Love is Purifying

Love is Purifying

Give yourself space to let in love.  Let yourself love someone, or something….for that opens the gates to letting in the loving, healing, relaxing vibration of LOVE!   Relax, let go and just trust love!  Try to just love anything.  Whether it be a plant, animal, car, person, house, your clothes, or even yourself… giving love and letting in love will create a deep purification through to your very core.

Love acts much like a fire, that once it’s spark turns to a flame, will burn away the coldness and confusion, bringing a brilliant light into darkness hiding everything.  Love will purify the negativity, doubt, fear, insecurity, and feelings of abandonment you have recyclying inside you.  Once you have loved another person truly, consistently and fully (and are also letting in love), your life will not be wasted.  You will know that even the smallest amount of love you have experienced, is a million times more valuable than all the total of all the pain you had in your entire life. 

A life seeking love is like finding the map and not the treasure.   Not living everyday in love only happens when one is resisting, defending, and protecting their ego from pain and fear of getting hurt again.  Remain open; like the lotus flower that blossoms out of the mud, it must open its petals wide to catch the sun’s warm rays of succulent light.   Remaining open is what brings your mind, heart and being into this very moment.  Being completely defenseless and open will release the tension from every cell in your bodymind. 

After much practice and many moons of purifying yourself with love, you will look back at your past and see that your pain was sooooo very small, distant and detached from who you truly are.  The pain you once identified as your own, will seem like it belonged to a stranger.  And you’ll see that the pain you went through also gave you the courage to ignite that damp burried flint deeper inside you.  Only through letting in love everyone be free from pain completely.  It will be a glorious day when you can look at your life and know it is an eternal blossom, an effulgent fire, purifying yourself and everyone around you with pure love.

Many blessings to you,

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