It’s Time to Celebrate!

It’s Time to Celebrate!by Margot Zaher

Life is something to be savored like eating an incredible gourmet meal at a fine restaurant.  Every bite is worth cherishing and deeply experiencing.  How often do you celebrate who you are, and the richness and vastness of being a human being on this planet?  The New Year is a perfect time to cherish your life, your aliveness, and give thanks for your life experiences through the vehicle of celebration.   As members of a fast-paced modern world, we tend to get caught up with everything we want to do and accomplish.  Sometimes life may pass us by because we are so busy accomplishing and doing.  We may wake up one day and realize that an entire year has past in a blur of activity.  There is much more to life than doing and accomplishing goals and tasks. There are rhythms to our lives, much like there are seasons in nature.  There are times to start new projects, times to work hard to make them materialize in the world, and times to celebrate what we have accomplished.   This holiday season is the perfect time to slow down and really celebrate the magnificence of who you are before you enter this amazing New Year and NEW YOU!!   Celebration of your life is one of the golden keys to manifesting more abundance, love and success into your life. You are not a robot, you are a human being who naturally loves the sensations of being alive.  It is important to allow your spirit, mind, and body to recharge by celebrating yourself and your life.  Celebration allows you to let go and just be present in the now.  Celebration is to the human spirit like gasoline is to your car’s motor.  Your soul can not operate effectively without this type of fuel.  It boosts your energy, clears your mind, re-aligns your vibration with the abundance frequency.  The more you celebrate what you have already received from the universe, the more the Universe gives you in return.   Why not look at this NEW year as the time to celebrate your life, and the lives of those around you? Let yourself forget about the things you want to do, and relax into the simple, pure and true energy of celebration.  Think of just one new thing you do to savor the incredible feeling of being alive, and to appreciate the wonderful people that brighten up your life?  Pick one thing you can do today to celebrate the magnificence and honor of just being here in this amazing world today. That’s right, go ahead and create something wild and fun!!  Go dancing in your living room, roll down a hill like a child, go sledding, play charades, or go on an adventure to a fun new place in the city.   Just do what ever makes your eyes light up and your heart sing!! May your holidays be filled with an abundance of celebration, joy, and love!!

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