Let Go of Fear and Become Unstoppable

Let Go of Fear and Become Unstoppable

By Margot Zaherwww.manifestingmagnet.com

How many times have you been stopped dead in your tracks because of fear?  Where would you be today if you were fearless and unstoppable?  What dreams would you have manifested?  Eliminating fear can open up the doors to success because you begin to act on your dreams, and do what you truly desire.  So really…what is fear? Fear is an emotional response that happens when we imagine or believe that something in our environment is going to hurt us.  Fear provides the valuable service of keeping us safe from physical dangers such as tigers, and jumping out in front of mammoth trucks.  It activates our adrenaline glands so that we can fight or take flight.  However, fear can become harmful when we begin to overreact to situations and experiences that hold no real danger.  For instance, many people fear public speaking or trying new things, when neither one of these things are going to kill them.  In fact, both of these are safe activities that can turn out to be enjoyable and easy if they let go of their fear. A great acronym for F.E.A.R is "False Evidence Appearing Real".  In many cases, fear is an illusion that is based on an imagined scenario.  For instance, have you ever been home alone at night, and imagined that there was somebody walking around in your home?  Didn’t you start feeling scared and begin to strain your ears for strange noises?  Your imagination caused you to experience fear.  If you then confronted your fear by going downstairs and turning on the light, your fear would magically disappear.  You would see the reality of the situation and realize that you had nothing to fear.  So fear only has power over you if you do not face it, and uncover the reality behind your imagination.  In this scenario, confronting your fear was the magical way of overcoming it.   Only the other hand, if you do not go downstairs and face your fear, your imagination grows more powerful with each passing moment.  Haven’t you experienced the dreadful feeling of mounting fear because you won’t get up and check downstairs?  If you stay put, this fear may gain more power until you are completely at its mercy.  And this is what many people do in their lives.  They stay put and dwell on the fear until the fear has engulfed them.  They are trapped in the feeling, and have no perception of reality.  Again, breaking this chain of events is simple.  All it takes is looking at your fear square in the face, and figuring out how you can effectively handle the worst possible outcome that you can imagine.

 Four steps for letting go of fear:

1. Make a list of your fears, and select a small fear that you would like to work on.  It is best to experience success with a little fear before moving on to bigger ones.  Some of the most common fears are fear of public speaking, fear of saying no to a loved one, fear of cold calling, fear of making a mistake, etc… 2. Determine how much pain this fear is causing you in your life.Please write down the answers to the following questions. What am I missing out on because of this fear?  What will my life look like if I continue to operate out of a place of fear?  What negative consequences could occur in the future if I continue to let fear control me? 3. Establish the benefit of overcoming the fear.Write down the answers to these questions.  What could I create if I overcome this fear? How would my life be better if this fear no longer existed?  What would I do, accomplish, or experience if this fear was absent? 4. Embrace your fear fully.The key to moving through fear is to face the fear and see the truth that lies beneath it. This technique alone has created huge shifts in many of my clients.  I suggest that you do this exercise in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit back in a chair and close your eyes. Then picture your fear in your mind.  Imagine the worst thing that could happen.  Imagine what it would feel like to be in that situation.  Imagine how you would react, and what you would say. Allow yourself to fully feel all of the feelings associated with the situation.  You may want to get some support around this process and do it with a trained professional or good friend if your fear is very strong.  Once you fully allow yourself to feel the fear, you will start seeing beyond the fear.  You will naturally experience a release,  and realize the strength and power of your true divine nature.  As Ambrose Redmoon said, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."

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Have fun being unstoppable!

Many blessings to you!Margot Zaherwww.manifestingmagnet.com


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