It’s SUPER MANifestor!!

It’s SUPER MANifestor!!By Jafree Ozwald

 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPER MANifestor!  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, able to manifest any desire faster than a speeding bullet!  SUPER MANifestor is here!  Have you ever wanted to become super human like superman?  If we could wave a magic wand over you and instantly give you super manifesting powers for one day, what would you do?   What would you create, how would you think, and what would be the first thing you’d experience if you were a Superman or Superwoman?   If you could make anything manifest into your life in a FLASH what would it be? Well, guess what?  You are already a SUPER MANifestor!  You have the hidden powers buried inside you to easily and effortlessly manifest anything you desire.  Actually you are more powerful than Superman since kryptonite won’t even faze you!  Perhaps you may have gotten super-amnesia and have forgotten that you truly do have super manifesting powers inside.  That is why you are reading this now…to wake you up into realizing the SUPER MANifesting being that you already are!  Discovering and implementing the unlimited potential energy inside yourself is not hard to do, it just takes a willingness to let go of all your preconceived ideas about who you are and being open to the possibility that you can manifest anything you want.  The next secret is learning how to raise your manifesting vibration and DOING IT daily so that you resonate with this Superman-like consciousness.  At this level synchronistic miracles start occurring everywhere you go and you KNOW you can instantly manifest your desires.   Start boosting your vibration today by relaxing into the knowingness that you can manifest anything at will.  Get super clear on what you want to manifest, and write it down!  Make sure that all parts of you are in alignment and truly desire whatever it is you want.  If there is an internal disagreement or limiting belief inside, it will hold you back and suppress your natural manifesting powers.  Our manifesting meditations will assist you in creating this inner alignment.  After you become 100% aligned then ignite the SUPER MAnifesting energy by seeing and feeling yourself already manifesting your desire!  Really allow yourself to feel it completely and fully.  The more you can feel the energy of having ALREADY created your dream, the faster it will show up.  Lastly, let go of your attachment to any perceived idea of how something should manifest and trust that the Universe will manifest the perfect thing for you!! We have created a SUPER MANifesting package that contains EVERYTHING you need to harness your Super-manifesting powers and create whatever you desire.  You can manifest financial freedom, meet your soul mate, experiencing a spiritual awakening, an amazing relationship with your partner, etc.  This special package includes The 90 Day Manifesting Program, The 8 Day Manifesting E-course, and ALL 7 Manifesting Meditations!   Download it instantly now at this link:

Many Blessings to you!
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