Live Your Life As An Exclamation Not An Explanation

Live Your Life As An Exclamation, Not An Explanation
Written by Jafree Ozwald

In the world of manifesting, there are two basic types of people.  Those who choose to live their life as an exclamation and those who are trapped in living their life as an explanation. The first group of people choose to see everything, everyone, every situation as an opportunity to live life as a celebration. They consciously focus on what they are grateful for, and appreciate the smallest things life brings them. These people are the light bearers for the world and are always empowering themselves and the others around them.

The second type of person tends to hide, and not see the truth of who they are. They are blind to their inner beauty and divinity because they believe that something is fundamentally wrong with them. They use excuses as a crutch, and a way of hiding what is “wrong” with them. They explain away anything that does not appear to be OK with regards their behavior. They blame circumstances, and other people for things that have occurred.  If you find yourself swinging back and forth between these two extremes, or simply stuck working in your parents inherited excuse factory, it’s time to take a good long look inwards. Think about who you will be in 20 years from now if you continue to use these excuses. What will it feel like to live this kind of future?

“You learned your thoughts, beliefs and identity. Why then would you imagine you can’t unlearn them?” ~Isira

Now imagine what it would be like to LET GO of all your excuses completely today and never visit them again! What would it feel like to say NO to giving anyone an excuse for anything, and to simply tell your truth as it is raw and real? The next time that you are late, try expressing the truth instead of making up an excuse. You might say something like, “I really didn’t leave my home early enough to be here on time” or “I just decided I would rather watch the rest of my T.V. show.” I challenge and invite you to see how radically honest you can become.  You’ll be amazed at what this one little shift will do to your life and your manifesting vibration.

“Move from reacting to observing. There is an emotional disconnection that must take place called “non-attachment”. This doesn’t mean not feeling anything, but being okay with whatever outcome manifests.” ~Swami Premodaya

Giving up excuses is letting go of that heavy weight around your shoulders and chest. Once all your excuses are dropped you can no longer feel the need to explain, focus on, or be stuck in anything that is “not working” in your life.  There is a great sense of lightness inside and you no need to be avoiding anyone, especially yourself!  The tendency to blame yourself keeps you from claiming your own power in the world. When you are constantly wrapped up in thinking “what will other people think of me”, it is difficult to see the true divine beauty all around you, and how things are perfect the way they are.  If you have a small part of yourself that tends to make up excuses for why you were late, or why you didn’t do what you said you would do, or why you aren’t feeling great about yourself and your life, you may want to acknowledge this part, and choose to move beyond it today.  You’ll love what occurs by simply making this choice.

“Your experiences cannot tell you who you are; they do not define you in any way. Only the concepts that you hold about yourself to be true can be influenced by your experiences.” ~Jac O’Keeffe

Of course when you have truly let go of all those small inner sabotaging voices and are speaking your truth bold and loud, there also may be another part of you that is afraid that people will dislike or fear you if you speak your truth instead of making excuses. The reality is that most people know when you are making up an excuse the moment it rolls off your tongue.  It is VERY obvious how you really feel about something or what is truly happening on the inside of you.   You cannot hide anymore from others.  Start speaking your most RADICAL truth this week and practice living from this place of celebration!  It will deepen all of your relationships because they will be based on a foundation of trust and authenticity. Being radically honest is one of the most liberating things you will ever experience, and will bring your heart and life absolute total freedom.

“By accepting what is you become bigger than what is.” ~Eckhart Tolle

This life is about you stepping into your power, into who you truly are.  Start taking your life back by the horns and reeling in the greatest catch you will ever find….YOU!! When you give up living your life as an explanation, you begin to experience deeper authentic relationships with people that are founded on who you are, and not the image you are trying to project. Just try it…for even one week, one day, one hour or even one conversation with someone. Stop living your life as an explanation and start experiencing it as a joyous, truthful exclamation!!  This is truly the most amazing life you are here to live!  If you need support, our online Manifesting Program will truly transform your life in many miraculous ways!  You will experience massive positive results in 90 days or less with our Manifesting Technology!  It is 100% guaranteed to work or your back!  Instantly download it right now by simply Clicking Here Now!

Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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