Life Is An Enlightenment Incubator

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Life Is An Enlightenment Incubator 

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“Realization of the Self is realization of God. It is not an experience of God, rather, it is an understanding that one is God.” ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

Everything and everyone is here for your enlightenment. We are all in a grand incubation chamber called humanity, that is designed specifically to bring the state of self-realization into our hearts and minds.  Every person is a teacher in this mass school, guiding us to finding our spiritual path, and discover what it truly means to be enlightened.  Every single person, situation, event and circumstance in your life today, is offering the perfect ingredients necessary for you to get rooted, grow, and blossom into your greatest potentiality.  We are like baby eggs, each destined to hatch, break free from our ego shell and enjoy this extremely alive, conscious and deeply juicy existence.

As always, there is nothing, absolutely nothing missing for enlightenment to find its way to you. All your problems, missed opportunities and challenging life circumstances are the perfect sacred situations, deliberately designed to inspire you to build your deepest connection to Source and harness a radical creativity. Without these sacred situations you would be missing something that is like fertilizer, these essential stinky nutrients that make one deepen, evolve and grow. Life is perfect just the way it is, and you are perfect just the way you are, with all your desires and attainments, joys and sorrows, securities and insecurities. 

Life is an enlightenment incubator that cannot be escaped from.  We are imprisoned in the destiny to reach enlightenment in this lifetime, the next lifetime or the next…  Your enlightenment is on the divine agenda, the schedule of your soul, and there is nothing you can do to change this. You can try to ignore it, pretend it’s not happening, or become distracted by a goal/project that seems to be more important than enlightenment. Yet, still over the course of a lifetime the karmic agenda remains the same.  Your soul’s destiny will always be to discover what enlightenment is, what it feels like, and what you need to let go of to attain it.

The most ordinary typical days of life often contain the most potent aspects of the enlightenment incubation process. Every personal or business conversation, text message, email, facebook post, and youtube video you experience are the exact fuel you specifically needed in that moment for you to realize your path to greater freedom.  Every moment you are alone, listening to your inner voice, being quiet, or simply doing nothing is also the exact fuel needed. Every challenge, argument, confusion, fear, desire and indecision is also essential fuel for that moment. In any direction we turn, we find the perfect enlightening fuel is already there ready to be used. We are surrounded by perfection. It is only the mind that perceives something else.

There is no use removing doubts one by one. If we clear one doubt another doubt will arise and there will be no end of doubts. But, if by seeking the doubter, the doubter is found to be really non-existent, then all doubts will cease.” ~Ramana Maharshi

This planet is the most sacred spiritual birthing ground, which is specifically set up for you to realize your divine nature within its womb. Each day the Sun shines it’s light on you, it’s giving you warmth so you can relax, smile and experience so many pleasures in this amazing body. You get to enjoy your body each day, and how it’s five senses are always interacting with the outer world. Your physical body is the perfect cocoon for you to go inside, find your soul and sprout your spiritual wings. The Universe is constantly giving life to you from the inside. Your heart beating, blood pumping, cells rejuvenating, and breath flowing are life coursing through you.  Life is loving you from the inside and the outside, and these two worlds are merged together in a matrix of highly intelligent energy.

At the deepest level, life is the most unconditionally loving teacher there is.  It requires no payment from you, and works everyday for you absolutely free of charge.  It is constantly offering you free life lessons, which help your soul evolve in ways you never knew were possible. This sweet love from life is so extremely generous.  It’s always gifting you free sunshine, free air, free ocean water, and if you’re courageous and willing, all the free food you can find on the trees, plants and catch in the oceans. 

We truly live in a divine ocean of loving intelligent energy that supports every need we have. Even when we get upset, thrown off center, get angry, start to reject life and push love away, life still continues to feed us, nurture us and breathe our body for us.  Life still loves you no matter how you respond to it. The sun never stops shining on you, no matter how irreverent you are with it. You really don’t have to do anything but show up, and fully be in this moment of your life right here right now, and this act of showing up is all about surrender, and takes absolutely zero effort.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed…nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin

One of the most enlightening meditations I’ve done recently is this:  For 24 hours a day, open yourself to the idea that everyone is enlightened except you. Imagine and pretend that there’s this huge pronoiac conspiracy the Universe has to wake you up. Everybody is a vehicle for the Divine, and every human is your greatest teacher and teaching. Listen to others as if God him/her self was speaking through them. The deeper you listen the more you will hear the divine direction you’re needing to go today.  The inner voice is already tuned in, and it will start showing you exactly how to find your way home. 

Imagine that we are all eagerly waiting for you to become enlightened.  We have arrived, and now are patient, yet very excited about you becoming the great enlightening student that you were born to be.  Our mission is to serve you, help you step on board the enlightenment train, because you my friend are the very last to arrive. It’s not that you are less than anyone, nor missing anything on the inside.  This enlightenment exam is just an assignment for the ego, and it will ignite some powerful insights in you, lighting up your spiritual path.  The challenge to pretend that everyone is enlightened except you all day long is huge I know, yet take it on as an experiment for just 3 days.  Explore how you and your experience of life changes.

As you do this experiment, you’ll notice how the quality of your listening changes with each day. On day one it may be somewhat superficial, and by day three you may become lost in the seeing, feeling and touching the Divine everywhere you go.  What a blessing!  Continue playing with it past day three if it’s working for you of course, noticing what you feel you need to let go of, and how your perception of others and yourself changes.  Become more and more aware of the immediate shift in consciousness that is created the moment you choose to step into this enlightenment incubator. 

Pretending that everyone is enlightened except you is a gigantic task for the ego to take on, so one small word of advice for you is this: Be gentle with your teachers. Respect their teaching deeply by paying extra super close attention to what they are really saying underneath it all.  Listen to what is your next step to finding freedom. Apply what is really going on in your life, and see what is it that you most need to learn. Ask yourself why do these types of people trigger me and why?  Notice what they are pointing at inside you, that you don’t love about you.  Listen to what’s being said between their words, between your thoughts.  Feel deeper into what’s actually happening in each new moment, if you want to truly be free.

I find that the initial experience of enlightenment is very similar to making popcorn.  The hard small little corn kernels (ego) require loads of heat (pressure), to be covered in oil (juicy emotions), and need a bit of stirring (uncertainty) before they surrender, pop open, and expand completely into their light fluffy fullness. The experience of enlightenment is basically a simple sweet science. When the corn is popped, the hard shell of the ego is no longer holding everything together on the outside, yet rather the soft fluffy part moves towards the outer, and hard protective part towards the inner.  When the real you comes out, there is nothing to fear or protect anymore.  All the outer shells drop, and you become a very soft, open, available being who is full of love and here to be enjoyed by all.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead to a better understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

Just watch your ego closely and notice how it behaves very much like one of these little kernels of popcorn. It feels small, contracted, protective, hard and limited in it’s expression. Its condensed with loads of energy inside that are ready to be fully expressed given the right heated conditions. When our juicy emotions (oil) are added on top, nothing happens unless there is some real heat underneath. As we start feeling into the heated situations we are currently facing in our life around money, sex, relationship, love, work, health etc the heart turns on!  By feeling our feelings fully, deeply and thoroughly, our energy builds making the heat even hotter.  Eventually we burst open, liberating ourselves from that tightly contracted hardened ego self. 

Life is extremely intelligent.  It knows exactly how and where to add a little extra heat to your life.  The popcorn pops on its own accord when the heat reaches the critical point of no return. When the tight protective case around the ego breaks, the lightness of our being expands through. When your shell cracks, you begin to taste enlightenment and live beyond your ego.  The heat of life will come whether you want it to or not.  You cannot avoid it. It shows up in many mysterious ways, and a large variety of forms.

It may show up as pressure we create within ourselves from expectations, assumptions, commitments, agreements, promises in our relationships, marriage, with money, sex, work, and health.  It may also show up from a lack of pressure we place on ourselves.  Meaning if we are too lazy, living in denial, and ignoring our desires, wants and needs, we will feel depressed and this external heat feeling will come from life for us to do something different and make an external change.

It’s not that enlightenment is only just some light fluffy experience. This ego popping phenomena is the initial introduction to it.  Real everyday enlightenment is living life in a very grounded, real, and always present way, that is continually integrating our dark deep wounded parts.  It’s as if the corn kernel gets popped once, then realizes there’s another layer of tightness and contraction inside, and then gets re-popped again and again, repeating thousands of times every day.

“You are neither consciousness nor its content. You are the timeless source… the supreme reality. Trust that.” -Nisargadatta

The popcorn (ego) is a contracted state because it’s busy holding too tightly onto our beliefs, fears, control and the need to be right.  When we relax, letting the heat of life come into expand our minds and hearts in a loving natural way, the experience of getting popped open by life is quite powerful and exhilarating.  Instead of running from life, we face it, embrace and move into and through it.  There is no more resistance to the hottest heat, which is all the things we tend to fear and avoid.  We choose instead to welcome these challenges as opportunities to manifest a bigger juicier life.  We get out of the way and let life and it’s amazingness come truly in.

I want you to see this spiritual being inside you who is all powerful, unconditionally loving, and free from all doubt, insecurity and fear.  We were all born to enjoy this grand mysterious and profound matrix of life. We were brought here to discover a realm of Heaven within ourselves, and this is done by having mastery over the mind. It may take you a few days, weeks or years to master this, yet you have support now!  I’m here to provide you with the tools to discover real true mastery over your life.  I’ve created a practical down to earth daily enlightenment program.  It’s a powerful online experience and super manifesting program which is 100% guaranteed to dramatically shift your life in the most enlightening ways in the next 90 days or less!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,

Jafree Ozwald

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