It All Works Out Perfectly in the End

It All Works Out Perfectly in the EndWritten by Jafree Ozwald

It really doesn’t matter when something negative happens to you on any one specific day. It is all blessed fuel for your spiritual awakening. Your ego will of course be judging your experience as wrong, terrible or consider it to be the dramatic victim of all creation (if you allow it to do so). Anything that arises that is not in perfect alignment with what is "supposed" to happen (according to the ego) the mind throws a mini or major fit. So when you get triggered by something or someone, you can stop and re-center yourself on the thought that, "everything works out perfectly in the end". The contracted experience you are having will all of a sudden feel easier to handle and you will more consciously work with the feelings that are arising in that moment.

"We live the perfect process created by the Universe, and we do that perfectly whether we realize it or not." ~ Osho 

The strangest thing about life is that it really all does work out perfectly in the end. In the midst of suffering your mind will not trust, believe or agree with this. Yet, the truth is that from the vantage point of your soul, everything is always divinely orchestrated to perfection no matter what happens. The whole Universe is conspiring in awakening you to experience the truth of who you are, and sometimes will attempt to give you a growth experience that your ego doesn’t like at all! The only reason we ever experience things are not working out in life is because the mind/ego cannot always see the bigger picture from the perspective of one’soul.


The truth is that everything always works out perfectly in the end. When you hold onto this thought for an extended period of time, it soon becomes a mood, attitude and an approach to life. By diving into the feeling that everything in the future will work out to divine perfection, you can relax, explore your spiritual essence deeper and actually enjoy your life! With practice you will discover the hidden blessing that any challenging situation was trying to offer you, and the opportunity for the growth that was buried within it.

"Grace is the thread that weaves my life together seamlessly." ~Jessica Hall Upchurch

Recently, I (Margot) had a powerful experience of how everything does work out perfectly. Thanks to Grace, God, the Universe (or whatever you want to call this awesome Divine Presence that blesses us all), a few weeks ago I discovered the very night before taking an early morning flight to Vancouver, Canada for a spiritual retreat that my passport had newly expired. I called the airlines and they said that they would not let me on the plane without a valid passport because of newly passed laws.  Immediately, I felt my ego start to freak out, and create massive drama. I knew I had to pull myself together and re-center in my trusting nature. After several hours of talking with people at the airlines (who only gave me the same negative answer), I decided to surrender and decided that it would all eventually work itself out perfectly in the end. Once I let go of my negative thought and emotions around the issue, the actual problem instantly dissolved itself.

This is where I feel that Grace stepped in and really supported me. I reached a ticketing agent that was truly angelic. She heard about my plight, and told me that she knew how to get me on the plane too!  She had read that the Canadian officials would accept an expired passport with a birth certificate, but that I would have greater trouble getting back into the country. She said that she would document this case in the computer system and it should notify everyone to let me on the plane!  The next day I presented myself at the airport and three people told me that I could NOT get on that plane today with an expired passport. I simply told them to check their computer. They all let me through thanks to the note in their system. I stepped on the plane to and got through the border without any problem!

It really did work itself out perfectly in the end. The most beautiful thing about this experience is that it powerfully reminded me that the moment I let go and surrendered to trusting a higher divine power is running the show, the Universe was finally able to guide and support me. We had such a powerful time at this retreat that I was not worried for one second about getting back in the country. And the amazing thing is that I got back into the country with an expired passport and not even ONE person mentioned that it was expired.

"Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it." ~ Wayne Dyer

We will all be blessed from time to time with situations that are threatening to the well-being of our ego. When these circumstances arise, you can easily remember to relax and remember that in the future the deeper understanding of why this situation had to emerge for you will show itself clearly. Deep down inside your infinite Divine Self knows that every experience in life is perfect because there does not exist a "wrong" experience.

Everything is part of the play on the stage of life which your soul has chosen to participate in as an observer, actor and producer. Your ego may sometimes love the scene, while other times reject it completely. Just know that everything is temporary, and that suffering only occurs when you are overly attached to how a scene "should" be happening. Everything is divine. You are here to explore it all and enjoy the large diverse variety of experiences that arise.

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Many blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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