How Your Consciousness Defines Your Reality

How Your Consciousness Defines Your Reality 
By Jafree Ozwald 

One of the greatest secrets to start manifesting the life you truly desire is learning how to increase and enhance your consciousness.  As your consciousness gets brighter and bigger your intentions manifest easier and faster.  By being fully conscious in each moment it is easier to be free from judgments and limiting beliefs so you can remain focused on attracting the most positive abundant experience possible.   The Universe is always listening and responding to where your consciousness is at.  Once you are resonating with thoughts filled with joy, gratitude, and appreciation for what you do have, then whatever you want to create seems to just fall into your lap! 

No matter how big your desire is, or how challenging it may seem, it can be manifested easier through an expanded state of consciousness.  When your consciousness expands, your mind must rise above and beyond the problem and start to see new solutions.  One simple way to expand your consciousness is to continuously focus upon it.  Just keep turning your attention back onto where the awareness is coming from.  Like the light from the movie projector is doing a 180 degree turn around, and witnessing the bulb and electricity from where it originated.  When you turn your attention within to where consciousness is coming from for more than 30 seconds at a time, you instantly expand your consciousness and manifesting will truly becomes effortless.

As your consciousness expands, its easier to match the energetic vibration of what you want to manifest.  For example, when you are feeling and thinking like a success, you start behaving like one and attracting successful people and situations to you.  When your consciousness is only focusing on your problems and personal issues, it reflects a lower vibration and manifests even more challenging situations or nothing manifests at all.  When nothing changes, the benevolent all-teaching Universe is usually placing us in a “waiting room” where we can have time to enlighten our consciousness, shift our attitude, heighten our vibration, and then effortlessly receive the positive end result we desire.  When feelings of impatience, unworthiness, lack, and fear are replaced with patience, worthiness, abundance and love, then your desired outcome effortlessly shows up in the most mysterious way.  

The manifestations that are given to us in life are like the Universe’s reward system, telling us that we are doing something right and living in alignment with our true power.  It’s not in our highest path to judge how these manifestations should or should not appear.  Some people are not wrong for whatever crazy things they’ve created in this world, or that others didn’t deserve to manifest whatever they did.  Everything is karmic (past lives included) and if you only knew how close to God you truly are, you would see it is all divine, perfect, and never judge anything as right or wrong again.

The Universe wants us all to wake up equally, and that we each understand how we are all-powerful enlightened beings who can truly live every moment of our lives in joy, appreciation and love.   It knows the exact experiences we need to manifest or not manifest in order to awaken.  Awakening is always the soul’s priority and this Universe is our holographic cosmic playground in it!  So, in the end, it’s not so important what amazing or horrible things we’ve manifested.  What counts the most was how our consciousness grew along the way, and how much time we spent in love, gratitude, inner peace and joy! 

Remember always that what you think (and how you think) is responsible for shaping, defining and creating your reality.  Every little thought you think counts.  Especially the ones that just slip on through seemingly unnoticed. The way you see and perceive the world is how the world shows up and manifests itself for you.  Your mind is like a mirror, always reflecting back to you what you are choosing to believe is “out there”.  The greatest power in the Universe is inside you awaiting to be discovered through realizing this phenonema. 

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Enjoy the most Enlightened Perception you can fathom for today!
Jafree Ozwald

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