Love Comes In a Zillion and One Forms

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Love Comes in a Zillion and One Forms

By Jafree Ozwald

“Be a light unto yourself. Hold fast to the Truth.
Look not for refuge to anyone besides what is inside yourself.” ~Buddha

All around you is a hidden energy that holds the vibration of love. You may not always see it or feel it, as your eyes have been blinded by distracting thoughts, desires and limiting beliefs from your past.  Yet this omnipresent energy is a container of the divine, and it is everywhere, within everyone and everything.  You cannot even say that there is a particular source this greater Love comes from, because it IS the source itself within all, and is always found beneath every little thought and thing.  It’s only when you stop, look and listen will your eyes open to this truth, that you can know that pure love is the driving force behind everything.

It’s quite easy to separate this world into good and bad people, challenging and easy situations, bright or dark aspects, and black or white situations that are most obviously right or wrong.  This level of perception takes no skill at all, for it is just the mind running the show, following the crowd.  This dualistic path is a necessary stage on the path, yet be careful as it does not include nor incorporate our infinite spiritual nature.  The black and white level of perception is like the kindergarten of awareness, where the mind is molded to the world’s beliefs like super glue.  It is entranced by the ego’s seduction that life needs to be defined, clear cut and under complete control. 

What requires true mastery in life however is to go beyond duality, and see how a divine play is behind it all.  By opening your mind to perceive the synchronistic cosmic perfection behind all events, actions and people you no longer live in duality and have jumped to a higher level of education.  This new school requires your being to be truly present, and constantly curious about how everything (yes everything) is an expression of love.  Only when your eyes have been cleared from the mind’s swinging judgments between right and wrong can you know in your heart that every single action done on Earth is a form of Love in a great disguise.

So you might be thinking, “How can anger, rage, despair, hopelessness or even violence be forms of love?”  Love is so divinely creative that it can appear in a zillion and one forms.  Love under great pressure will come out in a very contracted format.  The more the pressure is inside, the more profound the disguise is.  Sometimes it’s so hidden that you cannot imagine or believe it is a form of love.  If you see betrayal in a relationship the mind immediately says this act is void of love and that his or her action was truly “unloving”. 

If we wish to evolve as human beings we must take on a much bigger and more enlightened perspective.  This contains the understanding that all harmful behavior is how contracted love spills out from inside a great pressure cooker.  For example, a wife who loves her husband may get angry at him for something he did or didn’t do.  Normally, she may be very calm and peaceful about it, yet if there is a financial pressure on her, an emotional disconnection, sexual tension, or mental limitations involved, she may only be able to communicate her love through this tightly contracted state.

It’s quite easy to recognize how love shows up as a couple in a long warm deep embrace, and a tender kiss on the cheek.  Yet, to see love is behind the words and actions of a victimized spouse or even an act of violence on the street, takes a very expansive heart, creative imagination and the courage to peer through the eyes of our infinite soul.  It is only through a truly cosmic perspective can we liberate ourselves from the dualistic prison of the perpetual judgment, and know that love is always somewhere in there, showing itself in the greatest of disguises. 

Many of us have been taught to believe that fear is a lack of love.  This is true in the dualistic world, yet, if you look deeper, there’s an unconditionally loving force behind them both, driving and creating both fear and love.  This is the true source of love which is soooo vast, illuminated, always loving, wise and compassionate that it not only allows fear, anger and judgment to be expressed yet forgives it instantly.  When fear and love are perceived as opposites, we tend to forget they are complementary energies that depend on each other to co-exist.  

When you can let go of the mind, dropping control over your reality and accept that this Greater Love is always hidden behind it all, you become truly free.  You can let go of your daily struggle to change yourself and others, and spend your energy surrendering to a deeper place of peace inside.  Everyone has their karma to work out and your job is not to judge how that looks.  Judgment only lowers your consciousness.  When you practice this understanding that Love is behind it all, you will find a profound resting place inside your heart that is free from the critical mind.  You’ll discover how you can be perpetually free from any experience of judgment, fear or separation.

This all encompassing all allowing “Big Love container” that permits the most wild and insane behaviors people have is what Real Love is all about.  If you wish to find this real love, you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve found that my life becomes a constant enlightening joy ride when I embrace and live within this understanding.  Whenever I realize that Love is behind it all, allowing for all, and playfully expressing itself in the most random variety of expressions, I can truly relax and find great peace inside.  By simply accepting this Bigger Love is going to show up in the most unusual disguises to test your level of consciousness, just so you can see where your eyes were still clouded by illusions from the past, you find that this is the Universe’s special way of loving you, just so that you awaken from the dream. 

You probably will experience some resistance to embracing this all-loving perspective as it will feel like you’re permanently moving to a foreign country.  Just remember that this unconditional loving approach to life is in no way going to serve as means to justify the cause of harmful actions upon others.  It will only open your heart, quiet your mind and help you transcend the world of judgment and duality.  This enlightening approach can only increase your consciousness.  If you truly embody it, you’re not going to create more excuses for being irresponsible for your life or the thoughts that enter your mind.  You will drop deeper inside where love is always there, and have gentle allowing thoughts towards yourself and others.  When you practice this understanding that all thoughts and actions in life stem from the Greater Source of Love, you will no longer ever feel a lack or separation with love.  When the fish in the ocean truly surrenders, it never feels separate again.

In the enlightened path of embracing Love is everywhere, you’ll notice you stop being so defensive and reactive, and start becoming defenseless and responsible for the tremendous creative all loving power inside you.  Those moments when you normally would have felt personally attacked by some random comment will all simply disappear.  By knowing love is behind all actions, you have to step into your most empowered self and start living an outrageously amazing life!  You ascends into higher states of joy and appreciation, which can only manifest the highest possible outcomes.  Surrendering to Love is the highest path a human being can take.

When your body and mind fully accept that love is everywhere, you’ll suddenly feel more relaxed.  You’ll become deeply aware of the thoughts and actions you’re choosing in each moment and see that your soul is only capable of coming from the infinite Source of Love, no matter what the mind believes.  This can be confusing to the mind, for the mind only knows duality.  Yet, if you are conscious enough to embrace this all inclusive non-dual understanding, you can also become vulnerable enough to feel what its like to have an infinite source of love beating within your heart all day long.   This shift can be terrifying for the mind as it will need to break its habit of being in control and right about everything.  Yet, to embrace love and enlightenment is a much better deal in the long run.  This is what it takes to graduate from this life and evolve to the highest level. 

To jumpstart this higher path right now, think about a certain situation with someone where you would bet your life on that fact that love was not present there.  Then, acknowledge where you’re still holding onto this pain, suffering, and judgment inside.  Find where in your body you actually feel this pain and sit with it, breathing into it, for as long as it takes until it changes.  If you want to take back your power in life, you must change your perception of what happened.  The moment you can allow any situation to be neither right nor wrong, and drop your judgments about yourself and the other person, you will start to see the bigger picture and karmic play behind it all.

Each challenging relationship, emotional encounter and conversation you have had, contains a greater soul purpose. By knowing that love is always behind the scenes, playing out these different events and roles in our lives, we can find peace within and accept the deeper lesson our soul is wanting to learn.  There is great wisdom found in secretly knowing this truth, and applying the understanding that love is always here, moving your breath, beating your heart, listening beneath your mind, and running your entire show.

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

 “There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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