Life is Fabulous!

Life is Fabulous!By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Have you ever repeated a thought soooo much that it tended to get stuck?  Like a broken record that wouldn’t quit, it kept repeating and repeating itself?  Well recently I (Jafree) have had some enlightening experiences just from diving into the thought/feeling of "Life is Fabulous".  I explored this idea from every possible angle in my mind many times a day.  Soon it became an addiction, and after 24 hours it turned into an obsession.  My mind kept wondering if there was an end to the ‘Fabulous-ness’ of this Universe, and somehow the Universe kept showing me how even more fabulous it was!  I was constantly finding new things to marvel at.  I tell you that repeating this thought over and over is definitely something to explore.

Who do you think you would become after 7 days of feeling the thought, "Life Is Fabulous!"  I dare you to explore this feeling/thought one hundred times a day and see what happens.  This thought has tremendous power and soul to it.  Use it.  Don’t abuse it by not FEELING fabulous.  Just know that LIFE is fabulous and you will soon feel fabulous inside!  When you feel fabulous inside you’ll manifest even more fabulous things on the outside!

We humans often have difficulty thinking, feeling, and believing this thought along with our current life situation until we realize it is fundamentally true.  Life is truly fabulous!  There is an amazing Universe around us that gives us everything we need to thrive here and more!  Our planet receives the perfect amount of solar energy everyday from the Sun to maintain life, and we have been blessed with an abundance of resources.  This incredibly rich planet we live on is filled with everything we need to sustain, replenish, and enjoy our lives fully!  If you look closely at our oceans and landscapes, you’ll find a HUGE variety of amazing environments that life lives in.  You’ll find millions of different plants, animals, and human life forms that somehow all co-habitate together harmoniously (well mostly). If you look at the bigger picture of it, the overall beauty is truly astounding!  This world is magnificent, monumental, and magnanimous!!  Let yourself take it all in and feel how truly blessed you are to be living on this amazing planet today.

Perhaps an even more profound question is what would you DO differently with your day if you were thinking, "Life Is Fabulous" one hundred times per day?  What personal actions would you take or conversations would you have with others that would align with this feeling of "Life Is Fabulous"?  Think about it.  You create your reality 24-7.   If you are thinking such a positive thought, and feeling it repeatedly, you will become unstoppable!  There will be nothing that can stop you!  The truth is that there really isn’t anything "out there" in the Universe that can stop you from manifesting your dream life….but YOU!  And if you are bathing in the FABULOUS vibration, realizing everyday how incredible life truly is, you’ll create so much positive momentum and exciting energy that YOU won’t even be able to stop YOU!  Like a powerful manifesting magnet, you will be attracting many fabulous experiences, opportunities, and people that deeply mirror your inner knowing that "Life Is Fabulous".

This simple affirmation is one blessed ticket to freedom.  Make time to explore this thought this week and let yourself become obsessed with it.  Lose yourself in it and see what shifts, transformations, and miracles manifest into your life.  It might just astound you and us both!  When something fabulous happens to you please e-mail us!  Send your positive experiences and stories to our new e-mail address at  If you are having difficulty feeling that "Life Is Fabulous", or feel blocked, resistant, or stuck in someway, you may want to try a personal manifesting session with one of us over the phone.  We can help you remove your blocks, sometimes even in as little as one session!  You can order a manifesting experience instantly online at: Take advantage of our special holiday offer of the FREE "Guided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money" with the purchase of the 90 Day Manifesting Program at  This offer expires December 24th at midnight EST and is only valid for those that purchase it this week.  Many fabulous blessings to you,

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