It All Works Out Perfectly in the End

It All Works Out Perfectly in the End


Trust is the healing process of Life. You will know exactly how to manifest more abundance, love, success and gratitude iafter reading this entire article...enjoy!

It All Works Out Perfectly in the End

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things that are beyond the power of our will.” -Epictetus

One of the greatest sensations in life is the feeling that everything really does work out perfectly in the end. In the midst of all of the global fear, confusion, and chaos, we always have the option to step back from it all and see life from a more spiritual perspective. Everything relaxes the moment we see that behind every event that happens in life, there is a highly intelligent deeply loving force that is steering the entire ship of humanity. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing {name} to simply speak the words out loud every morning, “Everything will work out perfectly in my life” and truly believe it all day long? The process of assimilating this belief as the whole truth can be a tricky and arduous experience. For us to arrive at 100% trust that everything happening in humanity today is unfolding in a divine orchestration, we first need to explore one thing. How to stop identifying with this untrusting inner control freak inside ourselves who is there behind the scenes trying to micromanage the show. Here’s how you do it.

Deep beneath the surface of the everyday world, there exists a unified field of energy that pervades everyone and every living (and dead) thing in the entire Universe. This field we might name, ‘quantum consciousness’ is the most benevolent grace-filled energy that has the highest loving guidance for all. You might say it feels like the ‘Heart of God’, or a force of the purest love that pervades everything. It is currently directing everyone to the most divine intelligent future possible. 

So no matter how challenging or ‘wrong’ things may temporarily seem for your life {name} when you can sit back from the mind and refocus on this divine field behind it all, you’ll see that right now the greatest rebirth is happening for humanity. Everything is unraveling itself naturally to unveil the highest truth that has been hidden from our eyes. Remain focused on this field of Divinity guiding it all and you will remain perfectly calm throughout the entire apocalypse.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move on to higher levels.” ~Albert Einstein   

You may think that you’re unable to see or feel any aspect of this divine field of love, yet this is just the mind attached to another thought and story. Set aside the mind and feel into your silence. It might take you 48 minutes to get there, yet it’s worth it to FEEL how the great spiritual essence behind everything. When the mind is quiet everything becomes clear. It is not easy to quiet the mind, yet you will know when you’ve shifted out of its grasp because your body will respond by allowing you to breathe deeply and fully in your belly again. 

While the entire humanity is purging and restructuring itself, you must spend as much time feeling the light of divinity is also within you and your heart. By feeling this natural beacon of light within yourself you naturally bring guidance for others. The simple awareness of the warm light of Divinity within you will set your inner spiritual fire ablaze, and it can happen quite fast. 

By keeping a relaxed body and a mind that is focused in THIS present moment now (where the field of Divinity exists) you’ll soon begin to feel the divine warmth inside you. Keep focusing the mind inside, and relaxing any tiny tightening in the body. When you feel a moment of lightness, bathe in this expansive energy and follow it inside. You will start to see a beautiful bright flawless future is inside you, shaping you and the rest of the world.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi

Humanity is attending the greatest spiritual awakening school in history. We are all being individually upgraded to 5D Consciousness where we will shift out of polarity thinking (us versus them) and begin operating as one unified organism and planet. This is a spiritual rebirthing for each person on a unique and individual level, so you will get to reap what you have sown in the past {name} and whatever actions you do in the future will be met in your final harvest at the very end.

So take as much responsibility as you can for creating more peacefulness inside yourself. This is the most powerful tactic we can adhere to at this time. By taking 100% responsibility for our own mental, emotional, and spiritual well being in every moment of each day. You are here to become lighter and freer from your heaviness and become more aware of your higher purpose in life, who knows without a doubt that everything will work out perfectly in the end. 

Your journey into your own personal healing all begins with awareness. When you are vigilantly aware the moment your body contracts in fear, and you sit back in your awareness and acknowledge that behind the fearful thought is the field of Divinity. It is still here, the mind is simply putting on an entertaining horror show for you. With pure awareness, you will stop getting hooked into that fear-based movie and low-vibrational thinking. 

Your inner screen (and outer screen) will be very captivating. It has already mesmerized and hypnotized you. It speaks many truths and many lies and your job is to tell which one is which.  As you become more aware and your awareness gets stronger like a bright fire, this light will free you from the darkness, and the over-controlling fear-based thinking patterns. Your awareness {name} is the one thing that will set you free. 


The issue however is that there is something deep inside you that is not aware. This unconscious part needs to be brought to the surface to be seen. We will call this part our inner control freak.  This is the untrusting part of us who doesn’t think everything is always in divine orchestration. The inner control freak is that aspect of ourselves who cannot surrender to Life, who believes it always needs to be in charge, or you are not safe. 

The inner control freak might believe that God is in charge to some degree, yet somehow it doesn’t trust in this invisible force 100% of the time. The inner control freak needs full control to feel safe from harm, and that you are living life on purpose, capable of making your mind happy. When the inner control freak feels it can control life’s wheel around every little turn, then it feels safer and that something horrible will not happen. 

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When we become acutely aware of our inner control freak, we see its controlling game and untrusting habit. Through awareness, we have just taken one step towards being free from it. The lack of awareness of your inner control freak only makes you suffer because by default it wants to remain in control over every little thing. It thinks it always knows what’s right and how to make you feel safe. 

We follow the control freak’s thought patterns not because it always does know what’s best, or that it will only make good decisions in life, but we follow because we don’t know anything else. We are too afraid to look behind the curtain and see what would happen to our lives if we surrendered to a higher divine plan, and trusted 100% all day long that everything is always unfolding exactly as it should.


“Dive into your heart center. Sit in the silence. Desire self-realization with all your heart, with all your mind, and all your soul.  Cry out for God, and you will be with the right people.   Everything will take care of itself.”  – Robert Adams

We are all given life situations that make our inner control freak happy, and ones that also frustrate the hell out of it. The secret here is knowing how to be at peace no matter what occurs. When your inner control freak doesn’t get exactly what it wants, how do you usually respond? Are you going to freak out and be a slave to its emotional upheaval? Are you going to allow your inner control freak to ruin the peaceful freedom you get from abiding in your heart? If you can live today with 100% trust in your heart how do you think your inner control freak will respond? 

The choice is always yours {name} whether you follow the motive of your inner control freak or not. Your mind has this unconscious automatic mechanism inside it that says, ‘The moment life doesn’t agree with my plan, I will either fight, freeze or fly away.” When things happen against my ego’s desires then the entire world is against me. This is the moment the inner control freak takes full control,  becoming a tyrant who will never allow you to feel weak, powerless, or small. 

When you can see your inner control freak is inside you all day long making decisions for you, you will begin to realize how everything and everyone in your life is a teacher for your awakening. There rarely is 5-10 seconds where this inner controlling mechanism is not at work. As you start to understand how pervasive it is, how your inner control freak is always forcing you to live in a smaller fishbowl of truth, making you afraid to live a bigger life from an oceanic truth, you start to ignore your inner control freak and naturally let it go. 

 “Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, But of making the darkness conscious! ” ~ Carl Jung


The soul (or present moment awareness) is the state of pure consciousness in you. This space has no fixed opinion about anything. It is simply here to experience all the good, bad, sweet, and salty aspects of life. It does not need to control anything. Once you find this state of pure consciousness inside you, you can live inside it and naturally discover a higher perspective that sees everything and everyone is always the way it should be. The trusting track that exists free from the mind knows how each thought and action is divinely orchestrated to the finest perfection, no matter what our inner control freak may believe is true.

The inner control freak does have a very important spiritual purpose or it wouldn’t be here. It is trying to wake you up from the dream. By creating so much false security/safety, followed by tension and fear in your life, you simply are forced to step into surrender and trust. 

You can try to spiritually convince the inner control freak that everything is going to work out for the highest good, yet there’s really nothing that anyone could say to make it actually believe everything is going to turn out perfectly in the end. No matter what great spiritual or religious argument the greatest minds on earth could conceive of, the mind will always summon up another doubt, fear, or disbelief saying ‘what if XYZ happens… then what?’ 


So how do we help the inner control freak to let go of fear and believe everything is happening for the highest good of all? The secret begins with how closely you’re listening to your mind and your body. When you can become more attentive and more sensitive to it every day, the body will give you signals of not trusting or trusting. 

“We live in the perfect process created by the Universe, and we are doing that perfectly whether we realize it or not.” ~ Osho


When we are deeply trapped in the mind of this inner control freak and living for years with this tight white-knuckled grip on life’s steering wheel, your body will feel tight, your shoulders, back, and neck filled with tension or some form of tension. This is the body’s attempt at trying to wake you up from believing in the thoughts of your inner control freak. The thoughts are making your body respond with pain. If you can feel the pain while seeing the illusions you’re creating with the mind that are making the pain manifest, then you can release it through tears, laughter, and relax deeper into your body and your consciousness becomes more clear.

The moment you surrender to your every experience life, knowing each experience is the perfect experience for your awakening, you start to see the greater plan and begin to deeply let go of your attachment to your inner control freak and its incredible story of suffering. When you truly let go, you feel this momentary free fall into the vast unknown (which is initially deeply terrifying), and then when you relax into the free fall you find an even deeper expansive inner voice that says, ‘even though I’m not in control right now, everything is going to be perfectly okay.

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Think of your inner control freak is like a powerful computer program that was designed to remain in doubt, separation, possessiveness, jealousy, attachment, and fear. You, however, are the infinite light of awareness, who has over-identified with this computer program. You don’t have to participate in the computer’s fearful drama program if you don’t want to. You can stop the program completely through pure awareness alone. You are just borrowing this software and the hardware (body) that comes with it for a few trips around the Sun. One final day you will have to let it all go. 

Yet during your final laps around the Sun, you can practice unhooking the mind from its thoughts. By allowing the mind to be super still without having any desire or focus at all, the computer program will eventually slow down and stop. You will suddenly wake up and see that your inner control freak is nowhere to be found! All there is… is pure awareness. 

I highly encourage you to explore this non-thinking experience for just 3 minutes a day. Eventually, you’ll catch a glimpse of an enlightened state that is free from fear. If you get good at being thought-free and can become thoughtless for 28 minutes in a row, you’ll transcend your inner control freak entirely and experience absolute bliss….guaranteed! Then you will upgrade your computer program with an entirely new fearless system that knows for 24 hours a day that everything is going to work out perfectly in the end. 

“Consciousness can only observe what undergoes change. ‘That’ which is eternal cannot be observed by consciousness or known by it. Unless you meditate on this point, the puzzle will not be solved.” ~ Nisargadatta

In a clear-minded thoughtless state, it’s sooo super easy to see that the whole Universe is divinely orchestrated. Everywhere you go, you see and feel that every moment of your life is perfect and divinely on track. You can see how everything is consciousness in different forms, how every atom is guided and every event is the Universe conspiring to awaken you to experience the grand truth of who you are. 


You are here to remember that you are Divine {name}. You are a soul who has never been disconnected from God. When you stop the mind in its tracks for 3 minutes, you will see that whatever challenges life throws at you are always attempting to give you another experience of growth towards love, unity, and connection that a control freak program doesn’t like at all.


The only reason the mind believes that things are not working out for the greater good, is simply we have been deeply hypnotized by the inner control freak’s program which is always overflowing with doubt, fear, negativity, lack, and scarcity. It wants the mind to be attached to its own separate agenda because that’s how it forms a tighter and more secure grip onto life. However, real safety and security can never be found through the mind. The mind is only made up of illusionary thoughts that come and go. These illusions cannot provide feelings of real safety and security which can only be found from the perspective of the soul.


It really doesn’t matter so much if your life doesn’t go exactly the way your inner control freak thinks it should. Everything is already divinely orchestrated, and as we detach from the ego’s agenda we naturally begin to trust and inherently know that it all works out in the end. The whole point of life is to be in a school for learning love, and this naturally happens by letting go of fear. When we remember that this is the main reason why we are here, then we can let anything happen and enjoy the ride. 


Of course, your mind will try to have its pendulum swinging from fear to trust and back to fear on its own accord. This is all it knows. To be free from this process is just to shake and awaken the mind free from any deep past-life karmic tentacles that have kept us trapped in fear for lifetimes. Life is always going to be in a constant change, and the mind will want to swing from negative to positive, and back to the negative again until we can completely sit back and stop identifying with this inner control freak. With just one deep breath, we can detach from it and see how everything is a game, a play on the stage of life, and the most sacred fuel for our spiritual awakening. 

“Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it.” ~ Wayne Dyer


My greatest advice to you is this. Watch your mind from the understanding that it is very dangerous. It can destroy your relationships, your health, your home, your family, or anything you deem valuable. If you can watch it with full awareness, you can one day train it and tame it. The mind is the most essential thing to train if you ever want to feel truly safe in this world. If it’s not trained you might as well be slathering yourself with meat juice and jumping into a den of hungry lions.

The more you can observe your thoughts the more you can become free from them. If you can simply inside long enough, you will see that you are not this inner control freak, you are the one who is the observer of it. You are the watcher. You are not the one who is biased, judgmental, stuck, lost or needs to be saved. You are the soul, a slut who is open to having any and every experience life wants to deliver.  

Whenever you stick tight to or hold onto any thought for an extended period of time, it soon becomes a mood, attitude, or overall approach to life. This is how you have identified with the inner control freak and stopped being free. You get caught thinking you’re some small fish in a fishbowl swimming around in circles, and unable to jump into the great ocean of life. 

Remember, your inner control freak is very sneaky and slippery. It has been your master at trying to run your life, control your life, and make it whatever it wants for ages. It is the master at judging you and your every experience of life as either being right or wrong. Your inner control freak lives in a black and white reality. 

Your inner control freak can only say this person is terrible and then believes another one is an angel. It polarizes life, divides it, and separates it as this is how it remains in control. No matter what your mind believes, it will always come from separation and control. It can only exist in this state, which brings it a false temporary sense of happiness based on IF outer events are going its way or not. 

“Run like hell, my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious, budding wings.”  ~Hafiz


There are no real enemies in this world. The only “enemy” in this world is that part of you who holds onto fear and cannot let go and trust life. Once you make peace with the inner control freak you will stop clinging so tightly onto any thought or belief. You will flow with the tides, allow the rivers to take you through life, and be led down the most beautiful waters. The only reason you believe in these controlling ‘illusions’ is so that you’d have the experience of falling deeply asleep under its spell. 

Your soul came here to forget that you are a spiritual being on a fantastic journey through eternity. So the inner control freak acts as a secret awakening agent to force you into so much suffering that you have to wake up from the dream. This is the day when you return to trusting life 100% and your true spiritual journey begins. We all need to be asleep if we want to have the experience of waking up. 


Your current life, however, can never find a way into permanent peace with the world until you step in and decide to become the master of your inner control freak. The more you can observe it from a distance and see how it takes over your mind, the more you’ll become free from it and the more enlightened you’ll become. Eventually, with practice, you’ll transcend the inner control freak and experience 24-7 peace of mind that knows everything will turn out perfectly in the end.

“Since everyone is one’s own Self, whoever does whatever to whoever is doing it only to himself.”  ~ Ramana Maharshi

We are all playing a unique and very peculiar role in the grand play of life. Your inner control freak is always there behind the scenes trying to manipulate the actors on the main stage. It wants to be in control of every movie scene and be in charge of everything! So you may find it disguises itself as playing the role of the actor, producer, director, or even some detached observer sitting in the back row of the audience. 

Your inner control freak may not enjoy certain scenes, thinking they aren’t playing out perfectly, exactly the way it thinks they should. So you will see how it rebels and resists certain actors on the stage and avoids talking about certain scenes completely. Whenever you can notice this, watching how you get overly attached to how a scene “should” be happening, this is the moment to stop and observe it deeply, because it is a great opportunity for awakening.   


Try to see that everything and everyone is your teacher. Every moment of your day is being guided by Divinity no matter whether you believe this or not. You have nothing to fear. You are on the path of eternity because you are an infinite soul and have an eternal amount of time to get there. So the next time your inner control freak gets triggered by someone, remember that. Remember that you have an infinite amount of choices to get it right, and ultimately have the choice to be free from this temporary illusion, or create more drama and pain around it. 

“Grace is the thread that weaves my life together seamlessly.”  ~Jessica Upchurch

Whatever happens in life, there’s always a beautiful gift in it for you. In the eyes of the Universe, you truly cannot make a ‘wrong’ choice. If your inner control freak regrets a choice or is afraid to make any choice at all, just notice how your body tenses up. It’s like its preparing for an attack or going to war. Sometimes it will take the offensive side and start attacking others as this is the best strategy for defense. Whenever your inner control freak gets upset about anything, it simply is feeling out of control and in need of a higher solution. 

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Your inner control freak is longing for healing, nurturing, softness, kindness, movies that make it feel that all is good in the world. Try to feed it thoughts that will encourage it to let go, so you may enjoy whatever happens in your life. When your inner control freak begins to feel safe and secure, knowing there is a bigger plan, it doesn’t have to be in control, it will relax into knowing that everything always works out perfectly in the end for the highest good of all concerned. Nothing matters as much when it knows there is gentle loving energy guiding behind it all.

When your inner light of pure awareness (the God Source) is given permission to run the show,  the inner control freak will take a seat in the audience and dissolve. You can instantly feel everything in life is easier. You know without a doubt that it’s all going to work out in the end. You realize then your job is to learn how to love and enjoy yourself all the way to the final scene, where the greatest applause you’ve ever imagined will come through.

 The opportunity for freedom is only in a Light that can outshine a thousand suns. This light is already here, yet it needs you to practice feeling it, observing it and being super gentle with yourself when the demanding control freak steps on stage. With time and sincere devotion to this practice, you can discover the magical flow of life is always here, and know that there is a divinity behind it all, always blessing you in the most challenging situations.

Our soul already knows that everything is perfect, and every moment is an opportunity to find a deeper path to love. We simply have the choice in each moment if we want to align with our soul or our inner control freak and listen to the greatest truth inside. Deep deep down it is there. You already are this infinite soul from the Light who is on a tremendous human journey of transformation. 

So every time a challenging circumstance arises, just remember that the golden key. Relax and let go of control. Surrender to stillness. This is the secret to being free. In every moment there is an opportunity to meet God.  When you are silent, still and aware you won’t miss it. When you can relax into each breath, each moment of mind that plasters illusions over you, you can learn how to see through the game and be free. With awareness, you can see a deeper understanding of why this situation had to emerge as it did and why it was not clear for you at the time.

“Absence of consciousness is ego.  Whenever the ego is absent, God is present.”  ~Osho

My final advice for you is this. Life is the school.. awareness, freedom, and love are the lessons. When you become devoted to learning these three lessons, you will find this relaxed self-loving self-accepting state of being. You will know that every experience in life is sacred. When you wake up in the morning knowing that awareness, freedom, and love are the big lessons for your day, you cannot ever fail. Your inner control freak begins to trust and see the path to happiness is found in this very spiritual perspective.  When the lessons are accepted and respected daily, it becomes very clear that no matter what happens in life, that everything always works out perfectly in the end.

Sending an abundance of blessings to you and your loved ones,

Jafree Ozwald

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