go of any fear and open back up to love.  Let it know it’s safe, honored and lovable all along the way.  The more often you can give yourself these sacred messages the faster your wound can naturally soften, creating an opening in you, where you can truly rest inside, and honestly become more playful, loving and creative.  This new energy is very alive and fresh, and can feel like a fresh new womb.  In this space a new life can be formed, where you feel empowered, healed, nourished by life.  There is something awakened in your being that can feel without a doubt that you can manifest something much greater than you ever have before.

“If you are growing, you are going to be out of your comfort zone.” ~John Maxwell

Everything divine is born in the womb.  The womb is perhaps the most sacred place on earth. The energy of the womb is where all life, love, orgasmic bliss and passionate creative energy manifests!  The energy found in this divine sacred nest is your source of regeneration, total life healing, and the doorway to opening your life up to new frontiers.  The womb is the most direct doorway to God.  The great masters have always said that enlightenment is found through the woman’s womb.  Orgasm is the doorway to Nirvana where the mind stops and you can meet God directly one on one.  I feel that the womb is that one sacred place that every human being should worship everyday.  If we all did, the world would know what it was like to live in total harmony and peace.

 The womb is the most sensitive loving and nurturing place that can only create innocent untainted life, and you are one of them.  Every single human being came from a womb, so we all know this womb energy VERY intimately . This is not something you may think about everyday, yet it is worth pondering.  Just think about the amazing growth and transformation you have been through from the moment you became that magical meeting of sperm and egg.  It’s quite outstanding to consider.

All men should know that they have the feminine as well as the masculine inside.  The womb within a man is similar to the woman’s, in that it is a feeling of receptivity that is natural, nurturing and caring within itself. In order for any man or woman to find this divine healing space within, they must meet with their wound.  The wound needs all of your love, attention and energy which is what awakens the womb-like energy to grow.  The warrior-like walls around the wound want to melt.  In order for this to happen you must summon the most alive sexual sensually alive energy you can muster, and blow this energy into the walls around your wound.

It’s important to be very patient with your healing process.  You must speak to these walls as if they were mute-deaf children who are just learning how to hear.  You must use your most empowered and grounded voice you can find, and bless these walls with a sensual gift containing lightness, love and laughter.  It is this mix of sexual creative energy with a light heart that will ultimately reprogram your walls.  When this occurs you truly heal your emotional wounding, and have the inspired energy to ignite your life and give birth to something brand new in your future.  Whether it be a new relationship, a greater income, richer sex, better health, or more creativity, this sacred sensual and spiritual vibe is the great secret to call upon.

“Skies upon skies are available for your flight. Don’t be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small. Small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being.” ~Osho   

A deep trust that your sexual energy is your spiritual energy, is the golden key to total life healing.  It’s the bridge that will get those creative juices of your inner womb open and flowing.  When your sexual energy is aligned with your spiritual path, you can make love with the divine through anyone or anything.  You can finally relax and open sexually to all of life, feeling the Universe is your multi-sensual playground.  You’re feeling into the sensual possibility of each new moment, and life will reach out to touch you and engage with you.  Whether it be the warm breeze caressing through your hair, or the sound of baby birds chirping in the early morning sunrise, life is going to give itself to you naturally.

Imagine that the next 24 hours of your life is going to be a moment-to-moment sensually alive experience.  The soles of your feet touching the earth ground your body, bringing you out of your head and into your heart.  Perhaps you feel into the tiny crescent of the moon at dusk, and this ignites the desire in you to open completely to your innermost being, welcoming a more fluid source of inspiration from the deepest resources inside.  Maybe you let the gentle morning sun rays touch your face, and find they ignite a warm smile from your heart, that you carry all day and touch the hearts of everyone who is yearning to feel alive.  Whatever experiences life offers, welcome them fully, be total and sensually say yes to each and every one of them.

Your sensuality is how you can begin accessing the womb within you today.  As the sexual energy begins to grow inside you, you may start to see and feel show up in everyone around you!  Don’t be afraid, have you noticed that there already is an insane amount of creative sexual energy happening on this planet?  Did you know a new baby is born every 4 seconds?  That’s over 350,000 births everyday!  Can you believe it?  That’s a lot of wombs out there opening and giving new life to this world.  If your sensual sexual experience of life gets too much, great!  Just breathe this extra energy up the spine.  It can be recirculated throughout your body with your breath, which I understand it is the secret elixir to regeneration and eternal life.

Whether you are physically a man or a woman it does not matter.  We each have this womb energy inside, which is your birthing ground of sexual creative healing energy. Every man made thing of this world first originated in the creative womb of somebody’s imagination. In 1879, Thomas Edison had a huge womb like space in his mind where he came up with 1000 unique ways to burn a filament wire before he invented the light bulb.  The most amazing new ideas come from deep within the deep dark vast womb inside your mind. All creative projects, products, businesses and inventions are born from this womb, which is instantly discovered when a wall comes down around your wound.  As your fears, hesitations, inhibitions, and resistances are integrated and transcended, you will see the divinely fun creative juices really begin flowing!

If you cannot find an ounce of creative juice inside you to investigate your own wounding, you are simply not relaxing deep enough inside.  Take a weekend to yourself or just a day this month to explore who you are.  Holding this sacred space just for you is enough for the wound to fully present itself as well as the healing within it.  The greatest power of the creative womb is accessed through the deepest depth of relaxation you can attain.  When your core emotional pain and traumas are loved, your life takes the most reverent, surrendered mission and you enter the doorway and discover this sacred portal to the Divine.

“Seeing all as is, accepting all as is, co-creating with all as is in total surrender and trust that the darkest dark and the lightest light is as nourishing for anything new to be born.” ~ Susanna Nova

As you take on the challenge to truly face your divine self, remember along the way that this healing path is a divine play of authenticity. Only if we feel what we are saying, and say what we are feeling can we get in touch with the true essence of our wound. Being real is what being authentic is all about. This means that you’re feeling your emotions, allowing the deepest darkest rooted feelings within you to rise to the surface. Pulling up all the good and bad juice is what this healing journey is about. You’ll find that you cannot control it and it cannot be faked, otherwise what would be the point! When we are completely real within ourselves it means that we are truly willing to stop medicating ourselves and ignoring our pain. This is the only way we can feel truly loved and be deeply healed.

Healing your inner world is perhaps the most fascinating and fulfilling experience you can explore. It’s something you can choose to focus on at any time, and as momentum builds it will cause a permanent life shift to occur down the road. Your divinely creative and super sensual juicy life is waiting for you now! Don’t wait! Trash your excuses, do not postpone. Don’t take these initial first steps towards dealing with your wound until your life hits rock bottom. If you wait, one day the pain will get too intense that you cannot go forward with a “normal” life. You will be forced to stand in the most raging fire and deal with your wound while your life falls apart. Do not wait. You can enter the healing power of the womb and experience this divine creativity this week, by following these steps and feeling into your deepest core wound right now.

I recommend that you start with reaching into the very core of your wound using your breath. Take 20-30 minutes of deep breathing with powerful music to just FEEL what is inside your heart and guts. This is the emotional home where your wounding lives. You may feel a challenging memories or situation show up from last week, that has a thread of similar repetitive energy through your past. FEEL into all of them, weaving them together and express them through yourself fully! Laugh, cry, scream, yell and just let the body vent out whatever shows up. Feel that which you cannot allow yourself to feel, and let it all out. Remember, this is not about forcing an experience to rise, nor hobbling through this exercise to cope with the scratches on the surface. This is about surrendering to the core feelings that are buried and hidden inside your heart and guts.

After you feel that you’ve reached into a deep emotional wound, keep breathing deeply feeling into your emotional core for at least 20-30 minutes. Then release all of the air out of your body and sink deep into the bottom of your stomach, not holding the air out with the muscles, yet just allowing for a deep full relaxation and release. There will be so much oxygen in your body that you won’t need to breathe. Allow yourself to empty everything out, and sink into the most deep profound stillness you can fathom. Here is where you’ll find all the walls come tumbling down and the greatest source healing energy is everywhere. Know that this release of the breath is not about keeping the breath out at all, yet more of inviting a total release of “you” letting the greatest mystery rise to the surface from emptiness underneath. The body will naturally inhale slowly when it needs air, and then gently and lovingly, let all the air out again and again and again. Resting as long as is possible (without strain) into the deep and powerful stillness.

Your breath will breathe you, so just allow the natural flowing inhalation and exhalation and don’t try to stop or pause the breath in any way. Allow this natural momentum of emotion to move you, and get you in touch with your deepest core self. When your body is buzzing with energy from the breath work, place your one hand on your sex center and the other on your heart, feel the connection between these two areas. For men it’s powerful to hold your entire “package”, and women insert your right middle finger into your womb. Just relax your hand so it is very very still. Relax with these areas, and breathe deeply allowing whatever feelings to arise. To become even more still and dissolve completely into the stillness, imagine as if this was the last day of your life and you were about to die. Totally surrender to your last experience of being alive. Feel into this magical process, releasing, relaxing and not forcing any experience to happen.

It’s essential to trust that your breath will do all the work for you. Just let the process do it’s own natural thing and be with whatever you feel and find inside. Continue to relax ever so sweetly into your experience, allowing fully whatever is there. You’ll know when you reached your core wound when your experience rocks the foundation of your entire life, and you feel that something new, amazing and perhaps “scary” is being born. The core is what shakes you, wakes you, and summons you to live your full life purpose. Anything less than this will just make a small dent in your life. It may take you a few practices before you reach to your core wound. Keep exploring this as often as you can! It’s only when we reach our foundation does a new fountain of life, love and vital energy sprout forth from your every bone, muscle and pore.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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