Life is a Celebration

Life is a moment to celebrate, to enjoy. Make it fun, a celebration, and then you will enter the temple.The temple is not for the long-faced, it has never been for them.Look at life–do you see sadness anywhere? Have you ever seen a tree depressed? Have you seen a bird anxiety-ridden? Have you seen an animal neurotic? No, life is not like that, not at all.Only man has gone wrong somewhere,and he has gone wrong somewhere becausehe thinks himself to be very wise, very clever.Your cleverness is your disease. Don’t be too wise.Always remember to stop; don’t go to the extreme. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good, and the right combination makes you a buddha. These three women dancing in the wind and the rain remind us that celebration never need depend on outside circumstances.We need not wait for a special holiday or a formal occasion, nor a sunny and cloudless day. True celebration arises from a joy that is first experienced deep within, and spills over into an overflow of song and dance and laughter, and yes, even tears of gratitude.You are becoming more and more available and open to the many opportunities that are to celebrate in life, and to spread this by contagion to others.Don’t bother about scheduling a party on your calendar.Let your hair down, take your shoes off, and start splashing in the puddles right now. The party is happening all around you every moment! ~OshoHave an amazing celebration of your life THIS weekend…enjoy!Many blessings to you,
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