Jafree’s Mind Mastery Meditation

Jafree’s Mind Mastery MeditationBy Jafree Ozwald

Everytime I felt lost in life, I was out of touch with my breath…

1. Take 30 seconds and imagine what is may be like to be the master of your life, thoughts and imagination.  See yourself as flawless.  Practice knowing that you are unbounded imagination that is able to completely control your attitude, focus and where you direct your energy.  Imagine as best you can the specific thoughts and feelings that say "you have arrived." 2. For 5-10 minutes close your eyes gently and sit on the ground in the most relaxed yet vertically aligned spinal posture you can.  Allow your body to relax completely yet maintain perfect present moment alertness on your breath.  If random thoughts arise meet each one with the awareness of your breath.  Let your life’s biggest dreams feel as if you have already been manifesting them easily and effortlessly for years.  Trust your breath and experience breathing with the Universe.  Relax, let go and open up to it through your breath.  Know it will provide everything you need and handle ALL the worrysome details for you. Focus on trusting yourself and the Universe. 3.  When you feel complete quietly say the word "Ahhhhhhh" to yourself on each exhale.  Do this many times until you feel fully at peace and deeply relaxed.  Say it as if this was a huge sigh of relief that you have finally become the master of your mind and life.  Each time you inhale, continue to feel yourself manifesting EVERYTHING you desire with effortless joy and ease.  Practice welcoming thoughts that are healing, relaxing, magical and free!! 4. Hold each visualization as long as you can between breaths.  The pause after each exhale and before each inhalation is where the most manifesting power is.  Hang out there as long as you can without holding or controling the breath in anyway.  Before you open your eyes take a few minutes to listen to the silence between your heartbeats. Take this time to appreciate your life.  Give thanks to The Universe for your co-creative power to manifest everything you imagine. Within every human being is enough energyand consciousness to transform the entire world….enjoy!!! Many blessings to you,
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