How To Wake Up and Roar with Life!

How To Wake Up and Roar with Life! By Jafree Ozwald

One of the greatest teachers in my life was a man I met in on a trip to India in 1995 named "Papaji".  He was 84 years old when I met him, and yet exhuberated such a joyfulness, power and consciousness that it literally anialited my entire mind and ego identification.  He simply gave me a "look" that felt like a lion roaring with firey awakened consciousness that opened me to many higher dimensions.    The few seconds received in this transmission sent such an tremendous energy through my bodymind that I felt like "who I was" literally exploded into oblivion.  Imagine an atomic bomb going off inside you, this is what happened.  There was such a deep silence inside that there was no more "me" to have any opinions or judgments about anything.  For many months there wasn’t anyone in my mind to get attached to any thought or thing in this world.  This has created such a deep peace in my life.   I found that the deep peaceful eminance that Papaji radiated also had a fierceness and playfullness within it.  It was this combination of his lion energy along with his childlike innocence that led me to discover the secrets to living a life I loved.    The information that this amazing man has, and many other Enlightened Beings we’ve discovered out there, can give you perhaps the most radical spiritual message you’ll ever receive in your life.  I’ve found their teachings are so transformational that it will create liberation for years to come.   We’ve put together a page of these Enlightened Beings for you to explore and perhaps receive an Enlightened Experience from so that you too can wake up and ROAR WITH LIFE today…enjoy!   Many blessings to you, Jafree t

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