Let Go of Attachment to Manifesting Money

Let Go of Attachment to Manifesting Money Written by Jafree Ozwald www.Enlightenedbeings.com   So there you are…sitting with your eyes closed and your legs crossed, visualizing a huge check in your mailbox, being a lottery jackpot winner, landing an amazing business deal, being hired for a higher paying job, or receiving that million dollar inheritance from that missing uncle you never knew you had.  You know you deserve to have this kind of financial abundance, and part of you believes it is really coming to you. You have been doing everything right for some time now, visualizing your success and feeling as if you are already living the abundant lifestyle you desire. Yet, nothing seems to be happening in your outer world. Should you just throw in the towel and give up? Absolutely not! This is a grand opportunity to get super curious about what is blocking you from manifesting the abundance you desire. If there was one thing that continuously creates a wall between you and manifesting your desires, it is the energy of attachment.  Attachment is always the culprit hindering everyone’s manifesting vibration.  Whenever you MUST manifest a desire or dream in order to be happy, then you’ve missed life completely and have become overly attached.  When a desire for money becomes incessantly more important than being intimate with your beloved, you’ve again missed it and are too attached.  Anytime you NEED to make an ridiculously abundant income to be "fulfilled", then your being tenses up with anxious neurotic energy and you actually end up unable to receive your manifestation.  The tight, contracted consciousness lowers your ability to manifest and keep you from FEELING and KNOWING yourself as the Divine All-Powerful Manifesting Being you already are.

The law of detachment means that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it.  This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire.  You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire.  You give up your attachment to the result.”  ~Deepak Chopra

Money is one of the most common things people become overly attached to because the idea of not having it automatically triggers an inherent survival mechanism.  The more primitive and instinctual aspects of your mindbody have been hardwired to stay alive.  Anytime you believe your survival might be in jeopardy, your instincts begin to fight or flee.  This is often caused by the mind imagining the worse case senario, when the reality is that you have always had enough to eat and a warm dry place to sleep and you are going to continue being provided for.  You see, we live in a conscious loving abundant Universe that knows how to take care of you intimately.   Attachment only arises when you are over-identifying with your ego’s story of survival instead of surrendering to infinite vastness of your divine essence.  When you relax into the truth of who you are and take massive action from this space, you naturally transcend attachment to your dream, open your mind, raise your vibration and attract exactly what you need, want and deserve.

“For peace of mind, we must resign as the general manager of the Universe.”   ~ Debbie Ford

The great mysterious secret to creating any type of abundance you desire is in being gentle with yourself and your dream.  By gently holding the intention of receiving those big bucks AND at the same time being completely complacent, utterly at peace, connected to the Universe and totally OK with never manifesting massive abundance is the key.  In other words, it is all about practicing the fine art of being detached.  When you are in touch with Spirit, at peace with yourself as you are AND non-attached to needing a massive bank account overflowing with money, you can finally relax.  Paradoxally, through letting go of your attachment to money you allow the Universe to completely support you financially.  Detachment enables you to be fully open and receptive, which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to you.  Each time you are honestly detached from having your desire manifest, it will materialize for you much faster and far easier.

"Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness. As you can conceive of more, more will come into your life."  ~ Louis Hays

The magic of letting go occurs when you truly find your spiritual path and discover this great joy, tremendous freedom and exotic love is already inside you.  For who you are is already abundant and free.  You are the God-Source itself!  Trust that whatever has happened in your life is perfect and you will see this with a deeper spiritual understanding of your life’s mission here.  The Universe is giving you the most beneficial situation for your soul’s highest evolution.  The ego doesn’t always know the bigger picture, yet the Universe does, and will   gift you with MORE financial prosperity than what you originally asked for when you surrender your ego to the Divine.  If you’d like assistance in this process experience our package of 3 powerful Guided Money Meditations!  They will open you up to your spiritual resources so you shift your attachment to money and ironically manifest this abundance effortlessly into your life.  Download and listen to them instantly now by Clicking Here to Download Now!  Enjoy!   Sending a great deep love and abundant force to you,
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